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  1. S

    Wyndham "Survey" Scam

    We recently had a presentation at Wyndham Smoky Mountains, and they offered us an opportunity to participate in their Survey program. It involves getting surveys via email periodically and answering them. 1-2 hours every 3 months. In return for that, they provide 70K Wyndham Reward points...
  2. C

    Wyndham Bonnet Creek

    Wanted Wyndham Bonnet Creek 1 bedroom or studio from June 21-23
  3. grab

    Exiting Wyndham?

    I’m a Platinum Wyndham owner with a large account. I am considering exiting Wyndham (actually pretty far down the road) but am having a bit of seller’s remorse and also think I am being nickeled and dimed. Anyone currently or recently exit by selling all of their contracts (not ovation) with...
  4. ecwinch

    Instructions on cancelling your recent Wyndham timeshare purchase

    This is a work-in-process on a sticky I would like to create that provides specific instructions on how to rescind a Club Wyndham purchase agreement. Please use this post to provide constructive comments. At some future date I will zap all the comments and make this a sticky. Thanks How To...
  5. R

    Worldmark program questions, also as it relates to Wyndham

    We are rescinding on a retail Wyndham CWA purchase we made over the weekend before we discovered this wealth of knowledge. We were interested in Wyndham as we want to travel all over and the link to Worldmark was desirable as we live on the west coast and would want access to the supply of...
  6. R

    Bought Wyndham CWA retail, still within rescission window, urgent questions!

    My husband and I purchased a Wyndham CWA contract over the weekend, thinking that buying retail offered benefits for long term ownership versus buying resell points. We purchased 126,000 points with 2 year VIP status, received 2 RCI weeks and 174,000 one-time bonus points. We have spent hours in...
  7. B

    RCI rollover

    I am planning a larger trip and need to roll over points to RCI. I am new to Wyndham and just purchased some resale points and will need to roll them over this year. If I choose to rollover my Wyndham points to RCI how long are they good in RCI? When they are close to expiring at RCI can I pay...
  8. B

    Wanted - Wyndham 2BR Pigeon Forge - June 2nd - 7th

    I am in search of a 2 bedroom condo for a baseball tournament in Pigeon Forge. I have some flexibility with the check-in/checkout dates. Preference would be for June 2nd - 7th. Could also do the 3rd - 7th, 2nd - 6th or 3 nights 3rd - 6th. Thanks!
  9. B

    Wyndham resale - New account multiple contracts

    Soon to be new owner here. I have decided to buy 2 resale contracts both for 154k points each. They are both for sale right now and I would like to get both of them. These contracts are for sale from different people. Can I purchase both contracts if I do not have a Wyndham account? Or should I...
  10. S

    Wyndham access

    Thinking of getting a Wyndham access for 800 includes all tranfer fees. It's 189,000 points annually. And 100 for monthly fees. Is this a good deal or should i pass? Thanks
  11. B

    Wyndham myrtle beach

    What is the best Wyndham location near myrtle beach for a family with two small children? I have a 2 year old and 4 year old and was looking for something with a nice play pool for kids if possible. Do you know how many points it would cost for a 1 bedroom deluxe in peak time for the recommended...
  12. P

    Wyndham timeshare worth

    Hi Everyone, I bought a timeshare from Wyndham last year but I realized that it's doesn't work for me because I like to do road trip and hiking stuff for my vacation. I am planning to sell it and I am wondering how much is my timeshare worth if I want to sell. I have silver vip membership...
  13. S

    Biennial points to use in the off-year?

    Let's say I have a small annual contract and then purchase a large biennial contract for even years. When I have the larger amount of points in the even years can I save some of those extra points to use in the odd year that follows? Thanks in advance for all y'all's amazing advice!
  14. M

    New Purchase - Points - Wyndham Bali Hai

    I am a newby and would love some guidance. We just contracted on a resale at the Wyndham Bali Hai. We stayed there and enjoyed it so we went to the presentation (pressure sale) then bought a resale from Timeshare Resales Hawaii It was listed at $12,000 for $517,000 points and we bought it for...
  15. C

    Bonnet Creek or Vistana or similar March 9-13

    Bonnet Creek or Vistana or similar March 9-13
  16. C

    Bonnet Creek or Vistana or similar March 9-11

    Looking for Bonnet Creek or Vistana or similar March 9-11
  17. md8287

    FREE 2BR RCI Week Timeshare - Great for Wyndham PIC, TP @ 30

    We are giving away our 2BR Taranova Vacation Club Timeshare. This 2BR unit floats any week of the year at any of four different resorts: Lake Tahoe - Tahoe Summit Myrtle Beach - SeaWatch Landing New Hampshire - Attitash Mountain Village Costa Rica - Villas Palmas The week trades with RCI as a...
  18. Jae1242

