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  1. MaryBella7

    Steamboat Springs

    Hi! We are headed into Steamboat Springs tomorrow, so I am re-checking our unit information. We got a 2 bedroom deluxe, and I was looking at the 2 bedroom, which seems to have a million beds but only sleeps 6. Has anyone stayed here who can accurately tell me the difference between the 2...
  2. Violeta

    Looking to rent in Daytona Beach, FL, Oceanwalk

    Anytime between July 20- Aug 10 want to rent in Wyndham Oceanwalk, Daytona Beach, FL. Please let me know if you have something to offer. It's for family of 5. Thank you.
  3. T

    Wyndham Reservations Screwed Up!

    We have 2 reservations for 2 separate units checking in at Myrtle Beach made last year. Both were made for 7 nights. We received a confirmation call this week and one had been changed to 3 nights! We have called every number and talked to numerous people after holding for HOURS and we have...
  4. md8287

    Every Other Year Points

    I could not find anything through search but can anyone give me a quick lesson on how every other year points work for Wyndham? Assume for easy math we are talking about a contract that "is allocated 100K points at a resort for use in Odd years." Anyone that has this can you help me understand...
  5. schwanke87

    Wyndham Grand Desert Las Vegas July 1 - 5

    Can't make my reservation for Fourth of July Weekend. 1 bedroom suite. $100 per night for 4 nights for a total of $400. Thanks!
  6. D

    Park City Utah

    Can anyone see Park City availability over the Christmas period? I can't see anything and I was wondering if it's just me.
  7. R

    Free - 105,000 Wyndham points - Geo Holiday

    Club Wyndham Plus / Geo Holiday 105,000 Club Wyndham points biennial odd years. For those familiar with Geo this is equivalent to 15,000 Geo credits. Geo dues are $483US and Wyndham Club fee is $147 = $630 annually. 2017 fees are paid and all points/credits are available now. GeoHoliday...
  8. breezez

    Wyndham Points - Which Ones Used

    Let's say you have multiple contracts in your account. For argument sakes let's say you have (2) 400K contracts and (1) 200K contract. For questions below say you have used 300k already in use year and moved 300K to a future year. If you use some of your current use year points and decide to...
  9. P

    Broken Wyndham reservation system for Ovation member

    I have been trying to make a reservation in 2018 for over a week without success. The message is that I do not have enough points. I have called Wyndham several times and they acknowledge the problem but do nothing to fix it. I had specific plans and am concerned that I will not be able to get...
  10. S

    Specific Rescission Scenario

    My husband and I attended a very intense presentation in Panama City on May 31st. Needless to say after being held for 6 hours (with our kids) and not truly realizing what we were involved in we purchased $64,000 contract points with a bonus $64,000 for $12,500. Overnight the night of the 31st I...
  11. md8287

    Wyndham and Worldmark together difference

    when Wyndham and Worldmark are at the same location (Avenue Plaza for example) is there any distinction of rooms etc?
  12. md8287

    Complain to Wyndham

    I love TUG as it has so much value but with so many posts complaining about Wyndham I want to point out another avenue. IMO, people should make sure to email Wyndham and post on the Club Wyndham Facebook page any and all complaints with changes, roll out, and new website. It is with volume...
  13. md8287

    EBay poll...Private listings

    I have never understood why some sellers use private eBay listings (where you can not see, or even figure out, other bidding action). I have heard sellers say it protects the bidder privacy but don't buy that given the bidder name scramble. I have heard buyers say it is done to allow fake bids...
  14. D

    Using resale contract points in WorldMark

    Can you book WorldMark with Wyndham resale points?
  15. D

    Properties in Canada

    Has anyone stayed at any of the Canadian WorldMark properties with Wyndham? Especially the Whistler & Vancouver properties. Also, what is availability like?
  16. K

    I need help with Wyndham

    I'm booking our normal Florida vacation we are lucky to take every summer.. of course I see if I have 15,000 points I can stay at these hotels for "free".. as a single mom I don't have anywhere close to that amount so my question is there anyway to just purchase points without getting into any...
  17. md8287

    Combining or splitting contracts ?

    The rumor mill has got me thinking and wondering: Have any of you have looked into combining multiple contracts into one bigger contract (not talking about accounts)? Say two Bonnet Creek point contracts or two CWA contracts? Likewise have any of you looking into splitting a large contract...
  18. B

    Help! How do I rescind a Wyndham contract?

    Wyndham Resorts, I should know better by now. I've owned since 1998, use my points, every odd year pretty well. It's all paid for. We went to the owners update luncheon and obviously the sales pitch that followed. My husband was all for it from the first offer they presented, I was not. After...
  19. D

    Exchanging for Disney Orlando area

    Has anyone used their Wyndham points to exchange for Disney resorts ie. Saratoga Springs, Old Key West etc? If so, how many points were required?
  20. D

    Wyndham and RCI Transfer

    Has anyone got some good examples of Wyndham Points to RCI transfers? Like how many points did you use and what place did you get for them through RCI? I am trying to assess the benefit of RCI membership but having difficulty working out what you actually get for your points in real terms...
  21. D

    Hawaii Availability November 2017

    Hi Tuggers, I'm currently awaiting transfer of a points contract and I was wondering if someone could give me an idea of current availability in Hawaii November 2017 for a 1 bedroom? Thanks
  22. T

    Wyndham Pathways Program

    I'd like to hear from anyone enrolled in the Wyndham Pathways program who actually tried to exit Wyndham that way. What happened?
  23. D

    vacation points

    Are vacation points from worldmark the same as timeshare as this web site is concerned? Don't know if there is a deed process for selling. New here and sorry if is has been addressed before.
  24. N

    Buying a Wyndham Timeshare Resale

    I have owned 238,000 Wyndham points for 20 years in Williamsburg (which we never go to) and exchanging has worked fine for us. Now we are considering buying a resale either deeded or club access to get more points. We have been to the Wyndham presentations and we will never buy new because of...
  25. C

    Trading into Disney using Wyndham portal

    Finally got RCI set up, now to do the impossible. Trade into Disney. I see where you can do an Ongoing Search, but how do you look up the codes? Or does anybody know the Disney codes?
  26. WorkLifeBalance

    Should I accept the gift of two Wyndham properties?

    I'm an infrequent vacation-taker looking at the option of a pair of "free" Wyndham properties. A family member wishes to generously pass along to me their well-worn two properties totaling 308K points per year. I've stayed in a number of Wyndham/RCI properties and my experiences have always been...
  27. jj155112

    wyndham rewards

    Can someone explain if every owner is eligible to be a wyndham rewards member and it be linked to a wyndham rewards barclay card? Also, is the barclay card and wyndham rewards worth using? TIA
  28. turbo280

    Looking for help from the TUG geniuses please with a question

    If my Brother adds my name to his developer purchased deed/contract. Can I use those points towards VIP status?? I am not that far from Gold and looking at options. Thanks!!
  29. R

    First Time Buyer - What to Do ?

    I've seen threads on how to sell a timeshare, but I haven't seen anything on first time purchase. I am looking to buy Wyndham points. I have seen different offers that include transfer fees, closing costs, maintenance fees, etc. What costs (and approximately how much) should a first time...
  30. K

    [2016] Rescinding Wyndham Contract

    Hello! We are currently staying at Bonnet Creek and went to a sales presentation on Thursday 11/17/16. After listening to all the B.S. our salesman was spewing, my husband fell hook line and sinker for the 'it will pay for itself' line . I'll admit, it sounded like a great deal with huge...