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  1. N

    Hilton Grand Vacations/Grand Vacations Title- Legit to Help Sell Kaanapali, HI Timeshare?

    Hi All, My mom got sucked into buying a time share over a decade ago on our very first trip to Maui. She "purchased" a time share at a Kaanapali, HI hotel for several thousand dollars, and then annually, she had to pay maintenance fees. As many know, those maintenance fees were not fixed and...
  2. Naria2004

    Could this work? Upgrading to cancel? [Summit at Massanutten in Virginia]

    So I own at Summit at Massanutten in Virginia, and we just don't use that location enough to warrant keeping it. I'd rather be at a timeshare that I'm going to use, if I'm unable/don't want to trade in. Well, we still owe on it (because we didn't buy it re-sale, hard lesson learned). Massanutten...
  3. J

    Getting out from under Worldmark maintenance dues?

    I've got a family member looking to get rid of a timeshare they inherited. Apparently someone bought hard on some 'deals' and they have around 245k annual "Worldmark by Wyndham" points. The loan is paid off and they can use the points on travel, RCI included, etc. Platinum Elite status. Sounds...
  4. J

    Times get rough- best way to sell?

    My wife and I have been owners at Worldmark since 2017 and have not payed off yet. We still owe about 7.5k. We have been going to some rough times and have decided to change our life style and will no longer be able to afford our ownership, What is the best option for sellling? There are so many...
  5. D

    Please help me with pricing to sell Hilton Hawaii Kohala?

    Hello, I am new here. The last kid is about to leave for college and my husband and I won't travel to resorts anymore. Could people give me an idea of a realistic selling price for Kohala - Hawaii by Hilton Grand Vacations? It is a Platinum with 7000. 2Br 2Bth 12600 points saved for next year...
  6. C

    [Deleted - see note below]

    [DELETED: Soliciting is not allowed in the discussion forums.]
  7. C

    New to TUGBBS, Looking to Sell

    I have a points membership to Paradise Vacation Club in Nueva Vallarta, Mexico. I am looking to sell. I have done some research and I have realistic expectations. Is this an appropriate place to try to sell it or should I go with eBay/Craigslist like I have read?
  8. K

    Helping parents sell their timeshare - where to start?

    Hello- I'm helping my (elderly) parents to try to sell (or give away) their timeshare. I'm tech savvy, and have sold my home in the past by owner, so they wanted me to try to help. Only thing is I'm new to timeshares, and trying to read up on how to do this on my own. They own a 2-bdrm at...
  9. prajora

    Best ways to end your HGVC ownerhip

    Let’s say you had HGVC ownership for few years. Enjoyed it and created good memories from vacations. Now it is time to end a contract or want to upgrade/ downgrade your points. What choices you have? 1. Sell your ownership in say TUG marketplace. Be ready to get pennies on the dollar. Don’t even...
  10. B

    Please help - I have no idea what to do...

    So my parents have 4 timeshare weeks. They are deeded 3 through RCI and one through II. The have had them since the late 80s or early 90s. My father has passed away and my mother is no longer able to make decisions due to dementia and other problems. My brother and I have legal power of...
  11. P

    How do you sell Club Access membership?

    My wife and I own Wyndham Club Access. How do you go about selling this type of Timeshare since there is no deeded property?
  12. klam2go

    Grandview at Las Vegas deed back vs sell

    We bought our timeshare at the GV off of eBay in 2011. Very very good deal compared to what they wanted to gouge us for when we sat through a "quick" resort presentation to get our free Cirque tickets. Now nearly 9 years later, kids are grown up and our parent don't/won't travel far from home...
  13. S

    Added as co owner without permission. Other co owner has passed away.

    My mom tried to plan ahead and put one kid as co owner of each of her timeshare weeks. One of her weeks has all three children as co owners. They are all at the same resort. I want to sell my week, but I am interested in buying out my brothers for the week we share, mainly just for the fee for...
  14. C

    Ex-Husband Put Starwood Timeshare Fees Into Arrears

    Hello! I apologize if this becomes very lengthy, but I am in quite the pickle and I am hoping someone here can help me begin to grasp the lay of the land and what my options are here. Sooooo......years ago, when I was dating my now ex-husband, he decided on a whim to purchase a timeshare from...
  15. T

