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  1. Clifbell

    A Comparison of four Southern California Timeshares

    Over a four week period, I stayed in four different timeshares from north of San Diego to south of Los Angeles. I feel really fortunate to have been able to stay at these four wonderful timeshare properties. I would go back to any one of them again, but I am curious which of the four you...
  2. L

    Current Enrolled Owner Questions RE: Purchasing Trust Points

    EDIT: I posted this under buying and selling first and am moving it here on advice of a member because it completely makes more sense! I've already spent over an hour wading through posts and searching to look for this answer so if it has been asked and answered previously, my apologies. I own...

    Marriott Summit Watch V Marriott Mountainside

    Given a choice which do people prefer. Marriott Mountainside [MOU] Marriott Summit Watch [MSW] Looking for preferences based on: Activities Restaurants Skiing Convenience Shopping Views Amenities [Pools, Spas] Looking at summer 2021.
  4. SteelerGal

    Any recent visits to MDS or MCV

    My family is traveling to both destinations in the next month. Curious if anyone has been since both have reopened.
  5. Brian Allen

    Marriott Lakeshore Reserve 1 BR 03-10JUL $699*

    We have a full week at Marriott's Lakeshore Reserve from 03-10JUL in Orlando that I am willing to let go of below my costs. $699* for the 7 nights. * on the $699 is to hold out on the possibility of a $69 exchange certificate fee that I will try my best to avoid with my trade company. I'm up...
  6. D

    Marriott Vacation Club Deed Back Option?

    I have been offered a "deed back" from Marriott Vacation Club that essentially will take back any of their deeded timeshare contracts, including owned resort weeks and Destination Points. It is a "no cash" deal, which means you get nothing from them in payment but also don't pay anything in...
  7. J

    Breckenridge Feb 29- Mar 4---- Studio or 1 Bedroom

    Hello All, Looking to go on an awesome trip to Breckenridge. Would like to stay in a Studio or 1 Bedroom. Please reach out and let me know if you can help! Thanks, Jpk5277
  8. D

    Scammed by doctor-timeshare

    Long story short, I saw an ads on tug posted by someone from doctor-timeshare (https://doctor-timeshare.com/). It's 7,600 Marriott Asia pacific points for $15,000. I signed the contract and paid in full in Sept. 2019, and the nightmare started. The purchase process got stuck in ROFR stage for...
  9. Michael Ross

    Want to exchange 2 weeks platinum Marriott Vacation club, Playa Anadaluza, Spain

    Hello, I own 2 weeks 3 bed apt in Platinum season at Marriott Vacation club, Southern Spain and wish to swap with another member somewhere else in the world. Looking at 2021. Anybody give me some advice on the best way to get this message out there. Looking at essentially a beach type holiday...
  10. E

    Marriott buyoutt

    Since Marriott has purchased the Hyatt Timeshare/II system, why aren’t Hyatt owners receiving any communication from Marriott explaining their system and ownership options? It still seems that all onsite presentations concern the portfolio program only.
  11. SteelerGal

    2019 Portfolio Changes/Divesting and Gaining

    We finally have divested all of our Westin’s. As much as I loved the Westin’s, we realized that we needed more SOs, our children’s taste was more simplistic and the MF were to high for EOY. We eventually want to add an Annusl WKV Platinum but won’t execute until I find the right deal( Thrifty...
  12. J

    Value of a week at Vidanta

    Was wondering what the value of a week, say, at Grand Mayan in NV or RM might be outside of the TS system? My parents had a place in Hilton Head Island and I saw a site asking $4300 for a week at the same villa. My parents were up to $1000US a year in MFs (Marriott) so it tended to put some...
  13. B

    Waiohai interior colors - Yuck!

    Do any of you think the interior colors at the Waiohai are awful, as my wife and I do? We have owned in Hawaii since 1999, been through multiple renovations at Maui and the Waiohai and this is the first one where we thought "They really missed the mark on this one!" The blue color is cold and...
  14. RNCollins

    Marriott is Opening a New Resort in Belize

    Marriott is Opening a New Resort in Belize https://www.caribjournal.com/2019/11/07/belize-marriott-new-resort/ By Caribbean Journal staff / Caribbean Journal / caribjournal.com / November 7, 2019 “A hot new resort is coming to one of the Caribbean’s hottest hotel destinations: Belize. The...
  15. G

    Marriott Newport Coast Villas - Board of Directors Election Ballot - Request your Vote [MERGED]

    If you are an owner at Marriott Newport Coast Villas you should have received your election ballots for the board of directors by now. Please vote! I am running as an independent owner because I think it is important that we have more transparency rather than have annual maintenance fee...
  16. J

    Which Hyatt or Marriott Timeshare should I buy as trader for summer visit to Tahoe, BCreek or PCity?