    Wyndham Grand Desert, Las Vegas, 2bdrm dlx, Jan 18 - Jan 28 (10nts)

    Wyndham Grand Desert is located approx. 1 mile from Las Vegas strip! The resort offers FREE roundtrip shuttle transportation to Harrahs on the strip. You are getting a 2bdrm, 2ba dlx condo (sleeps up to 8 people) Check in Jan 18th - check out Jan 28th (10nts)
  19. L

    Need SC Attorney for Wyndham Loan Default

    Does anyone know a good, reasonably-priced SC attorney that can handle my Wyndham timeshare loan that went into default/possible foreclosure during my marriage separation. Resort Funding will no longer allow me to send in payments and no one is communicating with me from Wyndham. Thanks.
  20. U

    Worldmark or Wyndham? I live in Arizona

    First, I have been advised to look into Worldmark, instead of Wyndham because I live in Arizona. I already own Wyndham Governors Green in VA for a 126000 Biannual/even years. However, we are paying $46/month, or around $1100MFs ($550/each year) for it. This does not sound like a good deal as it...
  21. H

    RESCIND ? Wyndham Club Access points- from Developer vs Resale

    I need help! what would I loose if I were to buy Wyndham Access points from resale? all I read is loosing VIP benefits... what exactly is VIP benefits? would I loose the housekeeping credits? I could careless about the Sliver/Gold/Platinum point discounts, because so far, i can't even find...
  22. S

    Coffee anyone ? near Wyndham National Harbor dec16-18

    Hello fellow tuggers... (I am not sure if this is the right place to put this invite).... My husband and I will be at Wyndham National Harbor, Maryland/ Washington DC area just for a couple of days Dec 16_18 Any fellow members want ro get together for coffeee and share TS knowledge ... we are...
  23. forestgump14

    Wyndham Nashville at Opryland December 14-21 $575

    Friday to Friday last minute rental at Wyndham Nashville. 9376024429 call me if you are interested. One bedroom sleeps 4.
  24. GibbyCA

    Wyndham Oceanside Pier Owner Meeting Yesterday (2 Dec 2018) Concerns and Questions

    = Hi there everyone, Loooooong time lurker, first time poster. I just had a two hour experience with the “owner update” team at Wyndham Oceanside Pier. I’ll try to make this as brief as possible. First, thank you in advance to all of you who share so much wisdom, experience, and insight on...
  25. grab

    Wyndham rental guidance/ help needed

    I now own more Wyndham points than I can personally use. I have family and friends who want vacations. But I now need to get serious about renting Wyndham locations. I’ve gone through the sticky’s and have the basics down. I am looking for any suggestions for an easier way to rent than...
  26. E

    Should I hire a lawyer to sue Wyndham?

    Hi, all, Me and my hubby fell into the sales pitch at Wyndham sales office in San Antonio, TX and bought 200,000 points for $29,000 about a month ago. Then we did some research that day and went down to the sales office the following day to cancel the purchase with a rescission letter. We asked...
  27. lilliand

    Private Residence Club vs Timeshare

    I am on vacation at an Interval Exchange. Sat thru a presentation today with Wyndham Grand Residence Club. Salesman said that both Interval and RCI inventory are declining by 2% per quarter (8% per year) and eventually they will both be gone as there won’t be any resorts left. He Said that...
  28. T

    Club Wyndham Plus VS Wyndham Club Access

    I'm looking to buy a resale package of points. I found a point catalog online that is titled "Club Wyndham Plus Member's Directory 2014-2015". If I buy a Wyndham Club Access points, would this catalog should accurate point costs or do they change with different programs. Mainly, I'm trying to...
  29. N

    Wanted: 2br Last Minute Atlantic City or Poconos or NJ PA NY Nov 9-11

    Would love to find an affordable last minute 2 bedroom timeshare rental for my family of 5 from November 9th through November 11th, somewhere close to Northern NJ. Prefer Atlantic City, but would consider other locations as long as within 3 hours driving of Northern NJ. Thank you for reading...
  30. L

    What do I do with extra Wyndham points?

    I am new to the timeshare game and I have spent the past 9 months acquiring Wyndham points contracts through the TUG Marketplace and eBay. As a result I now have 262000 points for 2018 that I will not be able to use before the end of the year. Are there better options than just depositing the...