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  1. A031490

    How to rent out Marriott deeded weeks

    I want to reserve two consecutive weeks of Marriott timeshares 13 months out and then rent one week to one person and the second to someone else. Can I do the reservation on line? How do I make the reservations in such a way to make the checkin / checkout seamless for the renters.
  2. K

    Insurance for renting my timeshare to a 3rd party [HGVC Bay Club Waikaloa]

    I have a week at the HGVC Bay Club Waikaloa. I've paid my 2022 dues for our Villa Unit [redacted details so this doesn't sound so much like an Ad] and I am looking to rent and preferably sell. I have listed it with this year's floating week included in the sale- weeks 1 to 50. I have not joined...
  3. G

    Colonies WBurg buy or wait?

    I am considering purchasing an annual summer week but I really only want to use it every other year. Will I be able to rent it out or deposit it for something else? I am first timer and have been lurking here but still not sure what makes sense. I don't want to spend money on MF annually and not...
  4. JudyS

    RENTED - Sheraton Vistana (Orlando), 1bdrm sleeps four, Thanksgiving, 7 nights check-in 11/21

    I have already reserved a one-bedroom villa for Thanksgiving week at the original Sheraton Vistana Resort, close to Disney World! The dates are Sunday, November 21 through Sunday, November 28th. The price is $700. This is a standalone suite, not part of a lock-out. It is in the Cascades...
  5. I

    When to post HGVC Las Vegas rental wish list ad?

    Hello world! (First to start a thread.) I am considering purchasing one of the HGVC Las Vegas resorts because the annual maintenance cost is usually cheaper (I am primarily looking for points!) and I like to look around CES. I will look for the historical rental price, but I am not sure when...
  6. C

    Ex-Husband Put Starwood Timeshare Fees Into Arrears

    Hello! I apologize if this becomes very lengthy, but I am in quite the pickle and I am hoping someone here can help me begin to grasp the lay of the land and what my options are here. Sooooo......years ago, when I was dating my now ex-husband, he decided on a whim to purchase a timeshare from...
  7. T

    Advice on Keeping or Selling Old HGVC Las Vegas Flamingo TS

    Hello all, My mother and father purchased a 5000 point HGVC timeshare (January Home Week) from the developer for the Las Vegas Flamingo property around 1997. It's completely paid off by now but the maintenance fees are killing us. It's around $1250 per year + the finance and late fees since we...
  8. P

    Caller Offering to Sell or Rent Our Timeshare

    My wife received a call from Dara Zemo of Resort Condos Delux, Winter Park, FL. She told her that they could sell our Wyndham Timeshare for us at a rate of $1.20 per point. She said we could get $60,000 for 500,000 points minus the closing costs, and $398.00 to check if there is a lien on the...
  9. MoneyBear

    Looking for Info about how owners rent their HICV points?

    [I edited your post to comply with the forum rules:] "Can anyone provide info about how an owner can rent their HICV points?"
  10. Alwayslucky21

    Advice for Renting My Westin Timeshare

    Hello, I own at Westin Nanea and am trying to rent out one of my weeks for the first time. I've looked through several posts and read the free advice articles for renting and am left with a few questions regarding the need for a contract. Most of the sample contracts I see are for specific...
  11. G

    So you can Rent your regular week, but not an exchange week?

    So, If I am reading the forum correctly; most resorts will let you book your regular time (week for example), and rent that time out directly. Correct? But, If I book a week and deposit it for exchange, then I cannot rent out what I exchanged for. Correct? Lastly, then if I get the exchange...
  12. grab

    Wyndham rental guidance/ help needed

    I now own more Wyndham points than I can personally use. I have family and friends who want vacations. But I now need to get serious about renting Wyndham locations. I’ve gone through the sticky’s and have the basics down. I am looking for any suggestions for an easier way to rent than...
  13. N

    [Advertising Deleted]

    [Advertising is strictly forbidden in the discussion forums.]
  14. M

    Renting HICV Points

    I am considering buying a unit on the secondary market, and I'm wondering if anyone can tell my how renting points works. As best I can tell, at the lower level, you can rent 50% of your annual points, and you would pay a $4 fee for each 1,000 points rented. Does anyone know how much the...
  15. H

    Help - I need to get rid of this...and 8,500+ HGVC points

    I regretfully own a HGVC timeshare at the HGVC Anderson Ocean Club in Myrtle Beach. I have [redacted] bonus points I need to book by September [redacted.] I don't plan on using these myself. 1) I want to get rid of this (especially before the next fee year in 2020) 2) It would be great to...
  16. G

    [Deleted - see message below]

    [You cannot rent exchanges in this forum - see rules, top of page.]
  17. sb_sparky

    I have many Diamond Timeshare points-How can I rent to someone to help pay for our maintenance fees?

    Hello, My husband and I bought at Point and Poipu in 2004 (15,500 points) and paid sky high Maintenance Fees for the water intrusion project for several years. We live in CA and there is very limited availability on the west coast. We always end up at the same locations available, Palm...
  18. J

    Silverleaf rental

    I own beach club villages week 52 but I live close to hill country. Can I rent out my week at the villages in flint? I would not be able to meet the people there. Would I need to exchange for a week at hill country so I could check in for the renter. I need to do what ever I can to start...
  19. ushulu

    experienced renters help me check...:)

    Hey Experienced timeshare renters...need some opinion and help here:) Thank you in advance! I am renting a timeshare unit for the first time in my life through homeaway.com --feel scared. the travel dates are in next Jan. the cancellation policy says: 30 days prior to check in can cancel for...
  20. T

    Orlando: 5-7 nights wanted Between March 30 and April 7th

    Searching for a place in Orlando, check in date is somewhat flexible, can check in March 30,31st , April 1st or 2nd. Looking for 5-7 days, number of rooms is flexible as well. Looking for 5-7 nights.
  21. M

    Want to rent West Palm Beach

    Would like to rent at Marriotts ocean pointe 3/30-4/6 or 3/31-4/7. I need a 2 bedroom
  22. Steve Fatula

    Legacy Resale Week, II required for lockoff?

    If I purchase a legacy resale week, not from Marriott, and it gets past ROFR, can I use a 2BR unit that has a lockoff as a 1BR and rent out the lockoff? All without an II membership? I presume Marriott would give me a second account (since I already have a destinations MVCI account), and, that...
  23. B

    Selling timeshare help and advise please

    I really need some help trying to sell my timeshare and wondering if anyone could assist me. I have this timeshare for more than 18 years and is the Windham Pahio in Kawaii. I owe a week every other year and my maintenance payment is a little over $800 ( also every other year). I have...
  24. M

    Rental Income Tax from Aruba Timeshares???

    Hello, tried to look everywhere and there is no good information on tax implications of renting timeshares in Aruba. I own several timeshares at both Marriott Aruba Ocean Club and Surf Club and I know there are many people renting their Aruba Timeshare through TUG marketplace, Redweek or any...
  25. J

    Angel's Camp - Should/Can I rent or should I cancel

    We booked a 2 bedroom via Monday Madness for Angel's Camp from Dec 25-30 but are not going to be able to use it. Should we try renting it out and if so, what would be a reasonable charge/night? Can I rent a Monday Madness rental? We paid roughly $400 for it for $80/night.