    I am seeking advice on this forum on which trader to purchase if I want to trade for the following resorts for use July 1-July 20 or August 15-August 31. The following resorts are the places I would ideally like to be able to trade for through Interval or otherwise in those time periods: Hyatt...
  17. T

    Is Westin now called Marriott or what is the relationship?

    i know Marriott purchased Westin awhile back. Is Westin now known as Mariott? I’m thinking about purchasing a TS from a Westin owner. All their paperwork is from Westin dated 2007. I don’t know where to start in terms of educating myself regarding a possible purchase. I’m currently a DRI...
  18. O

    Hilton Head Island 2-Bedroom September 21-28, 2019

    Marriott Surfwatch or Marriott Grande Ocean September 21-28, 2019
  19. P

    Maui Ocean Club, sales office activity

    One of my coworkers just came back from Maui Ocean club. He said the place was pretty full, given how many people were in the pools and how many lights were on in the units you can see from the pool area, just after dark. He also noted parking wasn't too crowded (and free for owners ;)). He...
  20. F

    [Deleted - see note below]

    [deleted - advertising/soliciting are not permitted in the discussion forums. Our classifieds are linked as MARKETPLACE at the top of the page.]
  21. W

    II - Can I Exchange My Deposited Week Now For June 2020 and Let My II Membership Lapse

    Hi All. I am impressed with the quality of information shared between members and despite searching cannot find the answer I need. This is my first post. My timeshare is a European Gold week at MVC Playa Andaluza, Spain. I am a member of II and currently half way through my second year. I...
  22. P

    Marriott Ko'Olina visit this summer

    I visited the Marriott Ko'Olina property this summer. This is a nice place for little kids. It's also a nice place if you're with friends or other family members. But as a single family without little kids, it's not as desirable as it once was for us. The good: Excellent pools, big, warm...
  23. F

    Grande Vista or Sable Palms needed 8/17-24

    Family will be in Orlando for a reunion and are staying at their TS properties at Grande Vista and at Sable Palms. Would like to see if anyone has either for the week of 8/17-8/24 for me to rent. Thank you.
  24. G


    I'm looking into purchasing our first timeshare. We are interested in Vistana, Marriott, and HGVC. My question is: What are the restrictions when purchasing a resale timeshare? I know with Vistana, the "StarOptions" are not part of the Vistana Signature Network (VSN) after resale. So only the...
  25. simpsontruckdriver

    Lawsuit filed against Marriott hotels [Resort Fees]

    The attorney general is saying Marriott is making millions off of mandatory resort fees, kinda like airlines are profiting off luggage fees. It's not that they're charging them, but people see a low room rate, but when they reserve it, they're hit with resort fees that they were not expecting. TS
  26. clicker44

    * South Lake Tahoe: 7/14 - 7/21 *

    Aloha! Looking for South Lake Tahoe with a check-in date of 7.14.2019. Any resort is fine. Ideally a 1bd but open to any size unit. Thanks
  27. simpsontruckdriver

    Marriott taking over ILG resorts and II

    Marriott buying Hyatt/Interval TS
  28. LisaH

    Chase Marriott and Amex SPG credit cards: which one to keep?

    Now that Marriott and Starwood are one big family, I don’t think I still need both credit cards. If I want to have only one card, which one should I keep? For paying maintenance fees, is it any different using one over the other? I do own weeks in both systems.
  29. J

    Tesla Chargers near Sea Pines August 11-17, help!

    My wife and I are MVCI owners at Heritage, but are staying at Harbour Club in August. We are hoping to drive a Tesla down from Boston but found out neither Harbour Club nor Heritage has an EV charger -- but Grande Ocean does, though I guess they won't allow access to guests of other Marriott...
  30. 1sue01

    Marriott Desert Springs Villa II - Palm Desert

    $800. I have the “4TH OF JULY WEEK” available from June 29 to July 6th. It is a 2bed/2bath Unit. Willing to split for Sat/sun w/Mon check out. Have someone who will do mon-sat if need be