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vacation village

  1. M

    Orlando area 9/30 - 10/6

    1 bedroom Partial kitchen 9/30 - 10/6 Vacation Village $275 for these dates
  2. Lovinglife_30

    Free Shenandoah Villa Massanutten Week 16

    I need to giveaway my Massanutten Shenandoah Villas week 16 timeshare. It's a great Spring Break week and has traded well for me. Sleeps 10 or can be traded as two separate units, currently they are refurbishing the units. It's free of a mortgage. 2023 maintenance fee was paid, 2024...
  3. R

    Question about units at Vacation Village Bonaventure

    Looking at an RCI exchange at Bonaventure. When looking for a 2-bedroom, I see two options: a unit that sleeps 6 (6/6) and one that sleeps 8 (8/8), however the resort info on both RCI and VV websites only mentions a 2-bedroom that sleeps 8. Wondering what the deal is here?
  4. K

    Free Vacation Village In The Berkshire Timeshare. Fully Paid and no maintenance fee until 2025

    #1 Vacation Village In The Berkshires 2 bedroom - 2 bath (can be used as 1 bedroom until also) Fixed week 48: • 2023 / 2024 / 2025: One Week (2 Bedroom) / 2 week (1 bedroom) every 3 years. Maintenance Fee: 2022- 2025 Paid. Approx $950 / every 3 year Usage: First usage for new owner is 2023...
  5. K

    Vacation Village in the Berkshires Jiminy Peak New Year Week 7nts 1bdrm

    Vacation Village in the Berkshires New Year week 12/31/22 for 7 nights 1 bedroom : $600 (side B of the 2 bdrm lockoff) New Year Week w/ Sat checkin. Date of reservation: Dec 31st,2022 Sat - Ja725th, 2023 Sat Check In-4PM, Check Out 10:00AM Unit B of the 2bedroom lock off unit 1 Bedroom/1 Bath...
  6. J

    FREE: Vacation Village at Weston, Florida

    Vacation Village at Weston Resort - Weston, Florida This timeshare is being offered for free. This is a "Gold Crown Awarded Resort" with RCI, located in beautiful southern Florida with day trip access to Fort Lauderdale, Miami, the Everglades, and the Florida Keys. Also located near two PGA...
  7. W

    Free - 2 Timeshares (154k points @ Club Wyndham Old Town Alexandria + 2 BR unit at Vacation Village @ Bonaventure)

    Looking to give away 2 timeshares. Looking to get rid of them both as a 'package' to someone. Timeshare 1 Club Wyndham Old Town Alexandria VA - 154,000 points (enough for a 1 bedroom unit in prime weeks) Maintenance Fees are $93.23/month ($1,119/year) Use year is Oct to Sept each year Have a...
  8. J

    Help! Just bought 4bd Vacation Village at Williamsburg

    Hello! My wife and I and our five kids are new to time sharing… We just bought a four bedroom at the colonies at Williamsburg. We got week 12 gold card with unlimited weeks and weekends. We paid 23k. Is that worth it? Any happy Vacation Village people here? The reviews are terrible online but...
  9. P

    2 bedroom suite at Vacation Village at Weston $390 [June 4-11]

    Week 23, Sat check in in an amazing 2 bedroom suite at Vacation Village at Weston Resort, Florida for sale! Asking price is 390 USD OBO, max capacity 6 adts
  10. Schmaltby

    Orlando/Disney April Vacation - Vacation Village at Parkway April 9-16 1BR/1BA sleeps 4

    Spend April Vacation at Disney. Asking $700 for the 1BR/1BA unit. Sleeps 4 privately. Only $100 per night!!
  11. L

    Claims a Vacation Village made during recent presentation

    I attended a presentation in Weston and the salesman said a few things I am not sure I believe. If you know for a fact that these statements are true or untrue, please let me know. When I become a Vacation Village Premier member by upgrading my Grandview ownership.... 1. I would have the...
  12. M

    Orlando Vacation Village Bargain deal

    2 bedroom lockout, two bathrooms, 8 sleeps, great location for Disney Magic World Kingdom, Universal Studios, Seaworld and others. Great for families, pool, hottub, arcade area, fitness center, business center and other. Everything has being paid, payments up-to-date, only maintenance fee.
  13. L

    [Deleted - see note below]

    [Deleted - all Ads in this forum must be for free timeshares. You can ask the new owner to pay for the title transfer, but you can't "sell" the timeshare here. Please see the rules at the top of the forum, for all the details." You are welcome to repost within the forum rules.]
  14. D

    1 or 2 Bedrooms, 5 Min to Disney World, 3/29-4/5, Vacation Village at Parkway

    Spend the week of March 29 - April 5 at Vacation Village at Parkway, Orlando (Kissimmee) FL, in a two-bed, two-bath lock-off unit that sleeps 8 (4 per suite). Each lock-off suite is complete with a full kitchen, bedroom and living room. The larger suite (1000 square feet) has a king bed in the...
  15. marshrealtor

    Selling Timeshare questions

    So we own 2 Vacation Village timeshares. One in Virginia that is a RCI Weeks unit. It is a 4 bedroom, but we have it deeded as a 2 BR annual unit. So question number one is: Do I advertise as a 4 bedroom unit or a 2 bedroom unit? The other unit we own is in Florida and is a RCI Points...
  16. rboesl

    Scammer Call I Never Heard of Before

    I received a call the other day from Resort Vacation International. They were offering to rent my Vacation Village bonus weeks for at least $1400 per week, guaranteed, and possibly more. They told me I had an unlimited number of these weeks, which I'm pretty sure I don't, and that they had to...
  17. K

    Giving away free RCI 55,500 biennial points

    We are no longer using our timeshare points and would like to give the whole contract to someone else who can. It is through RCI and Daily Management Resorts. 55,500 every two years The membership is currently paid through July 31, 2020. There is 7,000 points until July 31, 2019. 55,500 will...
  18. Rachman

    Rescinded! Now just a couple of questions...

