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  1. hepcat620

    FREE Hyatt Vacation Club (Formerly Welk) Timeshare in Escondido,CA - 180,000 Platinum Points Available Now!

    We inherited a beautiful timeshare, but we have no use for it. We live on the East Coast, and the Hyatt Platinum Collection Resorts are in the West. If you are reading this you already know that these are Premium resorts with excellent golfing, skiing, and beaches. What properties are in the...
  2. P

    Pending - Hyatt Vacation Club - 720K Platinum Points - FREE

    Hello, I am giving away my ownership of 720K annual Platinum Points for Hyatt Vacation Club (HVC). The family doesn’t need this level of points now that the kids have grown into adventure travelers who prefer camping instead of luxury resorts. It comes with: a Memorial Day weekend 2024...
  3. L

    Hyatt/Welk Escondido Villas on the Green - 76% Increase from Last Even Year Fee Invoice

    This is crazy! I have an every other even year large one bedroom. My 2022 fee was $1076. I understand the 2023 fee was $1,209, a 12.4% increase. Now for 2024 it's $1,894!! a 76% increase from my last payment and 56.4% over the 2023 fee. THIS IS CRAZY!
  4. D

    Pending - Hyatt Vacation Club - 540K Platinum Points - FREE

    Hello, I am giving away my ownership of 540K Platinum Points. Usage would start in 2025, so next MFs wouldn't be due until Jan 1, 2025. I'm only asking for the new owner to cover the $295 Hyatt transfer fee and the $275 fee for LT Transfers to complete the transfer paperwork on our behalf...
  5. D

    New Hyatt Time Share Owner. Did I mess up?

    Hey Everyone Thanks for taking a minute to read this. I’d love your honest thoughts and opinions. We have been touring timeshares for over 10 years. Marriott always seemed to never make sense financially but Hyatt seems reasonable. We purchased Hyatt timeshare membership yesterday at Piñon...
  6. J

    Hyatt Sunset Harbor Resort Views/Room Tips

    Hi TUGs Family, we are looking to rent several rooms at the Hyatt Sunset Harbor and was wondering if anyone has any pictures with balcony views the would be willing to share, it looks like a beautiful resort. We would also appreciate any insight or suggestions on everyone's favorite room...
  7. D

    SOLD - FREE Hyatt Vacation Club 360,000 Biennial Even

    I am selling my timeshare ownership interest in the Hyatt Vacation Club Platinum Program. Hyatt Vacation Club Platinum Points can be used at the following resorts which are owned and operated by HVC: The Welk, San Diego Area Northstar Lodge, Lake Tahoe One Village Place, Lake Tahoe Desert...
  8. S

    Hyatt Main Street Station in Breckenridge

    Hello, I have a studio at Hyatt Main Street Station in Breckenridge I no longer want. I know about the deed back program but that property is not included. When I called they said I can get on a list and when they work out the details and do start that property they will contact me. They...
  9. G

    ASPEN Mountain Residence Dec 1-4th

    THIS WEEKEND - ASPEN - STUDIO Dec 1-4th Asking $300- Guest Certificate included. We have a last min Studio rental at the Aspen Mountain Residence. Unit Sleeps 2. Thursday Dec 1st-Sunday Dec 4th My husband has to travel out of town for work so we can no longer make this trip! $300 for 3...
  10. ChicagoDave

    Passed Hyatt ROFR on 2 Purchases

    I just completed two resale purchases where Hyatt waived their Right of First Refusal. Is there a database where I can update the sale information? The only one I see is @Kal but it’s a PDF document on his website. I originally signed a contract for 1,500 annual portfolio points at $30,000...
  11. C

    New to it all - buying a resale week 52 at Hyatt Pinon Pointe

    Hello all, Thanks to much guidance from all you TUG contributors in my short time as a member, I am buying my very first week and am very excited. I am purchasing a 1st floor week 52, 2 bedroom at Hyatt Pinon Pointe. This is a Diamond week with 2200 annual points. I am not getting a sweet deal...
  12. P

    Free, WELK/Hyatt, San Diego (Escondido)

    1 week every other year - odd year. Floating time. 2bdrm lockout unit which means you can use 1/2 of the unit one week and the other half another week or you can use the whole unit at one time. Will accomodate 6 people. The resort is nestled on 450 acres in the hills about 40 minutes north of...
  13. itap39


    I'm looking to stay in Mexico City (MXCD). Never stayed in a timeshare. Always just booked a hotel. Any recommendations? I'm a current owner of Hyatt with access to II.
  14. N

    Interested in Marriott Vacations Worldwide financials and markets Updates?

    This is a great update on Marriott Vacations Worldwide financials, demographics, markets - includes updates on MVC, Westin, Sheraton, Hyatt and Welk, and Interval... https://ir.marriottvacationsworldwide.com/static-files/1f003fef-f67d-420b-aa1d-e742fad7d963
  15. N

    US Marriott Points vs Asia Pacific Points, or should I be looking at others like Hyatt, Hilton or Welk points?

