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  1. P

    Certified Exit Backed by Wyndham

    Spent 30 minutes talking to Wyndham today and as of last Friday (July 19, 2024), they no longer will take back deeded properties from Shell owners. They are trying to get me to convert to points (supposedly for free), yet I'm not clear if there is an advantage to doing so. Is my only option to...
  2. C

    How lucrative is VIP Gold?

    Hi all! Yesterday I bought a package of 300k points annually and a one-time 500k bonus point offer for around $45k. From the reading I've been doing I see that you can buy points for far cheaper, but I haven't been able to find much discourse on how valuable the VIP perks are. I've got until...
  3. scot111

    developer vs resale availability?

    If two Wyndham owners are trying to book a room, does the owner who bought their program from the developer, have more availability than someone who purchased their program on the resale market? EVERYTHING else is identical. The sales manager at the resort says there is a difference, I...
  4. N

    Wanted: Atlantic City NJ 2br May 4-6

    Hi! I am looking for affordable 2br in Atlantic City for 2 nights from May 4th thru May 6th. Would also consider May 3-5 or 3-6. Prefer wyndham skyline tower but open to other options. Thanks!
  5. T

    New owner- need help with renting out points and understanding my contract

    I purchased a new timeshare package (124,000 pts) in July 2022 that gave a bonus of (176,000 pts), totalling up to 300,000 points and making us VIPs for 2 years. We were of course lied to and pushed into buying, then eventually ghosted by all of those we interacted with leaving our questions...
  6. J

    Beware of Editing Guest Certificate--Club Wyndham "Does Not Care"

    I changed a guest certificate to correct a phone number on the certificate. They charged me an additional $99. I waited to see if they would send me a credit. When none showed up on my statement, I called resolution services and spoke to John S. Employee number 722767. He told me that the...
  7. S

    Cancel Wyndham Timeshare loan from Citizens Pay

    My mother and I recently got roped into a timeshare without doing our research prior luckily we began to have second thoughts and are mailing our rescission letter tomorrow per the instructions found on this forum. but once it is canceled we are unsure of what happens to the loan for the...
  8. Bob & Mary

    Letter from Ocean Walk Resort Condominium Association, Inc RE: 2024 Maintenance Fees

    Fellow Ocean Walk Owners, Have you read the recent letter from the Ocean Walk Resort Condominium Association, Inc.? I found it confusing and less than helpful. Apparently, the monthly maintenance fees are increasing over 1000%. Yes, that is more than a ONE THOUSAND PERCENT monthly increase. In...
  9. V

    Help! Should I buy Wyndham secondary market points? Already own 500,000 access points

    Hi! Help! Should I buy Wyndham secondary market points? Already own 500,000 access points? Or should I purchase more points through Wyndham to get VIP gold or presidential levels? I know with secondary I do not have access to VIP levels. I currently own 500000 points at silver level I bought...
  10. prajora

    Complimenting HGVC with other Timeshares

    Is there a good Timeshare system to compliment HGVC? Couple of ideas which come to my mind are: . -Wyndham. - RCI point only membership. - RCI with points and MF Goal is more resort locations especially in West coast. HGVC has limited locations. Ownership not be expensive and low MF. Looking...
  11. J

    Canadian stop paying for Florida Timeshare

    Hello! I've searched the forum for posts about this but many are old 2015 & 2020. Based on what I've read, we stopped paying for both the loan & maintenance fees of my Dad's last contract with Wyndham. It's been about 6 months of them calling every day or multiple times a day. I also sent...
  12. C


    Good day. I am looking to let go of the following timeshares: Wyndham Grand Desert - 168,000 - $48.76/mo - BI-ENNNIAL USE EVEN YRS. Wyndham Ocean Walk - 168,000 - $57.30/mo - BI-ENNNIAL USE ODD YRS. Wyndham Kona Hawaiian Resort - 150,500 - $87.19/mo - ANNUAL The cost of free - but buyer will...
  13. R

    your experience: Wyndham - Presidential Units - general availability at advance booking

    I would greatly-appreciate your sharing any experience and advice on this. We may buy resale pts to Wyndham, to control booking units in advance on vacations. Up to now our family has stayed in Pres, PReserve, and Deluxe units across Wyndham properties. Those were rentals off of eBay, Airbnb...
  14. N

    Wanted: Atlantic City Weekend in March!

