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  1. S


    This is a DELUXE 3 BEDROOM CONDO accommodating 10, with 2 king beds, 2 doubles and 2 sleeper sofas. For more information and pictures please see "Extra Holidays.com". Resort is 5 mi away from Daytona International Speedway, and 5.6 mi from Daytona Beach International Airport. $500 There are no...
  2. G

    Wyndham Offering 'no cost' conversion from Fixed week to Club Wyndham Plus

    Has anyone seen a similar e-mail from Wyndham Convert to Club Wyndham Plus 'Eligible owners at Club Wyndham managed properties are being offered the opportunity to convert fixed or float weeks in return for Club Wyndham Plus points at no additional cost now through Aug. 31, 2020.2 Club...
  3. C

    Points deposit fees and coronavirus?

    I got the email this morning from Wyndham. Are they cancelling fees for points deposit, pushing our 2020 usage into 2021? I did not see that topic mentioned. I tried to do it as a test on my smart phone but no luck. Thanks in advance!
  4. paxsarah

    A very minor website update/improvement

    I noticed when going in to visit the RCI portal, that the Exchanges tab under My Ownership had been clarified and renamed to Deposits & RCI. (Though it also includes charitable gifts, which is not exactly either of those.) I also see that they've updated the Deals and Offers under Benefits...
  5. L

    1 day left to rescind contract and need some advice!

    We got 126k points with 175 bonus points for 19k. They were "resale" points, but purchased officially. I understand that I can get the same amount of points for like $800 resale online, and am likely going to rescind the contract. However.....I like that our current points include Wyndham and...
  6. S

    ORLANDO - I am Looking to rent Wyndham Bonnet Creek 12/29/2019 to 1/3/2020

    Let mevknow what you got please.
  7. J

    Privileges Status

    Does anyone know THE date that one has to/had to make a new Wyndham retail purchase in order to qualify for privileges status? The one sheet that has been floating around for a while, that shows the current VIP and future priceless levels, says something at the bottom about "buying now to lock...
  8. P

    How do you sell Club Access membership?

    My wife and I own Wyndham Club Access. How do you go about selling this type of Timeshare since there is no deeded property?
  9. RNCollins

    There’s a new Wyndham [Hotel] in Tortola

    There’s a new Wyndham [Hotel] in Tortola https://www.caribjournal.com/2019/12/14/tortola-wyndham-bvi-new/ By Caribbean Journal staff/ Caribbean Journal/ caribjournal.com / Dec 14, 2019 “The British Virgin Islands is now home to its first Wyndham hotel: the Wyndham Lambert Beach Resort in...
  10. T

    Wyndham Smoky Mountains Resort, Sevierville, TN 2 BR Sleeps 8 - Christmas Week 12/21 - 12/28 - $800

    I have a 2 bedroom unit that sleeps 8 (6) for Christmas week! This spacious two-bedroom resort suite measures approximately 1,175 square feet. You will enjoy a king bed in the master bedroom, two double beds in the guest bedroom and one queen sleeper sofa in the living room. Additional...
  11. kdegman

    Wyndham Bali Hai Villas Purchase

    Hello TUG, We are looking at purchasing at Bali Hai and I am wondering if it is a good price. We are looking at a 3 Bedroom Presidential EOY for $6900.00. The points value would be around 450,000. In all, with the transfer fees, reimbursing the seller ofr the 2019 maintenance fees and...
  12. G

    Wyndham Smokies Request

    I’m looking for 2 nights at either the Wyndham Smokies or Wyndham Great Smokies Lodge. Check in could be as early as December 27th 2019, checkout latest January 3, 2020. We are flexible on the dates within that range. Looking for a 2BR minimum would consider larger as well.
  13. MattD

    WYN Account Reconciliation - lost almost all 2019 points?

