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  1. A

    Marriott Mountain Village Lodge vs Grand Timber Lodge

    Hi, I am looking to buy a resale timeshare to use primarily for an annual ski trip. I originally was looking to purchase one of the Marriott properties in Park City, then came across some great looking deals in Breckenridge at Marriott MVL (1 bedroom ski season) and Grand Timber Lodge (2 bedroom...
  2. I

    Most popular rental booking day?

    We have owned 2 weeks at the Marriott Marbella (Spain) Beach Resort since 1999. We only stayed at the resort twice before buying an apt in Marbella. After that we have successfully rented our week every summer (Gold week, last days of June into July). Many years ago I was told by an advisor...
  3. L

    How many points using Marriott premier chase visa for maintenance fees?

    Hello! We are trying to decide which credit card to use for our MVC maintenance fees. We have a Marriott Bonvoy Premier Chase Visa signature card. We are lifetime titanium. What kind of points will we earn on this card? Thanks so much! I looked up the same question and could only find answers...
  4. L

    Help on how to book multiple weeks 13 months in advance

    Hello! We have two gold weeks and two platinum weeks at NCV. I will be wanting to book my gold weeks for next spring break soon. How do I book them in the 13 months advance? And can I just book the 2 gold weeks? Do I need to wait until this summer to book the platinum weeks? Do I need to call...
  5. B

    Waiohai view map

    I was making a Waiohai reservation and wanted to include my villa preferences. I searched TUG for a map that shows the views by villa number but couldn't find it. Then I remembered I had one in my purchase docs and had scanned it in...so...here it is in case anyone else could use it. Hope...
  6. D

    2BR2BA Marriott's Monarch at Sea Pines MMS, Hilton Head Island, SC 12/23-12/30 $775

    Enjoy Christmas at the Beach! 2 Bedroom Villa This two-bedroom villa has a king bed in the master bedroom, two twin beds in the second bedroom, and a sofa bed in the main living space. Sleeps 6 Bedroom 1: 1 King bed Bedroom 2: 2 Twin beds 2 Bathrooms Full kitchen Other Rooms: Living room...
  7. K

    2024 Maintenance Fees DISCUSSION THREAD

    The association meeting is early next month. If they approve the fully funded budget, fees increase to 82.4 cents per point, up 20.5%. If they go with the alternate budget that waives full funding which is what normally happens, it will be 78.74 cents, up 15.1%. The email cites the following...
  8. A

    3BR Biennial Grand Vista vs 2BR Annual Grand Chateau

    Hi all, I've been reading through posts to determine which Timeshare resale buy is the right one for me. I am now looking at two options for sale on eBay, a 3BR Biennial Grand Vista Float Week# 1-17, 22-34 & 51-52 Platinum Season with $1,068 in annual MF and a 2BR Annual Grand Chateau Float...
  9. L

    Best and worst places to do an encore package

    Hello! We purchased an encore package while we were at Oceana Palms and I just thought I’d see what people‘s recommendations would be concerning accommodations. I know many would say don’t go at all:-) however, since we have it, we need to make a choice. So, where were you BEST and WORST...
  10. T

    Buy vs. rent

    Last week, I purchased a Worldmark by Wyndham VIP $17,000 upgrade and then cancelled 3 days later when I looked at the deal in more detail. I decided that I should take my time, do the research, and consider buying a better quality timeshare on the resale market. I'm leaning towards Marriott...
  11. D

    Newbie Looking for Timeshare Advice on MVC!

    Hello everyone. I just joined and am looking for guidance on timeshares within the Marriott Vacation Club network, and timeshares in general. I don't own any timeshares, but do own a deeded fractional ownership vacation property. I've been considering a timeshare for many years, but haven't...
  12. L

    Looking for southern CA end of July or first week of August

    Hello, we are looking for something in southern CA for July 30-Aug. 6 or sometime after July 30th, with check out on August 6. Thanks so much!
  13. T

    Worst Sales Pitch Ever at Marriott Crystal Shores…and Excessive Heat

    We are at Marriott Crystal Shores. The marketing director was trying to convince us to attend a sales presentation. He said there was a recent survey for Chairman’s Club members. He said Chairman’s Club members complained they know more than the sales reps. So he said this location is piloting a...
  14. L

    Marriott Encore package questions

    Hello, We have a sales presentation Oceana Palms soon, and I have a question about the Encore packages…if we are offered one, do we have to use it at the timeshare we are currently doing the presentation at, or can we choose a package for a different timeshare? And how long do you have to book...
  15. A031490

    How to rent out Marriott deeded weeks

    I want to reserve two consecutive weeks of Marriott timeshares 13 months out and then rent one week to one person and the second to someone else. Can I do the reservation on line? How do I make the reservations in such a way to make the checkin / checkout seamless for the renters.
  16. S

    Will buying a resale effect my credit report?

