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  1. D

    want to join wyndham....i think

    I have some questions regarding joining wyndham through the resale market and i hope you guys can help we holiday 8 weeks a year in kids holidays so need to know how many points would i need for a 2-3 bedroom in a high quality resort i though maybe 1000000???? Do i need to pick a popular...
  2. J

    Wyndham Panama City Beach 2 BR Presidential Feb 11-16 $500

    pm or email me if interested. Thanks.
  3. uscav8r

    2BR Loft: President's Ski Week in the Poconos (2/16-2/23)

    I have an available 2BR Loft in the Ridge Top HOA at WorldMark/Wyndham Shawnee Village. Sleeps 8! Close to Shawnee Mountain and Camelback ski resorts. Asking $700.
  4. isilwath

    Wyndham Royal Sea Cliff

    Hi all - We are staying at Wyndham Royal Sea Cliff this March, and I had a couple of questions I hope TUGgers can answer. 1) I read about a $150 mandatory "cleaning fee." We are Wyndham Owners and used our Wyndham points to book this reservation. They charge us "housekeeping points" for the...
  5. Violeta

    Wyndham Glacier Canyon

    Hello, Looking to rent couple of days at Wisconsin, Glacier Canyon. Would love 2bdr but would consider other type of units as well. Time frame 12/27- 1/6. Please offer if you have something available.312 804 4070 Thank you.
  6. A

    Wyndham & RCI - Scare Tactics /Lies? [2017-18]

    I am currently staying at a Wyndham resort in the south. I already have enough timeshare vacation ownership and do not need anymore. The salespeople at the resort have said that: (1) after the upcoming 2018 Wyndham split, the timeshare inventory in RCI will be significantly reduced which will...
  7. md8287

    Christmas gift of timeshare exit!

    Happy to share that for Christmas I got the gift of exiting all of my Wyndham timeshares! Starting January 1 no more maintenance fees for us!!! If you’re looking to get out of a Platinum size membership that is paid off pm me and I’ll try to connect you with the North Pole (aka someone...
  8. A

    Booking for a friend [Wyndham]

    Hi, My friend wants to book at Wyndham Harbour but I don't know how much o charge her? The site says it'll cost 92,250 to book. Thanks, Ashley
  9. md8287

    Seeking million+ point contracts

    Any suggestions on the best way to find large, 1,000,000+ contracts for either CWA or low fee Wyndham resorts? I've looked on TUG marketplace and eBay and I see lots of small ones posted but I'm looking for a couple large ones without breaking the bank. Thanks!
  10. doodlez

    RCI access through Club Wyndham?

    Hi! My SO and I signed up for Club Wyndham in July and have not been able to use our points this year so we'd like to transfer them to the RCI part of our membership. I went to register on the RCI website, but the number it's looking for is different than the one for Wyndham [our account manager...
  11. schwanke87

    Free Club Wyndham UDI Points - 105,000

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to give away my Club Wyndham points. -105,000 yearly points -Home resort is Wyndham Williamsburg -Total yearly assessment fees are $687 or $57.29 per month -105,000 available for 2018 use -December 31st is use year end date I will pay the Wyndham transfer fee ($299)...
  12. P

    Wyndham Changing The Rules

    We bought 105,000 points from Wyndham about 2.5 years ago. Then we found out about after market points and bought 234,000 points from a person who was selling his two deeded weeks in Williamsburg and 84,000 from another person eho had a deeded week in Branson. Thanks to TUG we got estoppel...
  13. md8287

    Wyndham transfer missing points

    I am on my third contract since the new site that was missing points on transfer. One transfered October 6th with a use year ending September 30 so those points "expired" due to Wyndham delays - "too bad". One was resolved as the seller gave me a screen shot showing all points left their...
  14. G

    Rescind contract in time

    I purchased a Wyndham at the Smokies CLUBWYNDHAM ACCESS VACATION OWNERSHIP PLAN , 11/12/2017. I would like to rescind the contract/plan. I did zero down through PayPal. Do you know if I need to contact PayPal after confirmation of the cancellation letter to stop the loan? Are their any...
  15. md8287