    I bought about 7 million points in 12 contracts (all resale). Today when I logged onto my account I find 4 point transactions taking almost all the points out of my first use year (July to June). On the website it calls it "Account Reconciliation". This is for contracts that came into my...
  14. J

    PIC Plus points vs. CWA points vs. UDI points

    Just left an update where it was explained to me that my points aren't really the best points, and that I needed to pay to "improve them"! I have looked previously and found some information, but are these 3 different types of points treated differently in any way? I have retail, PIC plus, and...
  15. T

    Deeded owner's rights

    Is there anyone who can explain how Wyndham can restrict resale purchasers access to certain facilities (IE Worldmark) when deeded owners are legally property owners (Wyndham Access owners in particular) just the same as owners who bought developer points? Legally, wouldn't they be required to...
  16. J

    Wyndham PIC Substitution

    Has anyone ever, or does anyone know if it's possible, to substitute a Wyndham approved ts after it's already PIC'ed? For example, I have two 4 bedrooms PIC'ed, and I buy a much lower mf 3 bedroom, can I change out the new 3 for one of the 4's, assuming it's on the Wyndham list? Thanks!
  17. J

    Latest on Wyndham PIC

    Does anyone know how many retail points must be purchased to enroll other timeshares with PIC? I thought that it was 49,000 points each, regardless of number of bedrooms, 98,000 to purchase to enroll two. Today at an owner update I was told that it was 63,000 each, 126,000 to enroll two...
  18. P

    How to make Wyndham PIC points visible on RCI?

    Currently I'm frustrated with transferring PIC points from Wyndham to RCI and then back to Wyndham. On my Wyndham account it shows that I have two PIC Plus contracts (each 154,000 points). When I call RCI, they don't see any points and they are telling me that I need to call Wyndham. Did this...
  19. I

    Deneen et al v. Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Inc.; August 14, 2019 [Merged]

  20. M


    Not sure whether to post here or the Hawaii forum - I'll try here first. We would like to go to Hawaii next summer for a week (probably late July) and are trying to figure out where to make reservations. There will be 4 of us - 2 college kids and 2 parents of college kids :). We love to do...
  21. K

    What Resorts Qualify for PIC

    I've been reading some other threads about the PIC program and I'm uncertain as to what weeks would qualify? Any RCI weeks anywhere? I understand that the type of unit (2 or 3 bedroom) gets different point values for PIC purposes. We're currently in the process of taking a 308,000 Grand...

    Buying weeks to trade with Wyndham for vip points

    I've heard something about being able to trade weeks deeds for wyndham vip points? Does that ring a bell with anyone? If there is already a thread, can you direct me to it.
  23. CPNY

    Universal Studios Orlando Announces new “Epic Universe” theme park

    Exciting news to hear about the these park. It was once in the plans to have Universal Timeshares. I would have def purchased a Universal Orlando TS. Sadly there are no longer those plans. But still exciting and as an annual pass holder I’m excited...
  24. K

    Have to attend additional presentation as Wyndham Discovery member

    Hi everyone, I purchased a discovery VIP membership last year for Wyndham (400k points, 2 years) to use at Clearwater beach location. Checked in yesterday (first year using points) and was told we have to attend a sales presentation during this trip (60 mins, but you know how that goes). When I...
  25. T

    Unload Wyndham Timeshare

    I currently have 665,000 points deeded at Ocean Blvd Myrtle Beach. What is the best way to essentially give these away? We just want out. Thanks for any help.
  26. R

    Wyndham Clearwater Availability

    Hi, New user here. We just stayed at hotel side of Wyndham Clearwater as part of marketing package. Obviously, sales presentation had sky-high point prices. I am trying to figure out how tight reservations are at this location with Wyndham points deeded elsewhere vs Wyndham points deeded in...
  27. N

    Wanted: 2 BR Williamsburg VA July 21-28

    Looking for a two-bedroom unit in Williamsburg Virginia for my family for a week from July 21st through July 28th. Would prefer Wyndham Kingsgate, or governors green. Please lmk asap. Thank you!
  28. M

    Please help, I need to rescind in 7 days, is this a good deal?, Wyndham VIP silver questions

    We went on an owner update July 4th (really just to get a cheap weekend trip to NYC over the holiday). We ended up buying more CWA points and am not sure if we should rescind. Here is are situation and I would love any feedback. We have owned a mere 77,000 points every year since 2000 and have...
  29. C

    Starting the Ovation process now. Thank you TUGBBS

    Due to an upcoming divorce and our associated discussion around our Wyndham Grand Desert 154,000 points, we decided that we wanted to divest ourselves of this "asset". Thank you to everyone here who have shared their experiences and knowledge. We have decided to try Ovation for our exit from...
  30. ecwinch

    HELP! How can I cancel/rescind my recent Wyndham timeshare purchase

    How To Rescind Your Recent Wyndham Timeshare purchase This post is designed to be a quick guide on how to rescind your timeshare purchase from Wyndham. If you are not purchasing from Wyndham, or want a more in-depth guide please refer to this TUG advice article...