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  1. ushulu

    Urgent need some truth/help here...

    We are at the Westin Ocean Villa now. Thinking of buying a week, suppose to sign the contract tomorrow....they told us today that the resale owner can NOT exchange in their network. They can only stay at where their deed is. If they want to change inside Westin network, they have to do it...
  2. jeffboston

    II Exchange Request for 1 week

    I am new to this and am trying to set up an II Exchange Request for one specific week (school vacation next year). Am I not able to search for just one specific week? Also just to be clear, the earliest/latest travel dates in II are not the check-in and check out dates...they are the...
  3. P

    Are any RCI resorts pet friendly?

    We're not new to timesharing but adopted a pandemic pet (2 year old border collie). I thought I'd seen a list of pet-friendly resorts from TUG but now can't find it. Can you help?
  4. RNCollins

    Is your Timeshare affiliated with both RCI & II? Which do you use to exchange with most often?

    I have a couple of Timeshares that are affiliated with both RCI and Interval International (II). I find myself using RCI more often for exchanging. I enjoy traveling to the Caribbean and I feel RCI has a wider selection of non all-inclusive (AI) resorts. On the other hand, my HGV affiliated...
  5. D

    Returned mail from WA address

    Hello, My grandpa is a timeshare holder and has been unable to contact WorldMark The Club about exchanging points. He's almost 90 years old and doesn't have internet, so I'm trying to help him find some answers or get in touch with someone at WorldMark by letter or phone. I apologize for...
  6. mayamart

    Has anyone been able to change a check in day on a Wyndham RCI exchange?

    An RCI exchange has come up for the resort we would like to visit. Problem is, the exchange check in date is 1 day after we arrive. Has anyone ever had success in booking an RCI exchange and been able to move the check in day by one day??
  7. RNCollins

    RCI Exchange Getaways now on sale! As low as 3 TPU / 4,000 POINTS

    **Can someone verify if this promotion is not just for RCI Platinum members? RCI Exchange Getaways now on sale! As low as 3 TPU / 4,000 POINTS Exchange Getaways On Sale Now! Book By 1/29/21 To Enjoy Travel Through 5/16/21.
  8. Andrearr

    Really happy with my 2020 exchanges so far

    Just wanted to share my experience with my recent exchanges. 2020 was my first use year for my Vistana Timeshare that I bought resale on this site after rescinding my developer purchase. We have a 2 bed lock off that can be split into two different weeks. Hawaii 2019 for Colorado 2020 We traded...
  9. J

    [How to rent RCI points]

    As the title says, I have amassed quite a bunch of points through RCI. We just had a baby, and with COVID, we haven't been using them. Whats the best way to get renters? Ideally, I could book anything available though RCI - and for a great deal. Just looking to cover some of my costs.
  10. G

    Exchanging into WorldMark

    I am a new owner of a large Wyndham points package (1M annual at BH) I live on the west coast and my Wyndham options are limited. What is the process of exchanging for WorldMark, or do I just need to use an exchange like RCI and finding something? Thought there might be a better way.... Greg...
  11. gnorth16

    RCI Inventory November 2021 & Forward Removed

    Disregard. I guess this is the first time I haven't had multiple weeks to exchange. My last deposit expires October 2021.
  12. SteelerGal

    Exchanging HRC in II w/ CUP Points

    I have to trade this years week however I want to travel 2021-2022. I see that I can trade into 2 bdrm and then purchase Etrade. Can I setup an OGS as well instead or will this cause me to lose my points? First time trading HRC
  13. SteelerGal

    Our Independent is signing w/ II

    I received wonderful news that our Independent TS in the Sierras was able to secure a deal w/ II. Wonderful news because I have not been thrilled w/ RCI. It’s our only resort in 2. The TPUs are never enough since we are tied to school schedule. And I do like II platform better. Can’t wait...
  14. RNCollins

    Alternative Lifestyle Resorts in RCI

    If you are interested, RCI has a few LGBTQ / Alternative Lifestyle resorts. I have listed some below. Please feel free to add to the list if you know of more. Caliente Club & Resorts (#C267) Land O' Lakes, FL USA Website https://calienteresorts.com/ Desire Resort and Spa #6981 Puerto...
  15. Michael Ross

    Want to exchange 2 weeks platinum Marriott Vacation club, Playa Anadaluza, Spain

    Hello, I own 2 weeks 3 bed apt in Platinum season at Marriott Vacation club, Southern Spain and wish to swap with another member somewhere else in the world. Looking at 2021. Anybody give me some advice on the best way to get this message out there. Looking at essentially a beach type holiday...
  16. RNCollins

    II: Accommodation Certificate (AC) question

    I have 2 AC’s in my II account. I have not deposited any weeks yet for exchange. Do you need to deposit a week to use an AC? Or is it like a gift that you have to pay for?
  17. mayamart

    Likelihood of getting RCI exchange on Big Island Jan/Feb 2020?

