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  1. P

    300 pts, what can i do with them?

    Hi. I am hoping there is an expert on here that can provide some advice. I have 300 VC points that expire this year. I do not know how to put them to use? Any suggestions? I called MVC and they were only interested in selling more points. thank you, Pete
  2. J

    Not sure if I'm getting a deal

    Discovered this forum today and new to T/S. I own a deeded timeshare/vacation club with very low points (5k) that I bought a couple of years ago. It's paid off and the maintenance is minimal (approx $150/year). It came with access to RCI and I've used it multiple times to book "extra vacations"...
  3. simpsontruckdriver

    Staycaytions in COVID-19

    I decided to take my wife out for a night away, seeing as how we live outside Orlando. Hotels nationwide are throwing out incentives like crazy! For instance, Best Western (where we are staying) is throwing out plenty of bonus points for any stay. Maybe a timeshare, if you find one nearby in the...
  4. P

    Bluegreen 6000 EOEY Points Free to good home!

    I would like to give away my POINTS timeshare. I have had this for years and do not use it. It is deeded for a 2 weeks in Hollister, MO at the Paradise Points lodge, weeks 22 and 48, unit #7102. These points can be used anywhere in the Bluegreen network or converted via RCI if you have it...
  5. C

    Points deposit fees and coronavirus?

    I got the email this morning from Wyndham. Are they cancelling fees for points deposit, pushing our 2020 usage into 2021? I did not see that topic mentioned. I tried to do it as a test on my smart phone but no luck. Thanks in advance!
  6. H

    Free HGVC Timeshare - Anderson Ocean Club in Myrtle Beach - Comes with 5,000 free points!!

    Haven't taken to the timeshare experience and looking to transfer ownership. New owner to cover any transfer/title fees/closing costs. No current HOA or maintenance fees due - just paid for 2020. Currently have timeshare for: Hilton Grand Vacations Club Anderson Ocean Club - 2BR Season: Gold...
  7. L

    FREE Vacation Village at Parkway Timeshare in Kissimmee, FL

    I have an RCI Vacation Village at Parkway deeded timeshare that I can't use. My loss is your gain! Week #5, Unit #12704, every other even year use. 74,000 RCI points every other year, with additional 74,000 points that expire April 30, 2020. RCI membership paid until April 30, 2021...
  8. B

    Question about points when booking through Club Wyndham

    Hi, When I look at the Wyndham web site today and see a unit available in Hawaii for 154k points during a specific week in November 2020, will it remain 154k points if I look again in January 2020 or is it likely to go up? When I called, they said that the 2020-2021 directory is not available...
  9. M

    [ad removed]

    [Message text deleted. Advertising is NOT permitted in public posts to this forum. Please review the TUG BBS Posting Rules, before posting again. Makai Guy, TUG BBS Administrator]
  10. controller1

    Earning Bonvoy Points for ALL Activities Booked??

    We've discussed in the past how some activities booked through a Vistana timeshare resort's concierge or pool group do not earn Marriott Bonvoy points and we've surmised this is due to the fact those activities are not owned/operated by the Vistana timeshare itself. This afternoon I received an...
  11. A

    How to rent out/sell left over points?

    Hello. I have a points timeshare (not a fixed week) with Holiday Inn Club Vacations (IHG) and often have leftover points that will expire. Is there a way to rent or sell points to someone else? I have about 40K points that will expire at the end of this year. Thanks!
  12. H

    When to start Ongoing RCI Search in Hawaii for Spring Break 2020?

    Hi All, I have 300K RCI Points (clearly I'm not using this Timeshare enough) and my son is in his Senior Year of high school. Rather than some Spring Break party, I offered for the family to go to Hawaii, which he thought was awesome. So I created an ongoing search for either Maui or Oahu...
  13. N

    How to get out of a Diamond Resorts travel club

    I am looking for a way to give away or get out of a Diamond Resorts points membership that we paid over $30,000.00 for. We are not using it and just want out of it. We tried writing and calling Diamond Resorts and since we upgraded the membership in the past year they will not let us out of it...
  14. JudyS

    Having trouble setting up OGS (Ongoing Search) in RCI Points

    I cannot figure out how to set up an ongoing search in RCI. If I put in a specific resort that has no availability, an option for an ongoing search shows up briefly, but won't let me click on it. Instead, the website defaults to showing me all availability worldwide. This is very...
  15. E

    Wyndham Resale Points + RCI Membership - Not included?

