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  1. D

    Recently widowed. Need advice.

    Hi All, A year and a half ago I lost my husband (suddenly and unexpectedly) and he was the one who mostly dealt with RCI, however, I have a pretty solid understanding of the basics. I own two red weeks in Duck, NC (The Outerbanks); one is beachfront (1 bedroom) and one is part of a beach...
  2. Steve Fatula

    Rental Agreements - Damages

    The way I understand it, MVCI holds us, the owners, ultimately responsible for damages caused by occupants, even when you rent it. I know some rental agreements say the renter is responsible for said damages, but, in the end, if you are unable to collect from the people you rented to, you are...
  3. M

    Rental Income Tax from Aruba Timeshares???

    Hello, tried to look everywhere and there is no good information on tax implications of renting timeshares in Aruba. I own several timeshares at both Marriott Aruba Ocean Club and Surf Club and I know there are many people renting their Aruba Timeshare through TUG marketplace, Redweek or any...
  4. Zeus7111

    HICV Desert Club Las Vegas - Rental & Extra Vacation question

    Hello! This site is awesome - I cannot thank everyone enough for their knowledge and wisdom! You are all awesome! My question to the experts is if the HICV Desert Club Las Vegas has any restrictions using a week which I rented from an resort owner (via TUG) and adding on an Extra Vacation...
  5. RNCollins

    Creating an Invoice with PayPal

    Hi, :hi: I'm attempting to practice composing an invoice for a rental. My question is: once I email the invoice to the renter, will there be a button on the form for them to click on for a link for them to enter their PayPal and credit card information to pay for the rental? Thanks!
  6. WyldSmurf

    Aruba King rental of Surf Club

    Since my question is focused on a site that only has Aruba Surf Club and Ocean Club for rental I figured it fit better here on the Marriott thread than the general renting, please move if I am wrong, thanks I posted a spring break week rental for March 2018 of the Aruba Surf Club on Tug and...
  7. C

    Wyndham Rented 4 days, I was supposed to get 60%, I only got 50%

    I am new at renting my timeshare. I actually use one of them regularly. This time, we could not use the Wyndham timeshare in Florida. I tried to rent it out on Redweek (it's not on the points system, very old resort Sea Gardens, 1 bedroom), that did not work. So, as a last resort I allowed...
  8. md8287

    Westin Lagunamar Cancun, July 8-15th

    Last minute availability for our "Deluxe 1BR Villa" (aka Deluxe Studio) at the Westin Lagunamar. This is our home resort and reservation in hand. $700 for the week - TUG Member exclusive rate for July 8-15th, 2017. Simple contract and Payment by PayPal transfer or credit card. Please private...
  9. M

    Occidental vacation club

    Anyone have experience with what to do after purchasing with occidental? We purchased in 2011. Used it once for the complimentary (?) vacation but haven't used it since. We discovered to late that the two reasons for purchasing (1) we needed to turn our other resort into a points system instead...
  10. H

    Deleted - please see note below

    [Rental requests are not permitted in this forum - our classifieds are in the TUG Marketplace - linked at the top of the page.]
  11. P

    Advice needed with renting or trading Pono Kai in Kauai

    We are new to the whole timeshare thing. We have only owned our unit for 4 years, and we have only used our home resort. We have a 2 Bdr./ 2 bath condo that sleep 6-8 at the Pono Kai in Kapaa, Kauai reserved for July 26 - Aug. 2, 2017. We were planning on using this year for our family...
  12. A

    Country Club Villas - Myrtle Beach - February 18th Week Rental - 3 Bedroom Condo

    Fixed week at Country Club Villas for Rent $700 US - 3 Bedroom/2 bathroom Condo (sleeps 8) - 18th February to 25th February 2017 1550 Fawn Vista Drive North, Myrtle Beach, SC Located at Deerfield Plantation in Surfside Beach, Country Club Villas provides access to an outdoor pool, and a...
  13. D

    Best time to visit-exchange on Grand Cayman?

    We own a floating 1-bdrm week at Morritt's Tortuga and are looking to rent it out this year. I want to get a "prime" week to rent. I.e. One that will be easy/popular to rent. What in your opinion is the most popular time to rent in Grand Cayman? Summer? Thanksgiving? Pirate's week? Some other...
  14. steve0128

    Insurance for Renting a Timeshare

    Can anyone recommend an insurance company that issues policies to protect a timeshare owner when they rent to a third party? I’m looking for protection against major damage caused by renters and most specifically against liability claims. Renting a timeshare is considered a “business...
  15. P

    Trying to get a Family Reuinion at Massanutten

    Asking for general advice. We own a 4BR lockoff Woodstone Luxury week 51. We have a large extended family that would like to have a reunion at Massanutten either week 51 or week 47 (Thanksgiving). We would likely need three 4BR lockoffs and there will be planning and logistics so that waiting...
  16. M

    II asking to rent my getaway weeks? (not deeded TS)

    Hi. I just received a call from II asking if we wanted to rent out some of our getaway weeks (which are unlimited so we aren't losing any apparently - relatively new to using all of these). They said if we accept the rental rate they want to charge, we would get $6300 rental check. This is of...