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  1. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 50... Survival Guide for Timeshare Presentations

    A lot of people don't like timeshare presentations because they can feel like high pressure situations. But they don't have to be. If you know what you are looking for and you approach the presentation as an opportunity to learn, you can survive a timeshare presentation. I'll explain my...
  2. O

    Wanted: Wyndham SeaWatch Plantation 2-Bedroom Deluxe March 28-April 02, 2022

    Wanted: Wyndham SeaWatch Plantation 2-Bedroom Deluxe March 28-April 02, 2022 (trying to connect a stay, so hoping to have a 2-Bedroom Deluxe (not mobility unit)). Thank you
  3. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 42… Living 6 months in Timeshares

    There are several questions one would ask about living in a timeshare for six months. 1) Why would anyone do this? 2) What are the economics? 3) What are the possibilities? 4) How can I do this? Why would anyone do this? Two weeks a year to vacation and see the world is not enough anymore...
  4. O

    Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach or Anything Nearby February 13-19 , February 15-19 OR Similar

    2-Bedroom, or a 1-Bedroom and studio Check-in today until the 19th if possible Any 1-, 2- or 3- Nights from February 16-19 Any help appreciated! Thank you
  5. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 36 Six Waikoloa Hawaii Timeshares

    In this video, I review six different timeshares in the Waikoloa area on the Big island of Hawaii. Waikoloa is located about 20 miles north of the Kailua Kona airport. I have stayed in all six of these timeshare (a tough job but someone has to do it)... The six are Hilton Grand Vacations (HGV)...
  6. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 33 How I earned 71 free hotel nights in one year

    In this video, I reviewed my overly obsessive approach to figure out how to earn 71 free hotel nights in a single year. My goal is offer you several ideas for how you can leverage what you are doing to earn free hotel nights by doing what you are doing anyway. I look forward to learning...
  7. JAbbott

    Free conversion from fixed weeks to points?

    Received an email from Wyndham. They are offering us a free deal to upgrade our weeks deeds , Wyndham Kona Hawaiian resort, 2 weeks every other year, to Wyndham points. Offer stands until Dec 15th. We bought there because we like to go there. Truthfully, have only been once, but are booked in...
  8. andrewjjtimeshare

    Free Wyndham Palm-Aire Fixed Week# 42

    I have an account that needs a new owner. Account details are below. Wyndham Palm-Aire Annual Usage 2022 next available Fixed Week#42 October 15th - 22nd, 2022 Unit# 237 BuildingA2 2 bedroom 2 bath, sleeps 6, Full Kitchen Maintenance fees $1,211.73 Deeded ownership Seller is paying closing...
  9. M

    Trying to decide on brand and type of system

    Hello! Thank you in advance for any help. After spending a few years reviewing a articles, attending sales meetings, signing and rescinding a contract last year, I am close to pulling the trigger…I think. I am comparing some resale Wyndham points to MVC. I’ve always been interested in the MVC...
  10. L


    We had a great time in Wyndham Florida. We got the best of our timeshare, lots of points for at least three vacations for year. Unfortunately we have no choice but to Sell Wyndham timeshare because unfortunately I lost my job because of COVID, and can no longer afford it. If someone wants to buy...
  11. Gorn1120

    Resale Progress

    Hello TUG Community, I am in the process of selling my 2 Wyndham contracts. Aside from the number of calls it took me to define exactly what I owned, it seems like my real estate agent is inexperienced with the forms/contracts involved. -Has anyone else experienced this? -Should a resale...
  12. B

    Rescinded Wyndham contract

    My husband and I attended a sales presentation in Clearwater Beach on Friday. Since I had dragged my husband there, I fully expected him to say no, so I didn’t do my due diligence ahead of time to see if it would be a good deal. By the time we accepted and left, I already had the feeling we had...
  13. O

    North Myrtle Beach Wyndham 2BR July 10-17 OR July 11-18, 2021

    North Myrtle Beach Wyndham 2BR July 10-17 OR July 11-18, 2021 could also be a short 5-Night stay if possible. Thank you!
  14. M

