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HICV Desert Club Las Vegas - Rental & Extra Vacation question


Aug 30, 2017
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Edmonton, Alberta
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This site is awesome - I cannot thank everyone enough for their knowledge and wisdom! You are all awesome!

My question to the experts is if the HICV Desert Club Las Vegas has any restrictions using a week which I rented from an resort owner (via TUG) and adding on an Extra Vacation week prior - therefore staying at the same resort for 2 weeks via 2 different methods.

Here is some additional Information which may help...

1. I have paid for the rental week already from an owner (Thank you TUG!) and I got the specific dates I need to have.
2. Due to some changes with our vacation plans, I have the time to go to Las Vegas for the entire week prior.
3. My Father-In-Law has a Timeshare in Fairmont, BC which I have access to, and can book an Extra Vacation for the week prior (via RCI).
4. We cannot exchange his week in Fairmont to the HICV due to the 1-N-3 rule. RCI states on the resort page "1-N-3 Year rule applies to 1 for 1 exchanges not for extra vacations or HICV owners."
5. If this cannot be done, I can stay somewhere else, but don't really want to have to pack everything up a week into vacation.

My thoughts are: since I rented from a HICV owner & purchased an extra vacation I should be fine. Is my logic sound? Will this raise questions or concerns at the resort if I did this?

Additionally, I'm assuming that I should be able to ask the HICV to stay in the same room for the 2 weeks, so I don't need to pack up and move?

Thoughts? Is this doable, or is there a better way to do it?

Thank you - looking forward to your responses.



Tug Review Crew: Rookie
TUG Member
Dec 19, 2008
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A few in SC, VA and FL, a single resort in NC, MD, PA, NY, UT, ME, WI, and TN plus Jamaica and the Bahamas
You haven't done any exchanges so you could still add on an exchange if you wanted and at that point you could still add additional extra vacations and rent from an owner or directly from HI. Your only restriction would be once you exchange via RCI you would need to wait 3 years before exchanging via RCI again.

Staying in the same room is certainly possible if both unit types are the same but it always depends on availability and during more popular times your chance of being successful is less.