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  1. B

    Deeded Property, Raintree Vacation Club

    My wife and I bought at a Raintree property about 20 years ago. We have loved it, but the maintenance fees keep climbing (surprise, surprise). We now have friends come during the same week that we choose and they are able to “rent” the same size unit for 50% of our maintenance fee. While it may...
  2. J

    Still haven’t received copy of deed for Westin Flex

    We bought a Westin Flex package last summer but still haven‘t received a deed. The package is listed on our Vistana dashboard along with our other three Vistana ownerships. We were send copies of the deed/transfer of ownership documents for these which we then transferred into our trust. We...
  3. L

    Selling Spinnaker Waterside...can owner booking be transferred with the deed?

    My parents are too old to visit their Hilton Head Waterside 3 bdrm unit so I'm working to sell it. I have a prospective buyer who says they'll buy it if I can book June 29/24 - July 6/24. If I'm successful at booking this week as the owner (360 days in advance), can this booking be transferred...
  4. fcrawford

    Adding My Children Name to My Account

    My wife and I have several contracts with Wyndham Resort. We have 4 young adult children and would like to add their names to our contracts. Has anyone ever added their children to their contract? And if so, what was the process? Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. T

    Deeded owner's rights

    Is there anyone who can explain how Wyndham can restrict resale purchasers access to certain facilities (IE Worldmark) when deeded owners are legally property owners (Wyndham Access owners in particular) just the same as owners who bought developer points? Legally, wouldn't they be required to...
  6. P

    Trust vs. Deed

    Help! Purchased into Wydham WCA (Trust) in March 2019; used it for the first time and was told that my maintenance fees were going to be a huge burden for us and our children later on as they tend to go up 7-17% yearly! They basically said that we were played pretty bad on our purchase and that...
  7. Grammarhero

    Warranty Deed Notarized 1.4 Yrs Ago

    I am slightly frustrated. I bought a TS last month from Sumday. Sumday’s partner, Greatway Services, sent me the attached Warranty Deed, mistakenly backdated and notarized as March 14, 2018. Even the notarized seal memorializing such transfer expired on January 18, 2019. I think the buyers...
  8. B

    Question on partial transfer of timeshare

    A timeshare purchase of mine progressed through the contract phase. I got word from the title company that HGVC waiver ROFR, the estoppel looked ok, then they prepared the new deed and filed it with the county. That's where things got sideways -- when the title company sent the transfer...
  9. SteelerGal

    Reading a Deed

    I am trying to confirm the Season on a resale. Is it even on the deed? Do I just ask for Estoppel instead?
  10. J

    Purchased & 1 Day left to Rescind at Grandview Las Vegas - please HELP and comment

    Found this site and realized I might have made a mistake. Please leave a comment and what your thoughts are on this deal and if I should Rescind or if I should keep it. Grandview at Las Vegas Total price $16,000 USD Usage: Annual Fixed annual week 4: They said I could change this anytime...
  11. O

    Free 7000 Annual Blue Green points!

    We currently have a balance of 7,000 annual Blue Green points that we would like to give away. The points are paid off and maintenance fees are already paid for this year.. The maintenance fees are $933 annually. The deeded property is at Christmas Mountain Villas. The unit number attached to...
  12. M

    Removing myself as co-owner

    Hello ~ I am co-owner on a timeshare and want to get off the title. The other person will take over 100%. What is involved w completely removing myself from the paperwork and deed? Thank you!
  13. A

    recorded deed for trust points

    Hello Folks, I recently purchased 4k trust points. My understanding is that after closing is done a deed is recorded for trust points somewhere in Florida. How long it take after closing to receive recorded deed? I have not received it. It has been 7+ weeks since closing is done...
  14. A

    Looking for Hawaii Based Law Firm Recommendation

    I need to add my Hawaii timeshare into my family's trust. My estate attorney recommends using a law firm knowledgeable in the specific law of Hawaii. I am California based. Does anyone have any recommendations for a suitable Hawaii knowledgeable/based real estate law firm? Thanks. - Andy
  15. luckyrose

    Deed recorded incorrectly. Unit was recorded incorrectly.

    Hello, I need some advise. I had a timeshare The Pines (VA) for several years. I traded it with RCI. Company who prepare deed is TTC Holdings and out of business now. I did not know unit was recorded incorrectly and for years was trading it. I found out when I try to sell it and requested deed...
  16. R

    Advice on selling our timeshare

    Good morning, My wife and I have purchased a time share with (now) Diamond Resorts in Virginia Beach, VA. When we bought it, we purchased it from Gold Key Resorts. This company was later bought by Diamond. When we purchased the timeshare, we got a deed for the "property". Diamond has tried HARD...
  17. J

    Transfer of deed to adult child BEFORE "estate"

    Hi all, Trust most of you are well, and fully enjoying the incredible amount of info available here! I was searching for what I thought/think is indo on a question I can't seem to directly locate: My wife and I purchased (YEARS ago) a Vistana floating deeded arrangement: 1 week, only ODD...
  18. H

    Marriott St Kitts Deed Transfer

    Has anyone done a deed transfer in St Kitts recently? If so, how long did it take? Any recommendations for good companies or lawyers to use for the closing and transfer process?
  19. Soun Maokhamphiou

    Removing Spouse off title but still have a loan balance

    Dear TUG BBS Members, This is my first post... here goes. I currently own at HGVC Las Vegas Boulevard. My wife and I financed the purchase as co-owners. Both our names are on the Deed. She wants to relinquish all financial responsibility and have her name removed off the title. I want to be...