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interval international

  1. mcsteve

    Marriott in RCI or II

    I currently use RCI and have been looking to trade into a few different Marriott’s. The RCI catalogue shows a variety of Marriott locations but I have yet to be able to see any inventory. Specifically I am looking at the Southeastern Atlantic coastal region (SC, NE FL) I have seen references to...
  2. Clifbell

    Review Westin Princeville Two Bedroom in Princeville Kauai Hawaii

    About an hour drive from the Lihue Airport in Princeville Hawaii on the Island of Kauai sits the Westin Princeville (part of Vistana and Marriott Vacation Club). Today's review is of the two bedroom unit. The building are three stories tall and have lush tropical plants throughout. There are...
  3. jojuvan

    Exchange Interval for DVC

    We have owned a nice Wyndham resale contract for about 2 years. A big selling point for that was being able to exchange into RCI for DVC. Now that DVC is partnering with II, we are wanting to purchase another resale contact that will allow us to exchange into Interval. So my questions are...
  4. J


    [This request violates Interval's terms & conditions, as well at TUG's]
  5. V

    2020 Ko Olina Lockoff, then late deposit to II due to COVID -- Any suggestions?

    We have annual deeded 2-BR OV at MKO and like many others, will typically split our 2BR into Studio and 1-BR to get two consecutive weeks (always stay at our home resort) . We did so for our Oct 2020 reservation and at the deadline for late deposit made the informed decision to take the risk...
  6. RNCollins

    Is your Timeshare affiliated with both RCI & II? Which do you use to exchange with most often?

    I have a couple of Timeshares that are affiliated with both RCI and Interval International (II). I find myself using RCI more often for exchanging. I enjoy traveling to the Caribbean and I feel RCI has a wider selection of non all-inclusive (AI) resorts. On the other hand, my HGV affiliated...
  7. S

    Interval international membership. Without timeshare ?

    Hello I am new member to tug. I wanted to ask what is the best way to be able to be a member of interval international without owning a timeshare ( I have RCI membership and I use it to buy the extra vacation /last minute deal) I would like to do the same thing with Interval international. I...
  8. Clifbell

    A week’s stay at a timeshare for under $400 with RCI or Interval International

    In order to keep my costs down living in timeshares all year round, I use both RCI and Interval international for special deals. Usually this means that I book timeshares within two months of my stay. This is when timeshares that have excess capacity lower their prices. I will be doing a...
  9. S

    Interval International Certificates

    Hello all, So I have been a MVC Destination Points owner for about 7 years and never looked at II as a source for vacation planning. I also have received some "Certificates" to be used for a week at II resorts. Have others used these "certificates"? What is the cost? Can these be booked...
  10. T

    What's considered a Good Deal on Points in the Various Timeshare Groups?

    I'm sorry for the newbie question here which has probably been answered many times, but I I have been trying to find this information for weeks and I just can't. I don't know how to evaluate how many points I should aim for if I want to buy into a points based system. If I want to spend a week...
  11. P

    II Policy for exchanges to Closed resorts due to Covid-19

    Have 2 exchanges to Aruba in May 2020 that are still active. Aruba has shut off all inbound traffic through end of May. Today I get this email from II. We regret to inform you that we have been advised that the resort to which you have been confirmed is temporarily closed due to concerns...
  12. W

    Interval International Platinum Escapes

    Hi all - Would someone kindly walk me through the 'clicks' on the II site to find the Platinum Escapes? I have a Platinum membership but don't see where to find them. (It's probably right under my nose) Thank you in advance.
  13. SteelerGal

    Our Independent is signing w/ II

    I received wonderful news that our Independent TS in the Sierras was able to secure a deal w/ II. Wonderful news because I have not been thrilled w/ RCI. It’s our only resort in 2. The TPUs are never enough since we are tied to school schedule. And I do like II platform better. Can’t wait...
  14. M

    Looking for Discount for II membership

    My membership just expired, but I'm looking for discount codes I used to own Marriott, but own Divi It can be any level, but the better the discount the better. Thanks!
  15. W

    II - Can I Exchange My Deposited Week Now For June 2020 and Let My II Membership Lapse

    Hi All. I am impressed with the quality of information shared between members and despite searching cannot find the answer I need. This is my first post. My timeshare is a European Gold week at MVC Playa Andaluza, Spain. I am a member of II and currently half way through my second year. I...
  16. V

