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Which Hyatt or Marriott Timeshare should I buy as trader for summer visit to Tahoe, BCreek or PCity?


TUG Member
Dec 15, 2012
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New York
I am seeking advice on this forum on which trader to purchase if I want to trade for the following resorts for use July 1-July 20 or August 15-August 31.

The following resorts are the places I would ideally like to be able to trade for through Interval or otherwise in those time periods:

Hyatt Residence Club, High Sierra
Hyatt Residence Club, Northstar
Hyatt Residence Club, Aspen
Hyatt Residence Club, Breckenridge
Hyatt Residence Club, Beaver Creek
Westin Riverfront (Avon, Co)
Marriott Summit Watch (Park City)
Marriott Mountain Side (Park City)
Marriott Pulse, San Diego
Marriott Pulse, Boston

Can folks advise whether each of these resorts do or don't appear with some regularity during the summer months as exchanges through Interval?

Also, I don't really understand if I were to own a Hyatt trade (e.g. Pinon Pointe) is it to my advantage to trade through Hyatt or through Interval and why or why not? If it is more advantageous to trade through Interval do I understand correctly I could not trade Pinon Pointe for other Hyatt inventory through Interval because it would not appear. If so, and I wish to trade for other Hyatt's and cannot do so through Interval should I really be looking for a Marriott trader to trade through Interval for a Hyatt and if so which Marriott's should I consider purchasing as a trader to do so?

Thanks for everyone's help on this.


TUG Review Crew: Veteran
TUG Member
Oct 22, 2008
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Los Angeles
Resorts Owned
Hyatt High Sierra and Highland Inn
Disney’s Grand Californian and Hilton Head Island
Marriott Barony Beach and Mountainside
MVC Points
Sheraton Broadway Plantation
If you have a Hyatt trader, you cannot use Interval to trade into Hyatts. But you can use that Hyatt to trade into Hyatts using Hyatt Residence Club, which is included in your Hyatt ownership.

That said, you need to look at points charts and make sure you own enough points to trade into what you desire. Not all Hyatt properties have 1BR or studio units. Some (like High Sierra) only have 2BR units, so you have to have enough points for both the season you want AND the unit sizes available.

Some of the Hyatt stays you want are difficult trades even if you own unit(s) in Hyatt that give you enough points to book what you want. For example, High Sierra and Grand Aspen in the summer are tough trades. It’s expensive to purchase those summer weeks, but if that’s what you want, your most surefire strategy is not to buy a trader at all. Buy the unit you want in that season.

North Star is a difficult trade mostly because it was sold to Welk, who holds more inventory and trade potential than Hyatt does.

Hyatt Main Street Station and Mountain Lodge (the Colorado resorts you mention) are more doable trades through HRC.

If you were flexible with your Hyatt requests, you could possibly get something that would work for you in Hyatt most years- for example, request all of the resorts on your list, for multiple weeks, set up your waitlists 18 months in advance. But if you want week 32 at High Sierra one year, week 35 at Northstar the next year, week 36 at Mountain Lodge the year after that, you might never get what you want.

The Marriotts in Park City are easy trades with any kind of good trader. You don’t need a Marriott trader. Hyatt would work but be more expensive than necessary. You could get that every year.

I’m not sure about the Marriott Pulse locations you’re interested in. I have Marriott Destination Club points and those resorts seem quite doable. But I don’t know about trading in through II.


TUG Review Crew: Expert
TUG Member
Jan 8, 2012
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San Diego
Resorts Owned
Sands of Kahana, Desert Springs I, DSV2, Shadow Ridge Enclaves Dlx
To add to what Heathpack wrote, the Marriott Pulse properties rarely show up on Interval for weeks owner exchange. The pulse properties are available if you have Marriott Points and reserve through Marriott.

Marriott Timberlodge, Tahoe, is a great timeshare and has generally good availability for a Marriott Weeks owner. I am surprised that it wasn't on your list. Also, you may want to consider some other Marriott vacation destinations: Canyon Villas (Scottsdale), Newport Coast Calif., Palm Desert. Since you are in New York, you may enjoy those locations in the fall and winter and perhaps spring. I have had reasonable lunch exchanging my Marriott DSV for Hyatt Pinon Point but find exchanging into Carmel Hyatt Highlands Inn to be a more difficult trade.


TUG Member
Mar 8, 2019
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Resorts Owned
WKV, SDO, HPP, Bay Club
For Hyatt, you would need to purchase the highest season as well as Week you desire. There is a wonderful chart on the Hyatt board.