    Unload Wyndham Timeshare

    I currently have 665,000 points deeded at Ocean Blvd Myrtle Beach. What is the best way to essentially give these away? We just want out. Thanks for any help.
  16. T

    Advice on Keeping or Selling Old HGVC Las Vegas Flamingo TS

    Hello all, My mother and father purchased a 5000 point HGVC timeshare (January Home Week) from the developer for the Las Vegas Flamingo property around 1997. It's completely paid off by now but the maintenance fees are killing us. It's around $1250 per year + the finance and late fees since we...
  17. P

    Caller Offering to Sell or Rent Our Timeshare

    My wife received a call from Dara Zemo of Resort Condos Delux, Winter Park, FL. She told her that they could sell our Wyndham Timeshare for us at a rate of $1.20 per point. She said we could get $60,000 for 500,000 points minus the closing costs, and $398.00 to check if there is a lien on the...
  18. A

    HIVC sell

    My husband and I got a timeshare with HIVC back in Dec (2018). We got a personal loan to "pay it off". I feel like we CANT afford it and I need help with information to get rid of it, hopefully with getting money back to pay the loan off ...some. We don't have weeks. We have points. Any and...
  19. Rachman

    Rescinded! Now just a couple of questions...

    Thank you TUG family for talking me into rescinding. Sent the letter this morning. Just a couple of questions on the right timeshare on eBay/classified's. 1) As I am not sure how far RCI points go since we are not RCI members yet - due to our work schedule, we're looking to do 3 two-evening...
  20. E

    Travel & Leisure Group anyone deal w them

    Im looking to sell in Vegas during fight week. Alot of companies want $$ upfront they just want a smmall advert fee. Any recommendations?
  21. B

    Selling Massanutten Timeshare

    Does anyone have advice on selling a Mountainside Villas timeshare? I own unit/week 171/49, and would like to sell the timeshare along with the maintenance fee obligations to someone. Thanks!
  22. M

    Help! Selling holiday inn

    Has anyone actually successfully sold a Holiday inn vacation club timeshare? We were talked into purchasing a different time share through Palmera Vacations and they are supposed to have our holiday inn one sold. However now we are finding all this bad stuff about Palmera online. Is there any...
  23. M

    Timeshare contract to SELL

    Does anyone have a contract template for the sale of my timeshare? He wants me to pay the 2019 maintenance fees, closing cost and transfer fees. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  24. D

    Not sure how to post this

    Hi! I'm brand new to this site and am wanting to sell my timeshare. We are with Bahia Principe but I don't think it's the one that keeps coming up on the drop down - or might the name have changed? We have the Privilege club membership and unlimited weeks in the Lowest season. I'm not able to...
  25. A

    Can I avoid foreclosure?!

    Please, any and all guidance and suggestions much appreciated!! I bought a timeshare while staying at the Holiday Inn Vacations resort at Orange Lake in Orlando last year. I can no longer afford the mortgage payment, life happened and I now have custody of my nephew who is a little special...
  26. H

    Help - I need to get rid of this...and 8,500+ HGVC points

    I regretfully own a HGVC timeshare at the HGVC Anderson Ocean Club in Myrtle Beach. I have [redacted] bonus points I need to book by September [redacted.] I don't plan on using these myself. 1) I want to get rid of this (especially before the next fee year in 2020) 2) It would be great to...
  27. Z

    Selling Westin Nanea - advice?

    Hi everyone I purchased into Westin Nanea last year (2BR, Annual) and am going to sell it as my lifestyle just does not jive with the timeshare idea. AND the annual fee is astronomical by my pocketbook, too much for me. 1. I'd like to know your opinions on what I might list for. Of course I'm...
  28. B


    We are wanting more points to add to the 84k that we have now. Wyndham wants 23k to get another 105k pts.. I don't have that much money to shell out at this time. I found a site called sellmytimeshare now. Found a time share that I am interested in but I have no idea if this is a scam or a...
  29. V

    Points Based time share for sale

    Hello we impulse bought an RCI points based time share with a the home resort in a ski village in Ontario Canada. Deposit paid, one year MF paid and just want to have another individual take over the succeeding payments. Can this be done? How? Where?
  30. D

    Adventures Portfolio Buyout (ROFR) offers

    Is anyone familiar with this company & their offers to buy in-deeded timeshares (in Mexico)? We'd like to sell our El Cid membership, and know that there's a lot of scams out there. Help & info greatly appreciated! Thanks! Deniece