    New Owner Looking to Purchase

    I’m interested in purchasing timeshare points as a means to rent days/weeks as a side income. I’m familiar with Wyndham and done a lot of research on their properties and ownership. Recently, I was told about an owner who owns through RCI. She said that she doesn’t have to pay monthly...
  15. O

    Looking for any size unit Nashville, TN from May 15-22, 2021 and/or May 22-29, 2021

    Looking for any size unit Nashville, TN from May 15-22, 2021 and/or May 22-29, 2021 We were hoping for Wyndham Margaritaville Nashville studio, but open to other offers. Thank you
  16. O

    Wyndham Club Margaritaville Nashville May 15-22 or May 15-29

    Looking to book a stay at the Wyndham Club Margaritaville Nashville from May 15-22 or May 15-29 Thank you
  17. O

    DAYTONA BEACH Wyndham Ocean Walk 3-BEDROOM OCEANFRONT March 31, 2021

    March 31-April 02, 2021 $470 TOTAL Text Me: 949.409.6858
  18. mayamart

    Has anyone been able to change a check in day on a Wyndham RCI exchange?

    An RCI exchange has come up for the resort we would like to visit. Problem is, the exchange check in date is 1 day after we arrive. Has anyone ever had success in booking an RCI exchange and been able to move the check in day by one day??
  19. O

    Looking For Wyndham Panama City Beach 1BR April 05-08, 2021

    Looking For Wyndham Panama City Beach 1BR April 05-08, 2021
  20. prajora

    Share your TS portfolio- starting with HGVC

    Let’s share your HGVC and other TS portfolio(RCI, Wyndham etc). For each holding it will be nice if you can share Points, annual, bienial, MF approx, TS location, Buying price. Just a short summary to tie it all together. Say your best holding and why. Any big regrets and why. Purpose is just...
  21. O

    Emerald Grande 3BR March 15-19, 2021

    ISO Emerald Grande 3BR March 15-19, 2021
  22. prajora

    Timeshare ownership with friends and family

    New to Timeshare ownership. Do own a HGVC -not resale. So not very smart decision. But do enjoy the resort stays now. Q 1: Is is possible to own jointly TS with another friend or family member? That way we can share buying cost, Yearly mainteance etc. Q2: Are there certain TS more friendly to...
  23. S

    Wanted: 03.27-04.03.2021 South Florida

    Family of 4 people is looking one week of rental in South Florida ( POMPANO BEACH or FT LAUDERDALE ) from 03.27.21 to 04.03.21. Thanks.
  24. O

    Wyndham Avon 2BR Feb 12-Feb 16

    would like to book Wyndham Avon, Colorado 2BR Feb 12-Feb 16, 2021
  25. O

    Wyndham Ocean Walk 2BR March 12-14

    Hi, I'd like to book a 2BR at Wyndham Ocean Walk from March 12-14, 2021. I'm ready to make payment for this stay. Thank you,
  26. M

    What do I do with my 55k points?

    I am new to forums so hopefully this is the correct place to ask this? My Sister and I inherited 55,000 Worldmark points, we are diamond club members and our anniversary is 2/28/21. This means we will have another 55,000 points in March. It took us a year to get the title transferred to our...
  27. mayamart

    Was about to push the "purchase" button on a Wyndham TS; now... not so sure?

    I had done countless hours of research (I estimate 30+ hours of reading) over the past couple of months on purchasing a resale timeshare. We were wavering back and forth between Wyndham Kona Hawaiian or Waikiki Beach Club, Imperial Waikiki, or Club Donatello (close to home). We would use the TS...
  28. fcrawford

    Selling My Timeshare

    I have several timeshares and would like to sell one of them. I would like to know what is the best way to sell my timeshare and what is the process? Thanks
  29. D

    Wyndham - RCI

    Hi everyone. We just attended a Wyndham sales presentation (but didn't buy ;) ) however we may be interested in buying after market points. What we were very interested in was the ability to access the Wyndham portal to book flights and all-inclusive resorts as well as the getaways for...
  30. H

    Bonnet Creek

    I'm not a Wyndham points owner yet but, once this pandemic is over, I'd like to get my Disney annual passes again and go to Disney World every three months for three or four days (my job has lots of long weekends). Since I want frequent short stays, what would be the best way to buy points? I've...