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  1. S

    Sheraton Flex - newbie resale questions

    Hi all! I'm a newbie and need some advice. We bought Sheraton Flex at Steamboat Springs and are going to be rescinding tomorrow (we bought for $26k: 67,100 options, they gave us 134,2000 options to be used in the first two years, and 6 certs to buy 330,000 Bonvoy points for about $2,200 each)...
  2. M

    Rescinding MVC Points Purchase

    Hi all, First of all, so glad I found this site. We purchased 2000 MVC points last week at a presentation. We have decided to rescind that offer and have 10 days to do so. I will email and send and mail the letter from our document packet by certified mail, but does anyone know if I have to...
  3. M


    Hi! Just wondering if anyone has been successful with rescinding a diamond resorts time share contract? My boyfriend and I were suckered into buying one yesterday and after reading all the reviews I have decided to rescind the contract. I see here Nevada law gives me 5 days to send them a letter...
  4. F

    Purchased Diamond - Should we Rescind?!

    Hi all! We have been diamond owners for the last 3 years. This is the first year we’ve used our ownership. We’ve taken 2 vacations and on this one we purchased or “upgraded” from term ownership to full ownership and purchased an additional 7,500 for $2.68 a point. In addition, we added in club...
  5. P

    Sent cancellation letter to Hilton, should I call?

    So I sent a cancellation letter to Hilton within four days of signing. Cancellation was within the allotted 10 days and it says they have 20 days according to the contract to refund our money. I didn’t put too much in the letter other than me and my wife’s decision to cancel within the time...
  6. R

    Worldmark The Club Rescession Experience ...

    Hello my fellow Tuggers, first and foremost I'd like to say many thank yous to the countless individuals that have posted the loads and loads of helpful information on Rescession and their experiences on this forum. I am currently in the process of Rescinding my contract with Wyndham Resort...
  7. I

    Westgate Gatlinburg rescission help

    Sorry if it’s been asked, there’s thousands of threads here and many are very helpful. I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for. I’m filing a rescission letter with westgate after signing with them 3 days ago. Does anyone have the address to send it too? I’m gonna comb through the cd they gave...
  8. T

    HELP! New owner, educate me...

    Got it, advice is to rescind. Are all costs ex. Closing fee etc. returned? Next step: Can I get educated by current Wyndham owners or where can I find answers... I'm in process of reading all the disclosures. Just purchased 127,000 points in TN Smokies as first time owner. We travel a lot...
  9. A

    Is my agent trying to trick me out of rescinding? Is my rescind info correct?

    i purchased a timeshare on 12/30/2019 at the NYC Wyndham 45 location. I did some research the next day and found the barrage of negative reviews that this timeshare company has ad got cold feet. Since it is still within 7 days of my contract signing, i decided to rescind the contract. I...
  10. S

    Helping out My Parents

    My Parents recently bought a HCI Timeshare and I quickly got them to rescind, they only had 5 business days and that included a holiday...They purchased because they are retired and like to travel, but also wanted to gift some trips here and there to their kids. We are especially grateful for...
  11. E

    Rescind HICV purchased in Myrtle Beach for Orange Lake Land Trust Property

    Hello, purchased earlier and the wife and I were feeling cold feet immediately. We came across this site very quickly. We purchased at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, but for the Orange Lake Land Trust. The last page of the purchase agreement states "YOU MAY CANCEL THIS AGREEMENT WITHOUT...
  12. S

    Rescinding new purchase tomorrow, need advice

    I made a HGVC purchase today and I am regretting it. I will rescind tomorrow. I have the form. I would like to go straight to the person who completed the transaction and ask that it be rescinded, provide the paperwork and keep personal copies of course. I don't see a clear address that the...
  13. M

    HGVC New Purchase

    Ok everyone, I need to start out by saying that I am completely new to these types of vacation ownership/timeshare programs (which will likely become very evident soon!). My wife and I just purchased new from Orlando yesterday. We made the decision because to us the numbers seemed to make sense...
  14. H

    Rescind ?

    Been lurking around TUG for about a year. My story... Stayed at the Hilton in NYC and listened to their spiel in 2018 bad turned them down. We purchased a "try before you but" package for $1695 for 7200 points. We booked at the Grand Islander in HI and still have points left over. We went...
  15. ecwinch

    Sticky - HELP! How can I cancel/rescind my recent Wyndham timeshare purchase

    How To Rescind Your Recent Wyndham Timeshare purchase This post is designed to be a quick guide on how to rescind your timeshare purchase from Wyndham. If you are not purchasing from Wyndham, or want a more in-depth guide please refer to this TUG advice article...
  16. ecwinch

    [ 2019 ] Instructions on cancelling your recent Wyndham timeshare purchase

    This is a work-in-process on a sticky I would like to create that provides specific instructions on how to rescind a Club Wyndham purchase agreement. Please use this post to provide constructive comments. At some future date I will zap all the comments and make this a sticky. Thanks How To...
  17. R

    Bought Wyndham CWA retail, still within rescission window, urgent questions!