    Thank you TUG family for talking me into rescinding. Sent the letter this morning. Just a couple of questions on the right timeshare on eBay/classified's. 1) As I am not sure how far RCI points go since we are not RCI members yet - due to our work schedule, we're looking to do 3 two-evening...
  19. Rachman

    Rookie - First Purchase, How did I do?

    Hello TUG Family, 2 Questions: 1) I just purchased a 2-bedroom Triennial Deeded Week 5 (Floating) at Vacation Village at Parkway (VVP) for $9500 (1 yr payoff plan - no interest) upfront. Maintenance is $969 (every three years). The VVP sales manager told me I would receive an RCI Certificate...
  20. D

    REDUCED--Disney Orlando, Large 2BD 2BA Lock-out, Mar 31-Apr 7

    $800 for the week! This is for rental of a large 2-bedroom lock-out suite for up to 8 people, at Vacation Village at Parkway, Kissimmee, FL. The suite (2 individual 1-bedroom 1-bath units totaling 1500 sq.ft.) includes 1 king bed, 1 queen bed, 2 sofa sleepers and sleeps up to 8. Suites are...
  21. J

    Purchased & 1 Day left to Rescind at Grandview Las Vegas - please HELP and comment

    Found this site and realized I might have made a mistake. Please leave a comment and what your thoughts are on this deal and if I should Rescind or if I should keep it. Grandview at Las Vegas Total price $16,000 USD Usage: Annual Fixed annual week 4: They said I could change this anytime...
  22. R

    My co-owner left me high and dry and I have no idea what to do

    Hello All, I (co)own property at the Colonies of Williamsburg. I was previously in a contract by myself but upgraded to a new deed with my then partner. Long story short, it was the worst decision I've ever made. They were terrible with money and actively were stealing from me. They made no...
  23. Newbievv78

    Vacation village@pkwy new owner deal or doomed?

    Hey there fellow tuggers! Recently the collector and I ( aka my ever so impulsive fiancée)purchased a vv@p 2 bed lock out unit in bldg 19: first floor: A/Cunit: perpetually deeded unit: red week #17: 92,500 rci points avail: August renewal: first use 2018: maint fee/taxes: $900 (2018paid by...
  24. D

    Week 27 in Las Vegas!!

    Resort Name: The Cliffs at Peace Canyon Chain: Vacation Village Resorts Unit Size: 1 Bedroom Season: Week 27 (Beginning of July) Maintenance fee: $724/Year Current Reservations: None Seller will pay all fees!
  25. ladixson

    Vacation Village @ Parkway

    Giving away my timeshare. There are 61,668 points in RCI that will transfer with it, with 30,834 points allocated yearly on December 1st. Maintenance Fees are due tri-annually with the next one due in 2019. Maintenance Fees and taxes are $812 every 3 years. This unit is the most points you can...
  26. N

    FREE 55,000 RCI points at Vacation Village at Parkway - Kissimee FL

    We are looking to give away our deeded Vacation Village at Parkway unit with 55,000 RCI points disbursed every EVEN year. You would have priority on booking your assigned week #19 [but it's an easy trade to other seasons & resorts.] This is a great resort in a great location -- just minutes...
  27. K

    **Free** Vacation Village at Parkway - Kissimmee Florida

    **Free** Vacation Village at Parkway - Kissimmee Florida 2 bedroom - 2 bath Week #49 biennial (even years) Maintenance Fee: 2018 & 2019 MF have been paid: $900 Title Transfer: I will pay all transfer fees Resort website: http://www.vacationvillageresorts.com/VVR/vacation_village_parkway/
  28. A

    Vacation Village at Parkway 2 BR Lockout, Week 1, Annual for FREE

    You can rent both sides together or separate. Or use one and rent the other. There are individual living and dining rooms in all suites. Suite A feature fully appointed kitchens equipped with dishwasher, range, coffeemaker, toaster, ice maker, full-size refrigerator and microwave convection...
  29. A

    Vacation Village at Parkway 2 bedroom lockout for sale

    You can rent both sides together or separate. Or use one and rent the other. There are individual living and dining rooms in all suites. Suite A feature fully appointed kitchens equipped with dishwasher, range, coffeemaker, toaster, ice maker, full-size refrigerator and microwave convection...
  30. J

    Free Timeshare - Vacation Village at Parkway - Close to Disney World

    Vacation Village at Parkway, Kissimmee, FL Week 40(October) 2BR 2 Bath Lockoff - Sleeps 8 Property owned free and clear (no mortgage). Maintenance Fees and Taxes are current and next due for 2018 This year MF's were $834 FREE!--I will even pay Maintenance Fees for 2018 and transfer fee. I...