    Where to sell Wyndham Access Points

    I want to list my club Wyndham access contracts for sale on TUG but don't see how to without picking a random resort. Am I missing something? TIA
  16. D

    Wyndham / RCI contracts puzzle, help appreciated

    Hi everyone, Im kind of new to time-sharing and most of your discussions and articules have given me a good broad idea of how they work and where the potential hazards may be. However, after reviewing for several hours the discussions in this forums I would deeply appreciate if you experts can...
  17. T

    Vacation Ideas

    We're Wyndham owners and have access to RCI Having trouble finding family vacation ideas along the east coast that I like to do. I would love to vacation along a lake where my kids can go swimming, kayaking and where I can rent speed boats and do some water sports or maybe rent a pontoon...
  18. C

    Last minute bookings

    Hello I am so glad I found this forum. I was at a presentation today seriously considered purchasing and decided not to last minute after I came across this forum and read about resales. I am considering purchasing a resale. I am an avid traveler however tend to travel last minute on...
  19. B

    Bonnet Creek, Orlando, Florida, 10/15 - 10/20

    Looking for a 2 bedroom, full kitchen resort.
  20. donymo

    [Deleted - please see note below]

    [DELETED: Please see the red date at the top of the page.]
  21. joshua71

    Buying into Wyndham/Worldmark

    We recently sat through a Wyndham/Worldmark presentation ... did not buy. We are interested in purchasing into the system via resale. We have several questions. Any help will be appreciated. Our goals are flexibility, sharing with family, convenience and keeping costs under control. How...
  22. WBP

    Why NOT to make a voluntary ARDA financial contribution this year, with your maintenance fee payment

    The stories of how ARDA, a trade association that represents the interests of timeshare developers, and alleges to represent the interests of timeshare owners, increase in number and magnitude every year. It is clear, ARDA'S most influential constituency are timeshare developers, who are one of...
  23. D

    Wyndham Seven Mile Beach, Tasmania

    Hi - can anyone see availability for Wyndham Seven Mile Beach, Tasmania, Australia in Oct/Nov 2017? If so, how many points? Thanks.
  24. simpsontruckdriver

    Holiday Inn Vacations

    Due to financial issues between 2009-2015, we let Wyndham foreclose on our deed in 2014 (for late MFs). We owe nothing to them, thankfully, and no sign of it on our credit reports. Anyway, we're looking into getting back into it. Ignoring purchase price, which is the best cost/benefit, HICV...
  25. A

    No RCI membership with Wyndham resale contracts?

    After much research on this site (and others) we decided to purchase a couple of contracts resale through eBay. We bought 168k biennial odd at Bonnet Creek ($680 all in) and 126k biennial even at Cypress Palms ($0 - winning bid was too low to bother with apparently). The Bonnet Creek transfer...
  26. A

    Selling a Wyndham Timeshare when some points have already been used??

    Hi all. I am after some advice. I need an urgent sale to happen as I need to fund new housing for my children. Confused as to the best way to go about this. I need something quick and easy as have no knowledge in selling timeshares. I have a Wyndham Grand Desert UDI 217'000 annual points...
  27. C

    Club Wyndham to DVC help needed

    I am brand new to this site, so I apologize if this has been asked before or is the incorrect place to post my question. I have Wyndham points (not weeks). I currently have an ongoing search request through RCI for DVC. I can't seem to find the information I'm looking for. My question is...
  28. schwanke87

    Disney! Wyndham Bonnet Creek, Orlando, FL 8/27-830 $250

    Hi there! Can't make it for my reservation at Bonnet Creek. 1 bedroom deluxe. Sunday 8/27 - Wednesday 8/30. $250. Thanks!
  29. H

    Club Wyndham Access Research

    Hello - We've rented at the Wyndham resorts in both Wisconsin Dells and Sevierville, TN several times and loved every minute of it. After our most recent trip, we've decided we'd like to become owners. We considered Disney (where we also vacation regularly), but like the variety Wyndham gives...
  30. S

    Who Paid for New Wyndham Reservation System (aka Voyager)

    Does anyone know whether the development cost for the new reservation system was covered by Wyndham Corporation or by the Trust?