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  1. D

    Violation of bylaws?

    I received a call from a group, but I am unsure who they represent. They said that the timeshare is in violation of their bylaw by allowing rentals from those not part of the timeshare and that they can get your maintenance fee eliminated or returned to each timeshare owner. I assumed this was...
  2. N

    Puerto Vallarta cartel timeshare scam? I'm a Canadian journalist based in Mexico

    Hello, I'm a Canadian journalist based in Mexico and I am investigating timeshare fraud in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, specifically cases related to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), outlined in several recent indictments by the U.S. government...
  3. B

    Hgv max cabo Collection

    Hola. Just turned down 'opportunity ' to pay $25 to move our 12k us collection points to cabo collection. Told our maintenance fee would drop from $2400 to $1800 this year and likely never go up whereas US will go up 5% or more per year. We will recoup the $25k in less than 10years and be...
  4. C

    Vidanta lied and said they would “buy” my worldmark timeshare.

    Long story short. I bough a Vidanta vacation membership package. The only reason was because they said they would buy my timeshare and give me a credit to use on a future upgrade, I just needed to pay the $1871 transfer fee when they called. Now it’s that time and Vidanta isn’t buying it they...
  5. S


    Hi Group! I am a new user and purchased a timeshare in Mexico in 2012. I purchased the Lloydshare Annuity as well and still have some time (13 years) left until it matures. So far, I have scoured the internet and most posts that call the Annuity a scam are actually at fault for breaching the...
  6. L

    Beware of Potential Scam Class Action Lawsuit Targeting Timeshare Owners

    Hi, Everyone, I'm new to this forum. I'm not sure if this is the proper channel, but I wanted to post something as soon as possible in the event that it could prevent someone from getting scammed. I have a friend and a family member who were both taken in by scams and lost large sums of money...
  7. M

    VP Rentals Inc

    So, I’m an ignorant fool when it came to my vacation club, which is why we chose to get rid of it. We paid $1499 to Vacation Rentals Inc for them to “rent out” our Interval weeks in 2/2022. We’ve only received one offer around mid 2022 with no availability, and now they’re claiming we’re on a...
  8. P


    In October of 2022 we signed for a HGVC in Las Vegas for Elara. The total cost was about $15,000 and we get 2560 points a year. Everything sounded good until we logged in and realized that 2560 points doesn't get you much of anything! Definitely not the "about 10 days" we were sold. Do I not...
  9. C

    How to spot a scam? and how to sell?

    HI all I'm new to this, but need some information. I 'own' a Club Solaris club membership, the one in Cabo San Lucas. I'm still paying a monthly payment on it (about 3 yrs to go). At this point I have gotten nothing out of it, mostly due to the pandemic of course. So thinking about selling. And...
  10. H

    [ 2021 ] Conned into buying Fiesta Americana Vacation Club

    Hi all, Starting December 1st my wife and I stayed a few nights at the Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun. It was our first time staying at a resort like this and our first time in Mexico. Foolishly, we agreed to see the sales presentation for the Fiesta Americana Vacation Club (FAVC)...
  11. S

    Does anyone else believe Holiday Inn Club Vacations is ripping off its Timeshare Owners?

    Hello All, I have been a happy Timeshare owner since 2003. I bought into South Beach Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC a 1 bedroom unit based on RCI points. At the time the resort was owned by Burrows & Chapin. The maintenance fees started were $450 the first year and the benefits were great: free...
  12. abbyz

    [ 2020 ] Contacted by UIF Mexico, is it legit?

    Cesar Andrade Pacheco Officer in Mexico City says he is a prosecuting attorney, it is listed on Google, say that they are prosecuting the scammers and resorts leaking information. serv_legal@contactouif.mx is the email he sent me forms to fill out. Anyone know about the validity here? I do not...
  13. N

    [2019] Pueblo Bonito scam??

    So i went to Cabo last year and went to one of PBSB time share presentation. and were fooled into the PB Preferred. We went and came back home and a few months later I still hadn’t received me username and password in the mail like promised. So I contacted my sales person and tried calling...
  14. M

    Signed an agreement but seems like a timeshare resale scam now...help (2019) Vidanta

    Hi Everyone -- We could really use your help on this one. I've read through a lot of other red flags/scam messages on the forums but I haven't seen any advice for if you've signed a sales agreement and then realize it's a scam. A little background on our situation. We were cold called (which...
  15. P

    Caller Offering to Sell or Rent Our Timeshare

    My wife received a call from Dara Zemo of Resort Condos Delux, Winter Park, FL. She told her that they could sell our Wyndham Timeshare for us at a rate of $1.20 per point. She said we could get $60,000 for 500,000 points minus the closing costs, and $398.00 to check if there is a lien on the...
  16. G

    Bought a timeshare and have company possibly scamming

    Hello all, New here, but I will get to the point. I purchased points via a spot in Mexico for 9k around 4 years ago. I posted to sell it 2 years ago on couple sites, but nothing came of it. Fast forward to last week. Got a call from all services travel saying they want to make me an offer and...
  17. B

    Club Wyndham... Is it a scam?