    Has anyone had luck in getting an exchange on the Big Island in Jan or Feb, on RCI? I put up a week at my home resort Hotel Xcaret Mexico, for a week at a resort on the Big Island (Ongoing Search). Am I out of my mind or do I have a chance?
  18. M

    Looking for Discount for II membership

    My membership just expired, but I'm looking for discount codes I used to own Marriott, but own Divi It can be any level, but the better the discount the better. Thanks!
  19. SteelerGal

    Pinion Pointe- Here we come!!!!

    Still waiting for our Hyatt’s to close(EBay Purchases). Well, of course, Winter Break is week 8 instead of 7, so we weren’t able to exchange our Gold week. Instead I used one of my traders to p/u week 8 at Pinion Pointe 2bdrm via II. Excited because we will get to stay in Sedona, experience...
  20. P

    How to make Wyndham PIC points visible on RCI?

    Currently I'm frustrated with transferring PIC points from Wyndham to RCI and then back to Wyndham. On my Wyndham account it shows that I have two PIC Plus contracts (each 154,000 points). When I call RCI, they don't see any points and they are telling me that I need to call Wyndham. Did this...
  21. SteelerGal

    Depositing in RCI or another Exchange

    We are going to Big Island and need to p/u 1bdrms. Would RCI be our best bet to exchange our SDO or should we use another exchange company?
  22. vmert

    GPX banked week will expire 25 Feb 2020

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has tried doing an exchange with a GPX banked week? I have never done it. I have a banked week in GPX that I think I won't be able to use, what do others recommend on how to not waste my money for that year?
  23. MoneyBear

    HICV Question - What should I do?

    I have 5 properties with HICV that I've listed below. I'm considering sitting through another Sales Weasel pitch in order to trade the "equity" (HA!) in one of my properties for a piece of their "property trust". My original purchase was the Piney Shores deed and I bought it for the bonus time...
  24. RNCollins

    Exchange inventory

    RCI and Interval offer the most exchanges from their inventory, out of all the exchange companies. What would be the next exchange company that offers the most exchanges, after RCI and Interval?
  25. W

    Exchanges on legacy Marriott program (merged)

    Looking for some advice. I’m considering buying into a legacy platinum week at Marriott Grande Vista. 3 bedroom every other year. Plan is to use 2 bedroom unit and exchange the lock off portion on II for use on my off years(I think I would be exchanging a studio?). Is this a good plan? Would...
  26. A

    Vida Lifestyle, SFX, ICE Upsell

    I am a recent owner to GL at Vidanta. I just got a call from Vida Lifestyle which is ICE which also owns SFX. They are selling me to upgrade to a "Ultra" package. The portion of the package that is intriguing is the expanded reservation window. That is I can deposit a week and then book...
  27. G

    So you can Rent your regular week, but not an exchange week?

    So, If I am reading the forum correctly; most resorts will let you book your regular time (week for example), and rent that time out directly. Correct? But, If I book a week and deposit it for exchange, then I cannot rent out what I exchanged for. Correct? Lastly, then if I get the exchange...
  28. Beachspace

    Best way to Max my value of a 3BR Gold Grand Vista

    Hey Everyone I know this topic has been covered before but its my first time doing trades/swaps, etc. and just need to know the best course of action. We own a 2 BR plat Harbour lake and we like to use that at Christmas time (here right now actually). We also bought a 3 BR Grand Vista to use...
  29. M

    I'm out of the exchange loop!!!!

    It's been years since I actually traded my Royal Sands timeshare. But, this year I would like to exchange for the Royal Haciendas. I have a beachfront week 15, and would like the same week at the Haciendas. The Royal's website shows something called "Open Stay" and of course there are the...
  30. cindyc

    Trading Power Question, need advice

    I deposited a 2019, Gold Plus 1 bd Sheraton Desert Oasis and have an OGS for Kauai, 3bd in June 2020. My question is this, would my Trading power be better if I deposited the full 2 bd LO usage for 2020 and did an OGS for the same search? I have ePlus on the 1 bd and will get it if I deposit...