    Looking for 2-3 nights, either Friday-Monday or Friday to Sunday or Saturday-Monday, in Atlantic City in March. Please let me know dates/location/price. I prefer Wyndham Skyline Tower but am open to other accomodations. Prefer 2br, but I am open to smaller units. Thanks!
  15. N

    RCI expiring points

    I have wyndham timeshare and previously I have transferred the points to RCI as I wasn't able to travel. 105K points are expiring on May 31, 2023 and I have no plans to travel. Can you please advise what I can do with the points ? Thanks in advance.
  16. P

    Advice Needed: How to Sell a Wyndham Timeshare

    Hi. Its been a while since I've visited tugsbbs but this site has always been a wealth of information for which I am grateful. I originally purchased a timeshare directly from Wyndham but stumbled upon this site and learned how to rescind my contract and ended up buying a resale timeshare at a...
  17. B

    Is an EOY/Odd + EOY/Even IDENTICAL to Annual?

    I'm looking to buy resale points at Wyndham Bali Hai, but have noticed that they have a lot of contracts that are EOY. I would prefer an annual, but if I can't find one, is getting an EOY/Odd AND the same points in EOY/Even the same as owning a single annual contract? I'm just trying to find...
  18. simpsontruckdriver

    Emerald Coast (Florida Panhandle)

    I was wondering which timeshares in the NW Florida area are good, like between Panama City and Penaacola. I know of (but never stayed at) the Wyndham one, but just wondering if there is one better. I am planning a vacation later this year, like Fall or Winter. TS
  19. B

    Wyndham Margaritaville - Rio Mar: Feb 20 - Feb 23

    Any Wyndham owners with extra points they're looking to rent out? Interested in staying at the Margaritaville - Rio Mar in Puerto Rico from Feb 20 - Feb 23. 1BR would be great.
  20. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 122... Stay 'n Fly Reduces Stress

    This video is for everyone who is a worrier on the day of travel like I am. Will I wake up in time? Are there traffic Delays? Will my Uber / Lyft Driver be available or show up? Is long term parking filled? I could go on and on... But I think you get the point. An option I have started...
  21. V

    Update Meeting incentive Ripoff

    After the whole Covid year debacle I was happy to be able to burn up all my excess points that had accumulated from the previous year. I booked at Club Wyndham Smoky Mountains, Sieverville, Tn in October. I have finally started getting good to going to the "Update Meeting" invitation but I was...
  22. A

    Another Wyndham Discovery Rescission for the Books

    Thanks to everyone who contributed to this forum, I won’t be paying $3,524 for a Wyndham Discovery membership. I sent in my rescission letter to the Wyndham Rescission Department in Las Vegas, Nevada. I checked the USPS tracking today and an individual picked up the package (with the letter and...
  23. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 71... A Cross Country Trip Using Wyndham Timeshares

    One of the downsides of choosing timeshares over an RV was the flexibility to travel across the US and have plenty of places to stay. Well, I am in the process of doing my trip across the US staying in Timeshares. Although not nearly as many locations as an RV, I do finally have the option...
  24. O

    ISO Daytona Beach Wyndham Ocean Walk 1BR Dlx June 23-28, 2022

    ISO Daytona Beach Wyndham Ocean Walk 1BR Dlx June 23-28, 2022
  25. N

    No longer needed, thank you

    Hello! Looking for a 2br or 3br for a family vacation to Williamsburg, Virginia. Would like 7 nights starting either July 9th or 10th. (or if possible, 8 nights starting July 9th?) Please let me know price and what property. Prefer Wyndham Governor's Green or Kingsgate, not interested in...
  26. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 50... Survival Guide for Timeshare Presentations

    A lot of people don't like timeshare presentations because they can feel like high pressure situations. But they don't have to be. If you know what you are looking for and you approach the presentation as an opportunity to learn, you can survive a timeshare presentation. I'll explain my...
  27. O

    Wanted: Wyndham SeaWatch Plantation 2-Bedroom Deluxe March 28-April 02, 2022

    Wanted: Wyndham SeaWatch Plantation 2-Bedroom Deluxe March 28-April 02, 2022 (trying to connect a stay, so hoping to have a 2-Bedroom Deluxe (not mobility unit)). Thank you
  28. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 42… Living 6 months in Timeshares

    There are several questions one would ask about living in a timeshare for six months. 1) Why would anyone do this? 2) What are the economics? 3) What are the possibilities? 4) How can I do this? Why would anyone do this? Two weeks a year to vacation and see the world is not enough anymore...
  29. O

    Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach or Anything Nearby February 13-19 , February 15-19 OR Similar

    2-Bedroom, or a 1-Bedroom and studio Check-in today until the 19th if possible Any 1-, 2- or 3- Nights from February 16-19 Any help appreciated! Thank you
  30. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 36 Six Waikoloa Hawaii Timeshares

    In this video, I review six different timeshares in the Waikoloa area on the Big island of Hawaii. Waikoloa is located about 20 miles north of the Kailua Kona airport. I have stayed in all six of these timeshare (a tough job but someone has to do it)... The six are Hilton Grand Vacations (HGV)...