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mvc points

  1. M

    MVC Club Points for Resort Credit Question

    Hello, posting here to see if anyone knows before trying to call MVC & wait on hold to ask. We have MVC club points for 2023 year that will expire end of December. Next year (2024) we are visiting a resort that participates in the club points for resort credit offer. Are we able to “buy”...
  2. P

    Adding to MVC points via secondary market

    First of all - thank you all friends for all the information shared on this website- super helpful. We made 2 purchases so far through Marriott of MVC points. I wanted to get to the executive level of 7,000 by purchasing through secondary market- which is much cheaper than buying through...
  3. O

    Looking to buy MVC AP points to reach the next level.

    Hello everyone, I am an owner with a "select level" at MVC AP. Currently, I need 400 MVC AP points to reach the executive level. I am not interested in buying directly from the MVC office. However, I want to buy them from the resale market. Can you direct me on how I can do that? Note, I...
  4. A

    Urgent help needed - Marriott resale week through presentation [OceanWatch Ultimate Occupancy]

    We bought a resale week at Marriott directly through their sales presentation as part of hybrid bundle of points plus week. We are told guaranteed ocean front but when contract papers came they read ocean view but ocean front as ultimate occupancy when available. Is that normal? I want to...
  5. C

    Owner Update + Westin Flex Purchase = Confused!

    We just did our owner update at WDW and ended up purchasing Westin Flex, but we're thinking we're going to rescind after reading a lot of the latest TUG posts. We have one developer unit and 4 resold mandatory units. They said the developer unit would get us DP with MVC, but only around 2,000...
  6. A

    New to the thread and some beginner questions!

    1) it looks like MVC no longer sells weeks. It only sells points. Do you agree ? 2) is there a secondary market for mvc points ? Or only option is through Marriott ? 3) does anyone know the conversion rate of MVP points into bonvoy points ? 4) are MVP points same as Dp points ? 5) how many...
  7. lmnanea

    MVC Deadline to elect points

    Hi what is the deadline to elect points for MVC Weeks for 2022 usage? Thanks
  8. T

    New MVC Destination Points Owner - Cold feet?

    We met with Marriott Sales and just purchased 1500points. We think the concept is great but now realize that we likely paid major premium from Marriott directly ($20k less $1k revisit pkg and some closing costs for $18,440), AND that 1500pts doesn’t really get us far. We have a a family of 5...
  9. B

    Does anyone have any experience with purchasing Marriott Vacation Club points through a 3rd party

    I currently have a combination of Vacation Club points plus two Gold weeks at a Marriott resort. I'm very happy with the Marriott vacations clubs option and quality of the resorts. I am looking to purchase more Marriott Vacation Club points but upon speaking to a representative at Marriott...
  10. Z

    Selling our [# Deleted] MVC Points

    What is the best way to sell our two deeds? I called sellmytimeshare.com and they want $2000 up front. Then I called a broker from California and he said his fee was $3000 but only after we sell. I know I'm screwed no matter what we do, but what is the best way? Is Red Week any good? Or...
  11. sophyly

    Destinations Club Points vs MVC Asia-Pacific Points benefits and disadvantages

    Hi Tuggers, Need advise on Purchase of MVC Asia Pacific Points. A newbie here. We have been offered 7000 points for $14,800 on resale market. Since we are Asian but based in Middle East, it is more advantageous to enrolled to MVC Asia Pacific points? We wish to visit more US cities and Europe...
  12. T

    Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection

    https://www.ritzcarltonyachtcollection.com I wonder if we will eventually be able to use DC Points to book cruises on the Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection. Has anyone heard anything about this?
  13. T

    Link between Marriott Hotel side and MVC

    I just booked a reservation with my DC Trust Points. It is showing up in my Marriott Rewards hotel account. However, the reservation I booked with my post-2010 week does not show up in my MR Rewards account. Folks have said Marriott hotel and MVC are separate companies. So why do my DC Trust...
  14. Jayco29D

    Marriott Resale DC Point Benefits

    Just double checking on this. 1) Do Marriott DC points bought on the resale market come with all the same benefits as buying DC Points direct after the activation fee is paid? As I understand they do have all benefits except the ability to convert DC Points to Marriott Rewards points. 2) Do...
  15. Jayco29D

    DC Points Bundled Program (Week + Points)

    Has anyone here purchased a bundled program from MVC that includes a deeded week and DC Points? It averages out to about $7.44 per point plus MVC throws in some perks so it seems like a good deal in line with buying all DC Points on the resale market. However, when I was reading the MVC...
  16. D

    Selling my timeshare and points

    My wife and I have had our Marriott timeshare since 2009 with one week at Oceanwatch resort in Myrtle Beach, SC (which have never been to). In Fall 2016 they had an offer to enroll in point system at a fraction of the cost which I did because I like the idea of just using some points to go...
  17. O

    Marriott Vacation Club Destinations - 2000 points need to sell!

    We currently have 2000 points with the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations program that we want to sell. We are hoping that there are suggestions from this forum of reputable brokers that can be suggested. We have been on the "waitlist" with Marriott's Resale Department since March 2016 and as...
  18. G

    Adding DC points to sold out resorts

    This was discussed on FB.....someone said that weeks that MVC takes back via ROFR can not be added to "points" inventory....they have to be resold by Marriott as weeks. I thought once MVC took back a week they could "own" that number of points in the resort for point reservation. So are the...