    I am currently in the process of purchasing resale points for Wyndham club... discussing with the broker and other sales agent attempts, I was told that I would automatically get a RCI membership for becoming a Wyndham member and will have access to last call, etc... However, today I called...
  16. K

    Giving away free RCI 55,500 biennial points

    We are no longer using our timeshare points and would like to give the whole contract to someone else who can. It is through RCI and Daily Management Resorts. 55,500 every two years The membership is currently paid through July 31, 2020. There is 7,000 points until July 31, 2019. 55,500 will...
  17. K

    Keep or Cancel?

    Hello. I know NOTHING about timeshares, but travel internationally and domestically within the US often. My fiance and I went to a presentation and....guess what signed up! It is an every other year timeshare valued at 10500 pts with RCI (double pts and rci fee waived every year), we paid 6200...
  18. G

    Bought a timeshare and have company possibly scamming

    Hello all, New here, but I will get to the point. I purchased points via a spot in Mexico for 9k around 4 years ago. I posted to sell it 2 years ago on couple sites, but nothing came of it. Fast forward to last week. Got a call from all services travel saying they want to make me an offer and...
  19. Rachman

    Rescinded! Now just a couple of questions...

    Thank you TUG family for talking me into rescinding. Sent the letter this morning. Just a couple of questions on the right timeshare on eBay/classified's. 1) As I am not sure how far RCI points go since we are not RCI members yet - due to our work schedule, we're looking to do 3 two-evening...
  20. Rachman

    Rookie - First Purchase, How did I do?

    Hello TUG Family, 2 Questions: 1) I just purchased a 2-bedroom Triennial Deeded Week 5 (Floating) at Vacation Village at Parkway (VVP) for $9500 (1 yr payoff plan - no interest) upfront. Maintenance is $969 (every three years). The VVP sales manager told me I would receive an RCI Certificate...
  21. A

    MVC Points, Should we buy?

    My husband and I were just in Fort Lauderdale at BeachPlace Towers for vacation and went to the sales pitch for the vacation points. It wasn't our first sales presentation and we have been contemplating it for some time now. We ended up signing a contract for 1000 points. They gave us 1000...
  22. C

    Secondary Market points restrictions?

    I recently (April 2019) sat through a presentation at a MVC with some family who already owns a few weeks and some points through. I am interested but as an outsider to timeshares and a skeptic I had a lot of questions, particularly about purchase of points off the secondary market. The...
  23. S

    Buying advice, language of contract question

    Help requested: If any of you are knowledgeable in purchasing secondary market Wyndham points would you please be able to help me out? I just received a contract for what I believe is 400000 points, however, the contract keeps using the phrase "condominium interval interest." Also in the...
  24. B

    Hilton points

    I am seriously thinking about buying a HGVC resale TS. Can you gift points to others or buy just points from someone else. For instance, if I am 1500 points short from where I want to go, is there a market to buy points from someone, so you don't have to upgrade and pay more MF?
  25. MoneyBear

    Looking for Info about how owners rent their HICV points?

    [I edited your post to comply with the forum rules:] "Can anyone provide info about how an owner can rent their HICV points?"
  26. S

    Biennial points to use in the off-year?

    Let's say I have a small annual contract and then purchase a large biennial contract for even years. When I have the larger amount of points in the even years can I save some of those extra points to use in the odd year that follows? Thanks in advance for all y'all's amazing advice!
  27. MSMS

    Wyndham Bonus Contract

    When my parents switched from a fixed week contract they bought an additional week and the annual assessment summary listed a Bonus Contract worth 195,000 points with a number in the same format as the other (now 2) contracts each worth 105,000. What is/was this Bonus Contract because it...
  28. M

    New Purchase - Points - Wyndham Bali Hai

    I am a newby and would love some guidance. We just contracted on a resale at the Wyndham Bali Hai. We stayed there and enjoyed it so we went to the presentation (pressure sale) then bought a resale from Timeshare Resales Hawaii It was listed at $12,000 for $517,000 points and we bought it for...
  29. U

    Add Points to Existing Account?

    Hi there - new person here. I walked away from 2200 points in Orlando for $9000 at a presentation, knowing it wasn't on par with what I see here or on resale sites..I'm now scouting the web for deals. Is it possible to buy a small/cheap package (3500 points for equivalent or less in $$), and...
  30. O

    7000 Annual Blue Green Points Free To Good Home

    We currently have a balance of 7,000 annual Blue Green points that we would like to give away. The points are paid off and maintenance fees are already paid for this year.. The maintenance fees are $933 annually. The deeded property is at Christmas Mountain Villas. The unit number attached to...