    I am a Bonvoy Platinum and looking into buying into Marriott Timeshare for Marriott Points to trade in during prime vacation weeks (skiing week 51 or 52, President's weekend, Spring break/Easter vacation, summer mid June-first week of August or Thanksgiving). What is the best Marriott points...
  16. R

    Looking for week in Hawaii/Honolulu around March 27th - April 4th

    Hi! I'm interested in going to Hawaii around March 27th - April 4th, preferably Honolulu Looking for at least a 1 BDR. Prefer higher end beach resorts such as Marriot/Hilton.
  17. RNCollins

    To Enter Puerto Rico, Passengers Must Show Covid-19 Test Results or Quarantine for 14 Days Under New Rules Announced by Governor

    To Enter Puerto Rico, Passengers Must Show Covid-19 Test Results or Quarantine for 14 Days Under New Rules Announced by Governor Staff Consortium / Travel / The Virgin Islands Consortium / https://viconsortium.com / June 30, 2020...
  18. J

    High Sierra Tahoe Platinum Weeks

    Hi all. I’m looking to purchase something in week 26-34 in Tahoe. On most of the resale sites these go for around 20k however it looks like one sold on here last month for around 10k. Was there something different with that sale or would you say 10k is kind of the number I should be looking...
  19. E

    Marriott buyoutt

    Since Marriott has purchased the Hyatt Timeshare/II system, why aren’t Hyatt owners receiving any communication from Marriott explaining their system and ownership options? It still seems that all onsite presentations concern the portfolio program only.
  20. B

    HRC conversion to HPP

    We have been to 3 HPP presentations in the past 18 months. We did convert to HPP, 500 points for 19.50 per point. Can roll points for up to 4 years and then convert to WOH or II - we have been HRP members for 18 years and I have noticed a difference in past year with reservations. So, sadly I...
  21. C

    Need a closing agent.

    I know this question has likely been asked many times but I have searched and found nothing. after much back-n-4th negotiation I now need a closing agent for a Hyatt Residence Club re-sale purchase. Can anyone make a recommendation? How much should it cost? Thx
  22. M

    What to do with my Hyatt EEE points

    My wife and I are in possession of two weeks, each purchased on the secondary market, and were unable to find a way to use our EEE points. The balance is considerable, with 400 points expiring May 2020 and 1400 in 2021. Because my wife has a new job, I very seriously doubt we will be able to...
  23. J

    Which Hyatt or Marriott Timeshare should I buy as trader for summer visit to Tahoe, BCreek or PCity?

    I am seeking advice on this forum on which trader to purchase if I want to trade for the following resorts for use July 1-July 20 or August 15-August 31. The following resorts are the places I would ideally like to be able to trade for through Interval or otherwise in those time periods: Hyatt...
  24. T

    Help for New Hyatt Resale Owner

    I just set up my Hyatt account with the help of another TUG member. Thanks to TUG for your help! You made this seamless for me and saved me a call to customer service. 1) I have some additional questions. Here is what my account says for booking with points. Do you know the difference between...
  25. SteelerGal

    Free Hyatt Wild Oak 2bdrm- Under Contract

    Hyatt Wild Oak Even Years - Week 45. 1400 Hyatt points issued in the year prior. MF due in use year only. MF around $1,264 including Club Fee. Will pay for closing via LT Transfers. Will be responsible for Resort Fee of $650.
  26. O

    Hyatt Siesta Key

    Hi, does anybody know anybody with a week available at the Hyatt Siesta Key that wants to rent our their 3BR OV or OF unit? Please feel free to PM me. Appreciate all offers
  27. redgirlraven

    Hyatt and ROFR

    Hello, I just purchased a Hyatt Ka'anapali timeshare and am still within the cancelation period. I am wondering if anyone has recently successfully sold/purchased there without Hyatt excersising their ROFR? I see similar properties on resale marketplaces for much less than what I am paying and...
  28. CPNY

    Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos - Resale Question

    im seeing a listing for a studio for a Hyatt ziva los Cabos for free. What is that advantages of owning there? I most likely would never go and would have interest in going to other resorts. Can you trade off? Says floats weeks 1-52. I know this of Hyatt’s program.
  29. F

    I have 200 LCUP expiring 9-28-19 if someone could use them

    I have all of my vacation time pretty well completed... I hate to see them go to waste... barnesd@sbcglobal.net if interested.
  30. tahoeJoe

    Has Anyone done the math?

    Hyatt is both a weeks and a points program. As such if a weeks owner trades through Interval they use their associated Hyatt points to secure a studio, one bedroom, etc. The larger units require more points. However, in a pure weeks based ownership (Marriott, Vistana, etc) if one trades their...