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  1. SteelerGal

    Where to buy? Love Wyndham Oceanside

    We have had stays at Wyndham in Oceanside thanks to RCI trades however we are interested in staying more often in the SD area.( We use to own a HGVC in the area but the limited resorts in the area was a deciding factor for us to sell.) We live less than 2hrs away and spend a good amount of time...
  2. gnorth16

    10 Years in Timeshares, TUG and How Life Changes...

    Wow!!! Time Flies... If anyone took advantage of TUG (bullboards, sightings, owner exchanges, rental board, (rentor and rentee) - IT WAS ME!!! This site could be the greatest collection of like minded people I have seen. The knowledge, tips, connections and friends is truly amazing!!! THANK...
  3. Todd Fogelberg

    Want to join the party but not sure it makes any sense for us.

    1) Is there a vacation destination you wish to visit most of the time or on a regular basis? if so where? Las Vegas, New York City, Boston. 2) Do you want to visit your home resort at least half the time, or do you want to trade more than half the time? Yes - "half and half". 3) What are your...
  4. A

    Should I Wait to Buy Resale Until My Rescission Goes Through?

    Hi, I’m a timeshare newbie and am sending my rescission letter to Wyndham Resorts today after buying from them a couple days ago. Thanks to this site for saving me $$! And I thought they gave me a good deal.. I am now researching into buying resale as well as keeping an eye on the giveaway...
  5. SteelerGal

    Finally SDO Owner- Welcome Package?

    Title finally transferred and have our account#. Does Vistana send out a welcome email/packet? I tried to login online but was told to contact Owner Services.
  6. ryuuichimitsukai

    Ryuuichi: What Should I Buy?

    Hi TUG fam. My name is Ryuuichi, and here's my survey. 1) Is there a vacation destination you wish to visit most of the time or on a regular basis? if so where? We spend a lot of time in Southern California and San Francisco, so those are usually well visited. 2) Do you want to visit your home...
  7. A

    Please Help a Newbie: How to Safely Sell My Timeshare Here on TUG?

    Please Help a Newbie: How to Safely Sell My Timeshare Here on TUG? I want to post an ad to sell my US Diamond Collection points for some reasonable, but not too high amount of money. How to do I go about it without getting scammed? Please forgive me if there are resources for this, I'd...
  8. A

    Thinking about HGVC resale purchase -- Looking for go / no-go advice and Point recommendation

    Hi new TUG family, Thank you all for your expertise and information that you’ve already shared through the rest of the post here in the forums. I’ve learned a lot over the last few weeks by reading the different info here. I’ve been on ~10 timeshare pitches, and have seen several different...
  9. M

    newbie researching

    have a few questions. we are considering HGVT. but have a few questions. Basically it may not be the time. we have 3 10 year olds so are constrained by school. We are older, so by the time kids are out of school, we may be too old to really use it. the one they are trying to sell is $40K w...
  10. 2

    Need Help To Cancel Purchase

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I am running out of time and just found the site so I have not had a lot of time to look through the site. My wife and I just fell for a Holiday Inn Club TimeShare purchase while in Las Vegas at their Dunes resort. We purchased it on the 29th of May. I will...
  11. C

    New to this BBS... My Survey

    Hello everyone, I love this forum, and am so glad I found you all. We have been considering the purchase of a timeshare for a number of years, but have only been aware of the "hard sell" presentations by the developers. We have sat through the sales presentations for Disney Vacation Club and...
  12. N

    What should I buy?

    I know I want to buy a timeshare. Resale. I am 46. Retired related to health. My husband has a good job and is older. We have 6 grandkids all age 3 and under. I am able to travel with them and their parents, mom's etc as well as my husband. My husband is a hilton diamond member because of work...
  13. jserra

    "Should" I buy, or "What" should I buy?

    1) Where do you want your home resort to be? I'm thinking Florida or Vegas 2) Do you want to visit your home resort at least half the time, or do you want to trade more than half the time? Probably visit at least 1/2 the time and trade 3) What are your 5 top trade destinations? Mexico, Hawaii...
  14. C

    Rescission complete and mailed certified - signature required?

    Hi All, Yesterday my fiancé and I got pressured into buying an Atlantic City, NJ Flagship Fantaseas Resort time share. They started us at $20,000 promising it had a 94% exchange rate. I told them I had never researched the company, didn't know much about time shares, and wasn't comfortable...
  15. A

    Where Most of You Started

    Hi All! This is my first time posting as I just registered. I've lurked for over a year and am to the point where some advice would be great. My wife and I are in our early thirties and are considering how we want to vacation for the next several decades. We have sat through 2 Marriott...
  16. X

    Need help, good deal or not.

    Hi, I'm researching and very interested in purchasing a TS, re-sell only of course. I've been to a presentation in LV which was low pressure and the salesperson was professional and courteous. I've looked into some listing online and came across one that my wife and I are interested in. It's for...
  17. D

    Newbie bought Tahiti Village Vegas; Advise Needed!

    Hello All, My name is Daniel, Me and my wife just bought a Timeshare at Tahiti Village Las Vegas on Saturday 19 NOV 2016. 1 Bedroom Bora-Bora 47K points every odd years for $9k (16.90% APR) with $577 maintenance fee for the first year and $288 thereafter. We put down 1k and our monthly is...