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  1. T

    FREE 120,000 points eoy EVEN years Welk Resorts Group (Now Hyatt Vacation Club) Free Closing Free 2024 & 2026 Use

    Committed to buying this time share because we were told we could use the RCI system to exchange our points and book our honeymoon in Europe, it really wasn’t as easy to use as advertised. That being said, neither me nor my wife have the time or patience to figure out the TS quirks. It was a...
  2. hepcat620

    FREE Hyatt Vacation Club (Formerly Welk) Timeshare in Escondido,CA - 180,000 Platinum Points Available Now!

    We inherited a beautiful timeshare, but we have no use for it. We live on the East Coast, and the Hyatt Platinum Collection Resorts are in the West. If you are reading this you already know that these are Premium resorts with excellent golfing, skiing, and beaches. What properties are in the...
  3. P

    Pending - Hyatt Vacation Club - 720K Platinum Points - FREE

    Hello, I am giving away my ownership of 720K annual Platinum Points for Hyatt Vacation Club (HVC). The family doesn’t need this level of points now that the kids have grown into adventure travelers who prefer camping instead of luxury resorts. It comes with: a Memorial Day weekend 2024...
  4. L

    Hyatt/Welk Escondido Villas on the Green - 76% Increase from Last Even Year Fee Invoice

    This is crazy! I have an every other even year large one bedroom. My 2022 fee was $1076. I understand the 2023 fee was $1,209, a 12.4% increase. Now for 2024 it's $1,894!! a 76% increase from my last payment and 56.4% over the 2023 fee. THIS IS CRAZY!
  5. D

    Pending - Hyatt Vacation Club - 540K Platinum Points - FREE

    Hello, I am giving away my ownership of 540K Platinum Points. Usage would start in 2025, so next MFs wouldn't be due until Jan 1, 2025. I'm only asking for the new owner to cover the $295 Hyatt transfer fee and the $275 fee for LT Transfers to complete the transfer paperwork on our behalf...
  6. VillaHoliday_42

    LEGAL EXIT STRATEGIES PLANS WANTED! HVC DO Owner Exit programs don't exist!

    Looking for Hyatt Vacation Club Desert Oasis (HVC DO) DEED owners in the process of 'give-away', deed-back or in foreclosure. OR thinking about ‘give-away’ or considering foreclosure please note - the following applies to HVC DO DEED Weeks only. Not Platinum Point only owners. I own DEED red...
  7. A

    How do I rescind on Hyatt Vacation Club

    Hello, Like several others, I immediately had doubts about my purchase. And now I see I can rescind but I don't see specific instructions. Can someone please share the specific language of how to rescind and who to send it to? Would it be Hyatt Vacation Club Sales Department? I bought at the...
  8. H

    Free! Welk/Hyatt Vacation Club - 240k points EOY - 2023 points available!

    We own 240k points on the odd years with Welk/Hyatt Vacation Club. The loan is completely paid off. We’ve paid the 2023 maintenance fees ($1900) so next fees won’t be due until January 2025. The 2023 points are available! We’ve been able to roll them to the next year in the past. The Welk in...
  9. S

    Welk San Diego - Free 360,000 points

    Where The Welk Resort at 8860 Lawrence Welk Dr, Escondido CA 92026 (but not limited to this location) All the Details! 360,000 platinum points for ODD usage years. Points become available January 1st, 2023. Accrual option available to use points in EVEN years: How Point Accrual Works...
  10. P

    Free, WELK/Hyatt, San Diego (Escondido)

    1 week every other year - odd year. Floating time. 2bdrm lockout unit which means you can use 1/2 of the unit one week and the other half another week or you can use the whole unit at one time. Will accomodate 6 people. The resort is nestled on 450 acres in the hills about 40 minutes north of...
  11. R

    My experience on transitioning Welk fixed week to points. Now regret!

    I own a fixed week in Welk Escondido's original Resort Villas. It is a two bedroom two bath in July. Current maintenance fee is $1136. I also exchange through interval and utilize the getaway deals on II when there is something I like. I have never transitioned to the points program even when it...
  12. L

    Welk Escondido 6/3/22-6/5/22

    2 bedroom Villa…2 nights, Friday and Saturday, includes 4 tickets for 3-day pass to Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival… Total $400
  13. andrewjjtimeshare


    Multiple accounts available to choose from Points Amount, Renewal Month, Maintenance fee 120,000 Annual Points, January Renewal, $1.286.60 120,000 Annual Points, January Renewal, $1.197.00 90,000 Annual Points, January Renewal, $1,167.20 Seller paying all closing costs.
  14. N

    Interested in Marriott Vacations Worldwide financials and markets Updates?

