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  1. K

    New to Club Wyndham Access [Duplicate/Closed]

    My husband and I were on a weekend get away this summer and were suckered into a Wyndham time share at plantation resort in Myrtle Beach. Although I do think this was the right choice for our family I wish I had known more about resale’s etc. so here are our questions after finding this forum...
  2. S

    Tax Registration and renting out in Hawaii

    Hi folks, i am new to this. I finally started to make plans to list my rental on booking.com. I have some booked weeks at a Wyndham resort in Kauai. Near the end of the listing process on booking.com it asks for a “Hawaii Registration Identification Number”. I have no idea what that is. I...
  3. rjlafferty

    Smugglers Notch

    I am considering booking a vacation for next year at Smugglers Notch. I will be traveling with a 17 year old, a 20 year old and a 22 year old. We are looking for quiet, family time with perhaps one activity a day. We are low key. We enjoy, cycling, hiking, canoeing, reading and relaxing...
  4. S

    Needing information about renting units

    We recently went to a CWA sales meeting and learned about renting units to help offset some of the maintenance fees. Basically, we were told to buy units for weekends that will be in high demand, send the information to ExtraHolidays.com (where they keep 40%), and then wait for some money to...
  5. F

    HELP! Just bought more Wyndham points...

    My Mom has owned a timeshare for more around 20 years. She started in Fairfield and was grandfathered into Wyndham. We just spent 6 hours today with a representative discussing how to reduce her maintenance fees and get her out of a fixed week in Fairfield Bay Arkansas. She has 670,000 total...
  6. S

    What do you think of your Wyndham timeshare?

    Wondering if purchasing was the right decision. Would love to hear your honest opinions.
  7. S

    Seeking the truth, please help!

    We purchased 85k Wyndham points last year and stayed at a hotel using our points for the first time this past weekend. We went to the "owner update" presentation which was clearly a sales presentation. Honestly, we just don't have the ability to buy more points, not even sure we made the right...
  8. grab

    Wyndham Bonnet Creek, September 8-15, 1BR Deluxe, $700

    Reservation in hand and ready to go. Please PM for interest - some flexibility in date
  9. grab

    eBay win to Wyndham Account under a month

    i was floored to learn today that a few Wyndham contracts that I purchased have already been added to my account - in less than 30 days from P&S signing. These are deeded weeks with points. That is Crazy fast!!! Only problem now is what to do with points expiring next month that I wasn’t...
  10. C

    Bought timeshare on EBay & there are problems

    I won the auction, signed the sales agreement, and received the transferred deed. I read on an earlier post that around 2-3 weeks after receiving the deed I should call Wyndham to find out when the deed cleared. Wyndham had no record of the deed or transaction. I called the seller and after two...
  11. A

    Newbie Needs Advice!! Points/Ebay purchase Questions

    Hello friends! I have been considering ownership for sometime now. My husband and I were sucked into a Wyndham preview package of some sort. We paid around $3k for 400,000 points to be used in 2 years. We had an awesome honeymoon in Oahu at the Wyndham Waikiki beach walk!! We ended up throwing...
  12. angeloco15

    WANTED: Charleston, SC to Jekyll Island, GA 2BR-3BR Aug 10 or 11 for 7nts

    Found some last minute vacation time and I am looking for something close to the beach. Would like a nice resort with amenities that the entire family can enjoy... Please let me if you can can help me out ASAP... Thank you! Angelo
  13. S

    Help!! I need to rescind

    Please help! I recently (7/3/18) went to a presentation at a Wyndham resort and stupidly fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I then discovered the resell market. How can I get out of my contract with Wyndham?
  14. RNCollins

    Margaritaville Vacation Club by Wyndham Reopens in St Thomas

    Margaritaville Vacation Club by Wyndham Reopens in St Thomas https://www.caribjournal.com/2018/07/03/margaritaville-vacation-club-by-wyndham-reopens-in-st-thomas/ The Caribbean Journal / July 3, 2018 “Margaritaville is back. The Margaritaville Vacation Club by Wyndham resort on the island of...
  15. M

    Potential buyer looking for advice.

    I’m looking for a little advice. This site has a ton of valuable information, and thank you to GoofyHobbie for the awesome intro article. Heres my situation, We are a family of 6, looking to go to Florida every other year. The kids are young, so in the short term these will be Disney trips to...
  16. JAbbott

    Banking weeks?