    This might be a really silly question but I want to be 100% sure. I am looking to buy a resale deeded week with HVC/Diamond or Marriott. I will be paying in full. I am also in the process of buying a house. So, I don't want anything touching my credit report. Will buying the resale trigger a...
  17. L

    Deeded week’s value in points

    Hello! How can I find how many points my deeded NCV week is worth? We have always used our week, but I am interested to know what it would be worth if we used it for points. And if we did use it for points, then do we always have to enroll it as points or can we also have to option of just using...
  18. O


  19. M

    New MVC Aruba Ocean Club Owner - received Interval promotion offer to get an "extra 7 night resort stay"

    All, I could use your advice... We are new MVC Aruba Ocean Club owners and in 2024 would like to try exchanging for another location, ideally out of the U.S. We were leaning towards exchanging with Interval to have greater options for our exchange. Today we got a card in the mail from...
  20. J

    Marriott/Vistana resale retro/re-qualify?

    I am a current owner at Westin-Vistana-Nanea. I am looking into purchasing a re-sale timeshare (also at Nanea) to add to my portfolio. However, I was unable to make a resale purchase and 'retro' it before the merger, which would have been easier. I was wondering if anyone knows if Marriott is...
  21. L

    Checking in a day late?

    Hello, we are looking at using an Interval free week certificate at Marriott’s Willow Rodge in Branson, but we can’t check in on the first day…need to check in on the second day. Is this allowed?
  22. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 127... Which Hawaiian Island to Choose?

    After spending six months in Hawaii on Five Different Islands over the last year, I thought I would share my thoughts on how you could choose which Hawaiian island would be best for you. I tried to keep my biases out of the choices as best I could. The truth is that there is really no horrible...
  23. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 122... Stay 'n Fly Reduces Stress

    This video is for everyone who is a worrier on the day of travel like I am. Will I wake up in time? Are there traffic Delays? Will my Uber / Lyft Driver be available or show up? Is long term parking filled? I could go on and on... But I think you get the point. An option I have started...
  24. D

    Free Marriott Sunset Point Hilton Head SC

    Desireable 2bd/2bath unit preferred weeks (1-8; 49,50) Dues are 1400 a year Usage will be 2024 as I need to deposit into or I can help you reserve an II week for taking this over. I will pay title transfer fee. I took over from a friend and am moving to NE next year not close enough for a...
  25. M

    Can Marriott restrict deeded weeks rentals

    Has anyone heard of Marriott restricting how many weeks one can own or how many weeks one can rent, before it is labelEd a commercial enterprise? Can’t folks do what they want with their deeded weeks?
  26. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 95...Maui Comparison of Marriott, Hilton, WorldMark

    For those of you that want to vacation on Maui, this is the video for you. In this video, I not only compare two different locations on Maui from Worldmark, Hilton, and Marriott... But I also compare the programs (my opinion) on how they stack up on Maui. Below, I have included the reviews of...
  27. O

    Marriott's Crystal Shores 3BR Poolside High Floor September 26-30, 2022 $460

    Marriott's Crystal Shores 3BR Poolside High Floor September 26-30, 2022 $460 zelle, venmo or paypal (friends and family option)
  28. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 90... Book Marriott cheaper by using WorldMark and Interval International

    Have you ever wanted to Book a Marriott vacation and you are a WorldMark Owner? Or maybe, Like me, you own WorldMark and Marriott and you find the Maintenance fees for Marriott too high, but you like the Marriott Resorts. Well, there is a solution for you and that is to use your WorldMark...
  29. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 87... Hawaii Sept to Nov 22 Plans

    In a few days I am off to Hawaii (Maui and the Big Island) for just a little over two months. I recently (Episode 85 and 86) posted about living in Hawaii for a month and being Frugal. Well, I am Just about to do exactly what I described. I will be staying in Kihei and Kana'apali for 3 weeks...
  30. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 86... A monthly Hawaii Budget for 4 persons

    Many People have dreamed of spending an extended vacation in Hawaii... Well, I have put together a monthly budget (actually four weeks) that shows what it takes to stay in Hawaii for a month. I have done this several times and it really works. In my last post, I discussed a four week trip for...