    This is a great update on Marriott Vacations Worldwide financials, demographics, markets - includes updates on MVC, Westin, Sheraton, Hyatt and Welk, and Interval... https://ir.marriottvacationsworldwide.com/static-files/1f003fef-f67d-420b-aa1d-e742fad7d963
  15. N

    US Marriott Points vs Asia Pacific Points, or should I be looking at others like Hyatt, Hilton or Welk points?

    I am a Bonvoy Platinum and looking into buying into Marriott Timeshare for Marriott Points to trade in during prime vacation weeks (skiing week 51 or 52, President's weekend, Spring break/Easter vacation, summer mid June-first week of August or Thanksgiving). What is the best Marriott points...
  16. G

    Free Welk Platinum Ownership 120,000 Points Yearly

    Welk Platinum ownership of 120,000 points a year. We currently have 240,000 points accrued to be used upon transfer but 120,000 of those expire 12/21/2021. The maintenance fees are yearly due January 1stand have been paid for this year. 2021 fees were $1180 to give an idea for 2022. Just...
  17. S

    Work here or with Welk Resorts?

    Hi, I’m relatively new to real estate and got my license about a year ago. I have job offers from both companies. Which is the better choice? I’m in Palm Springs. Thanks so much!
  18. S

    Welk Perks for Resale Buyer

    We recently attended a Welk sales presentation and opted for the auditions plan as I knew nothing about timeshares going in so didn't feel comfortable committing fully. We vacation regularly so the auditions plan seemed like a good deal vs what we would spend otherwise on accommodation and a...
  19. Shankilicious

    Resale Welk Collections use

    Ok Welk friends, this is for those of you who own resale points. Have you been able to book any of the collections resorts with your resale points? If not, could you login to the Owners Lounge reservation page and check? I'm looking to buy 400-500k points but want to make sure that the...
  20. L

    Help - my survey - maybe buying a welk timeshare

    Hi everyone, I am so glad I found this group/site! You are all certainly a wealth of information! I am new-ish to timesharing. My parents owned one at Wapato Point in Manson/Lake chelan, Washington for 25 years and we went yearly. Absolutely loved it. When I grew up, for the last number of...
  21. Shankilicious

    Buying more points resale.

    Ok, so I've owned with Welk Resorts for 3 years now and overall, after a rough start and learning how to best utilize my points and bonus weeks etc, we have been making positive ground on our investment. My questions that I can't find a direct answer to on here are these: 1-If I buy more points...
  22. P

    Add points to Welk Account???

    We have a Welk Platinum points membership for every odd year. We are considering adding more points but Welk said we can only buy from them, is this accurate? There are numerous listings for points on the secondary market so think that's not true but what i don't know is, if we buy additional...
  23. J

    Help with the Villa group

    Hello All! Brand new to this site, glad I found it. My wife and I are platinum owners through the Welk (we have 540,000 points/year) and have been vacationing at their resort in Cabo for the past week. We were going to sign up for a cabo tour and ended up at a presentation thinking we just...
  24. W

    Just bought Welk Points after 2 Auditions Packages

    Hi all, I wanted to see whether you thought it would be best to rescind my contract. I bought 2 auditions packages with Welk before total of $6000 for 600,000 points, which ended up being a pretty good thing for us since we were actually able to use it and it was more flexible than just renting...
  25. S

    [ 2018 ] HELP - New owner looking for options to get out of Welk timeshare

    Looking for some advice on what to do. After browsing through this forum, I am so disappointed I didn't find out about this great group last August, so I could at least rescind my contract. In Aug 2017, we sat through a Welk presentation and everything sounded "good" so we decided to try it...
  26. sjsharkie

    2BR Northstar Resort Welk (former Hyatt) - Truckee/Lake Tahoe - 5/27 to 6/3

    5/27 - 6/3 - $700 for the week Sat to Sat. or I still am offering 4 nights (5/30-6/3) in another post for $400. Northstar Lodge, located at the base of the world-renowned Northstar California ski area in Truckee, California, is a ski-in/ski-out resort, complete with its own unique, pulse-driven...
  27. sjsharkie

    2BR Northstar Resort Welk (former Hyatt) - Truckee/Lake Tahoe - 5/30 to 6/3

    5/30 - 6/3 - $100/night (4 nights) Northstar Lodge, located at the base of the world-renowned Northstar California ski area in Truckee, California, is a ski-in/ski-out resort, complete with its own unique, pulse-driven gondola. Featuring exclusive exteriors with native materials for a naturally...
  28. C

    Evaluating Welk Timeshare Purchase- Options for Resale

    I have 8 kids (age 19 down to 2), and a timeshare seems like a good option for my family at this stage it life for a variety of reasons. I recently purchased 540,000 points annually through Welk Resorts for around $58,000, but cancelled the within the 7 day cancellation period after reading...