    I work for a franchised hotel under Wyndham. Last May we stayed at the Wyndham resort in PCB on my regular Wyndham reward points. They ended up talking us into attending some presentation. It was for the Club Wyndham, which is like a traveling time share in my understanding. We bought some...
  18. T

    In maui and went to a lying Diamonds Int Sales Presentation...blargg

    So my wife and I are staying at the westin villas on kaanapali and went for a walk down the boardwalk and was approached re free gifts from diamond if we went to their sales presentation. We don't mind these and actually enjoy looking at the other properties. Diamond gave us many options and...
  19. H

    Help with vidanta and private reserve travel club (merged)

    So i purchased private reserve travel collection membership through vidanta for 4500 on the 7th of October. They would not let me see the website so they said i could call them and do a sample booking. I asked very specific questions about using the websites including dates and resort names. I...
  20. M

    Help! Selling holiday inn

    Has anyone actually successfully sold a Holiday inn vacation club timeshare? We were talked into purchasing a different time share through Palmera Vacations and they are supposed to have our holiday inn one sold. However now we are finding all this bad stuff about Palmera online. Is there any...
  21. B

    Getaway Travelers Inc, Going Places Travel Service, Escrow Holding Management. SCAM

    I was contacted by Going Places Travel Inc (supposedly out of 2180 Satellite Blvd #400 Duluth Georgia 30097) early 2017 (Ron Fuentes, Jacob Diaz, Robert Kistner and also had a fake guarantee signed by David Marple (CEO). Whom are affiliated with Getaway Travelers Inc.(400 Galleria Pkwy SE STE...
  22. E

    Should I hire a lawyer to sue Wyndham?

    Hi, all, Me and my hubby fell into the sales pitch at Wyndham sales office in San Antonio, TX and bought 200,000 points for $29,000 about a month ago. Then we did some research that day and went down to the sales office the following day to cancel the purchase with a rescission letter. We asked...
  23. gnorth16

    Resort Fee Warning: Grand Bliss Nuevo Vallarta

    As Per RCI: Mandatory resort fees per week: Hotel unit 420.00 U.S. dollars. 1B unit 630.00 U.S. dollars. 2B unit 1050.00 U.S. dollars. Stayed there twice and it wasnt that bad! NEVER GOING THERE AGAIN!!!
  24. B

    Roark in Branson Taken Over By Summer Winds

    just checked in to Roark Vacation Resort my home resort in Branson. Upon checking in I was directed to the concierge desk where, as expected, I was offered to go to Summer Winds sales office to have them update me on what their plans are for Roark; in exchange for free show tickets of course...
  25. B


    We are wanting more points to add to the 84k that we have now. Wyndham wants 23k to get another 105k pts.. I don't have that much money to shell out at this time. I found a site called sellmytimeshare now. Found a time share that I am interested in but I have no idea if this is a scam or a...
  26. ushulu

    experienced renters help me check...:)

    Hey Experienced timeshare renters...need some opinion and help here:) Thank you in advance! I am renting a timeshare unit for the first time in my life through homeaway.com --feel scared. the travel dates are in next Jan. the cancellation policy says: 30 days prior to check in can cancel for...
  27. rboesl

    California Man Charged With Timeshare Resale Fraud

    Here's the article: https://www.insidethegate.com/2018/03/california-man-charged-with-timeshare-resale-fraud/ This guy was pretty busy setting up several companies.
  28. H

    Getaway Travelers and Escrow Holding Management - SCAM?

    Has anyone done business with these guys? They are offering my elderly parents a lot of money to buy a time share..... cant find anything on them.... seems odd?
  29. M

    Worldwide Travel Events? Scam?

    Has anyone heard of Worldwide Travel Events out of Naperville, IL? They have contacted me about purchasing my Vidanta Grand Luxxe Master Suite. Can't find any info on them, and they are talking about a high price. I asked about how they conduct the transfer and they said they would use First...
  30. D

    Adventures Portfolio Buyout (ROFR) offers

    Is anyone familiar with this company & their offers to buy in-deeded timeshares (in Mexico)? We'd like to sell our El Cid membership, and know that there's a lot of scams out there. Help & info greatly appreciated! Thanks! Deniece