    Did a quick search, did not find this question ... Hopefully it has not been asked to many times in the past. We have purchased a week (not points) at the Kona Hawaiian, every other year even, deed is being processed now. Looking at adding some more weeks to it. thinking that every other year...
  17. GT1

    Biennial Contracts - calculating price/pt?

    Hello! I am looking at several biennial (odd/even year) usage contracts and am confused when figuring the MF price per 1000pts. Is there a different kind of calculation for biennial contracts because I'm getting higher MFs than those that I've seen posted on our Sticky MF list of MFs per...
  18. GT1

    Tips to learning/using the Wyndham to RCI exchange system

    We've owned our Wyndham/Fairfield TS for little over 10 years and have gone to many of the resorts within the Wyndham system. However, I am curious about RCI exchanges and wondered if those of you experienced with the WYN-RCI connection/portal would have any recommended reading so that I could...
  19. P

    Does Wyndham make owning more than one timeshare easy?

    i was just wondering if owning more than one Wyndham timeshare is pretty easy to maintain. Are both mf combined each month? Are points combined together on the account? If there are two timeshares and combined they are cheaper than one timeshare with the exact same amount of points, would...
  20. P

    Cancellation letter "Available for pickup at USPS"

    So long story short, I bought a Wyndham timeshare and send my cancellation letter the very next day (Monday). I had sent the letter certified mail to the PO Box in Las Vegas that was on the cancellation policy of my contract. The letter is supposed to be signature and return receipt. It was...
  21. P

    Should I buy a resale right after sending letter in to rescind?

    Hey everyone I just joined the forums today after reading through all of them for the past couple of days. Long story short I just purchased a Wyndham Club Access by the developer on Sunday. As soon as I had gotten home I started researching and typed a rescind letter with my signature on it...
  22. W

    Clearwater Beach, FL

    2 bedroom April 19-23 And April 26-May 1 Thanks
  23. W

    Resort Near Disney World, FL

    3 BEDROOM/ 3 BATH May 5-13 Thank you,
  24. J

    Wyndham Stealing Vino Bello Inventory

    So, Shell Vacations agents are being told (again) to tell owners "the system is down" for days on end at Vino Bello, but apparently this is actually because they are taking inventory to allocate to Wyndham Owners only. As owners who are deeded in this property, something has got to be done...
  25. T

    Wanted - Wyndham Worldmark Indio, CA 4/26 - 4/30

    Hi! I'm looking for one or two units at the Wyndham Worldmark Indio near Palm Springs, CA - 4/26 through 4/30. The more bedrooms, the better. I'd also be willing to consider a three night stay, instead of a 4. Looking forward to hearing from you!
  26. md8287

    I sold all my Wyndham contracts now trying to access RCI points

    I sold all of my Wyndham contracts over the past few months but before I did I deposited some points into RCI. I used to access my RCI points through the Wyndham site but now have no access to the Wyndham site. I can call RCI to use the points but I (nor RCI) can figure out how I can access my...
  27. D

    Property Renovations

    Hi All, Does anyone know of a renovations schedule for Wyndham properties or some other information about when each property is either due for renovation or was last renovated? Also, does anyone know what the pool area at Dolphins Cove is going to be like once renovations are complete? Thanks.
  28. A

    Booking a Vacation through RCI

    Hi All, I was wondering if someone could walk me through the different aspects of booking a vacation through RCI. I see the exchange vacations which I'm guessing is for points but what about the other two options? Also, I saw some vacations had a fee like 200 is that nightly and then even a...
  29. simpsontruckdriver

    Wyndham is being sued for fraud and elder abuse

    People may win this one... http://www.khq.com/story/37271756/timeshare-developer-wyndham-sued-for-alleged-elder-abuse-against-senior-citizens-by-law-firm-of-aubrey-givens-associates
  30. S

    Terminating Wyndham account

    Well, after some consideration and frustration with Wyndham, I have to pay attorneys to get out of my Club Wyndham Access contracts. I have been a Wyndham member for the past 7 years and was enjoying my vacations, right up to the point being sold on Club Wyndham Access (CWA), which really isn't...