    I just purchased at Westgate Cocoa Beach

    last week I went on vacation and attending the tour. My mother who was with me owns in Aruba and its a set week and very difficult to transfer to anyone else who may want to use it. She was impressed enough with the presentation and facts that I purchased one. I travel on one 2 week vacation...
  17. RNCollins

    Delta Launching New York-Bogota Flights

    Delta Launching New York-Bogota Flights https://www.caribjournal.com/2019/07/29/delta-launching-new-york-bogota-flights/ by the Caribbean Journal staff / Caribbean Journal / caribjournal.com / July 29, 2019 Delta Air Lines is launching new flights from New York City to Bogota, the carrier said...
  18. momofthreeplusone

    Buying a 2BD vs 1 BD at Lawai Beach Resort

    Can anyone offer advice. I am considering buying an EY 2 BR at Lawai Beach Resort. Does anyone know what kind of value this resort holds for trading through RCI or II? Wondering if I need to buy a 2 BD or could just buy a 1 BD in Hawaii and potentially be able to trade into a 2 BD elsewhere...
  19. simpsontruckdriver

    Marriott taking over ILG resorts and II

    Marriott buying Hyatt/Interval TS
  20. tahoeJoe

    Has Anyone done the math?

    Hyatt is both a weeks and a points program. As such if a weeks owner trades through Interval they use their associated Hyatt points to secure a studio, one bedroom, etc. The larger units require more points. However, in a pure weeks based ownership (Marriott, Vistana, etc) if one trades their...
  21. W

    Exchanges on legacy Marriott program (merged)

    Looking for some advice. I’m considering buying into a legacy platinum week at Marriott Grande Vista. 3 bedroom every other year. Plan is to use 2 bedroom unit and exchange the lock off portion on II for use on my off years(I think I would be exchanging a studio?). Is this a good plan? Would...
  22. K

    Getaways Price Double???

    Hi there I was looking to get a getaway in palm springs in september at one of the mariott resorts. It was around $550 for a 2bdm full kitchen about 3 weeks ago. i just looked again and they've jumped up to $1048!!!!!!! how is this possible? will they come back down? never happened to me before. TIA
  23. tahoeJoe

    II's E-Trade Plus with HRC points

    Does anyone have experience with using Intervals E-plus on an exchange using HRC points? I have used E-plus with my Marriott weeks and if I confirm a re-trade within 60-day of arrival there is no additional fees for a larger sized unit. Outside of 60-days the standard II upgrade fees apply. The...
  24. V

    Unit Number when Exchanging a Marriott Property on II

    I am trying to exchange into Interval a week that I have. I know I've seen this before but what are they looking for when they ask for Unit Number. If I remember right it was a 4-character code like ABCD or something along those lines. Where do I find this code? Thanks in advance. :)
  25. jndbaseball16

    FREE Star Island Resort & Club 3BR, Week #39, 2019 Paid in FULL!!

    I have owned my Timeshare since 1996. It is paid in full. Bought it before I was married and now both kids are off to college. I'm too busy to manage, exchange or rent this unit. I am hoping someone would like the opportunity to take advantage of these options that I can no longer handle...
  26. cindyc

    VSE exchange fees on II Question

    Hello Tugg-world, Two newbie questions here and BTW thanks for your never-ending patience with those of us in this category! I own SDO and I see on II the following message on my account: Exchange Fee Update Effective January 1, 2019, the new Interval Exchange fee has been changed to $154...
  27. L

    MVC and II Cruise Exchanges

    I noticed that II offers Disney Cruise Line as an exchange option and have a pair of questions. I made my way through the many pages of 'booking' a cruise to find that the particular number of DPs I chose to use on the particular (non-holiday) DCL cruise and cabin I picked ended up valuing the...
  28. Shankilicious

    I.I. getaways

    Anybody every book two getaways to the same resort for the same week? Possibly even the same unit size?
  29. CaliforniaDreamin'

    Best way to trade out of Gold week at Newport Coast Villas

    I have a question related to Saeedibobbak's thread, but I didn't want to risk hijacking it so I will post separately. I have been a Gold week owner at NCV for approximately 10 years. I purchased a resale week from a previous owner by deed. There are no points or anything like that. I...
  30. P

    Interval International Getaways Friends & Family Programme

    Can someone explain to me the fundamental difference between Condo Direct's Interval International Getaways Friends & Family Programme: https://friendsandfamily.condodirect.com/web/cs?a=5&clubCode=interval-internet And Interval's Getaways booked through Intervalworld.com? We have booked many...