    My husband and I purchased a Wyndham CWA contract over the weekend, thinking that buying retail offered benefits for long term ownership versus buying resell points. We purchased 126,000 points with 2 year VIP status, received 2 RCI weeks and 174,000 one-time bonus points. We have spent hours in...
  18. Rachman

    Rescinded! Now just a couple of questions...

    Thank you TUG family for talking me into rescinding. Sent the letter this morning. Just a couple of questions on the right timeshare on eBay/classified's. 1) As I am not sure how far RCI points go since we are not RCI members yet - due to our work schedule, we're looking to do 3 two-evening...
  19. Rachman

    Rookie - First Purchase, How did I do?

    Hello TUG Family, 2 Questions: 1) I just purchased a 2-bedroom Triennial Deeded Week 5 (Floating) at Vacation Village at Parkway (VVP) for $9500 (1 yr payoff plan - no interest) upfront. Maintenance is $969 (every three years). The VVP sales manager told me I would receive an RCI Certificate...
  20. M

    Rescinding holiday inn club vacations

    Hi guys! We have a total of 3 timeshares through holiday inn that we want to cancel, so last year we were told we could merge all of them and get one, with that being said could we upgrade then rescind the contract? Or would it convert back to the 3 that we had before? Or should we...
  21. C

    Just Bought at Massanutten, Should I Rescind? (April 2019)

    My boyfriend and I found that we are very bad at saying no when we went to a timeshare presentation. We ended up buying a week at Massanutten Resort in VA for $9,900 with $372 maintenance fees plus one RCI bonus week, two gold cards, and the usual flat rate exchanges to other resorts around the...
  22. haveasunnyday

    How to Rescind Vidanta Timeshare in USA?

    *Sorry, I should title my posting as Keep or Cancel... I am torn 50:50 if I will keep my contract or cancel. After I return home and discuss this deal with my husband (he did not join my family's 1st trip to Vidanta. It was only myself and my son), he wanted to get out of it as we already own...
  23. J

    Purchased & 1 Day left to Rescind at Grandview Las Vegas - please HELP and comment

    Found this site and realized I might have made a mistake. Please leave a comment and what your thoughts are on this deal and if I should Rescind or if I should keep it. Grandview at Las Vegas Total price $16,000 USD Usage: Annual Fixed annual week 4: They said I could change this anytime...
  24. E

    Should I hire a lawyer to sue Wyndham?

    Hi, all, Me and my hubby fell into the sales pitch at Wyndham sales office in San Antonio, TX and bought 200,000 points for $29,000 about a month ago. Then we did some research that day and went down to the sales office the following day to cancel the purchase with a rescission letter. We asked...
  25. J

    Examples of letters rescinding timeshare purchase.

    Purchased from Welk on 09/14/18. After researching a bit on this site I have found that I would like to rescind. The information they gave me on the process is very limited. I only need to send a faxed form to their number to perform this function apparently? Any help would be appreciated.
  26. B

    [2018 Thread] Help me get the Rescind mail address for Wyndham

    New member here I signed a contract on Friday, 8/24 and after reading all these threads and the docs in the fire tablet, it was a really bad decision. I am in Washington State. They more over did not gave me any doc where I can find the address related to Rescind . Can anyone here please share...
  27. S

    Help!! I need to rescind

    Please help! I recently (7/3/18) went to a presentation at a Wyndham resort and stupidly fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I then discovered the resell market. How can I get out of my contract with Wyndham?
  28. S

    How do I get out of a timeshare deal after the rescind period

    I purchased a Holiday Inn Timeshare on 16 days ago. I was told during the sales pitch, that the 61,000 points that I purchased would give me at least 7 days and possibly more of vacation. I was also told that I could use the points to stay at IHG properties. I specifically asked if the points...
  29. R

    Rescinding a westin nanea options timeshare

    Just arrived home last night after finding this forum the night before. First thank you to everyone that has built this community. I still have 3 days left on my right to cancellation form (state of california) put 10% down via credit card. My main question at this stage is i have 2 addresses...
  30. 2

    Need Help To Cancel Purchase

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I am running out of time and just found the site so I have not had a lot of time to look through the site. My wife and I just fell for a Holiday Inn Club TimeShare purchase while in Las Vegas at their Dunes resort. We purchased it on the 29th of May. I will...