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  1. HitchHiker71

    Sticky - Official 2024 Maintenance Fee Thread

    All ... Creating our official 2024 MF thread where TUGGERs can post about and discuss the "2024 HOA Maintenance Fees" ... IF you want to see the Historical (year over year) Chart of HOA Maintenance Fees collected for the Resorts, CLICK HERE I will periodically check replies on this thread and...
  2. L

    What are typical broker’s fees for a resale?

    Hello, I was wondering what are typical fees for a broker when selling a resale? Is it a percentage of the sale or is there a set fee? Thanks so much!
  3. N

    Help me get out of Orange Lake Contract

    I've just begun the process of learning EVERYTHING about timeshares, specifically HIVC. I've never owned one, so I'm starting from zero, trying to learn all that I can. My husband and MIL purchased at Orange Lake in 1999 and they no longer want to own it. My MIL has been paying for it and using...
  4. C

    Club dues - per property or per owner?

    Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has experience with the following scenario. My brother and I jointly own an HGVC-branded timeshare. My parents own a timeshare within the HGVC network, but it's branded somewhat differently as a "Hilton Club" - specifically, Hilton Club New York. Both...
  5. P

    Considering BUYING from a Member

    Hello, I’m new and considering buying from a member. I have only bought from a resort in the past, so don’t know much about person to person 1. I’d like to pay a little extra and use an ESCROW company. Any referrals? 2. How do I avoid getting scammed? 3. Any links? 4. Advice? 5. Must...
  6. K

    Diamond offered to lower/eliminate maintenance fees if I buy more points

    I have a silver membership with diamond. Diamond rep says if I pay another $65k over next ten years, I’ll have a deeded ownership and pay less (in monthly payments) than I pay now for annual fees. I will be upgraded to platinum and he says I’ll never never have to pay maintenance fees again...
  7. D

    Special Assessment

    I just got a special assessment due Sept 10, 2020- 112.50 FESTIVA FANTASY WORLD II I received a notice in October 2019 for special assessment for 2019 and 2020 for 225.00 total - my question is. If this is due to the pandemic how would they have known in October 2019? And if it’s not what is...
  8. L

    Current Enrolled Owner Questions RE: Purchasing Trust Points

    EDIT: I posted this under buying and selling first and am moving it here on advice of a member because it completely makes more sense! I've already spent over an hour wading through posts and searching to look for this answer so if it has been asked and answered previously, my apologies. I own...
  9. charlja

    Points deposit fees and coronavirus?

    I got the email this morning from Wyndham. Are they cancelling fees for points deposit, pushing our 2020 usage into 2021? I did not see that topic mentioned. I tried to do it as a test on my smart phone but no luck. Thanks in advance!
  10. jmacjem

    Hilton Grand Vacations / RCI Exchange - Resort not Available Because of PG&E Outage

    Hello, I'm asking for help/advice with the following situation: How do I (best) retain the points I used for a booking when the resort is CLOSED because of a PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric) - initiated (power) outage without having to pay a fee? The resort I booked through Hilton Grand...
  11. rboesl

    Resort charged me a "Short Stay Fee" [Tree Tops Resort in PA]

    Over the Memorial Day holiday we went to the Tree Tops Resort in PA. During check in I charged a "Short Stay Fee" because my stay was less than 7 days. The fee was $45 for 3 days. I didn't remember seeing a notice about this fee when making the exchange on RCI. This was on top of a cleaning fee...
  12. tahoeJoe

    Has Anyone done the math?

    Hyatt is both a weeks and a points program. As such if a weeks owner trades through Interval they use their associated Hyatt points to secure a studio, one bedroom, etc. The larger units require more points. However, in a pure weeks based ownership (Marriott, Vistana, etc) if one trades their...
  13. S

    What additional expenses should be expected...

    As I am looking at an ad for resale timeshares, I have to assume there are expenses other than the maintenance fees, closing costs and transfer fees that I can expect (not including house keeping and additional booking fees possibly). I am assuming that property tax is in addition to the monthly...
  14. jndbaseball16

    Few Years behind in Maintenance, 40% payment is offered - Thoughts

    So, I own @ Star Island (i have listed my unit in another forum for free). I owe about $4674.61 in Maintenance and knock-wood, they have NOT sent me to collection. This goes back to 2016. I was contacted by the resort collections department saying they will allow me to pay down my...
  15. carl2591

    Saw this interesting new story on local TV about Fee's

    They were talking about how a lot of hotels have been doing some dirty deeds that more and more folks are starting to complain about the many undisclosed fees. Seem more and more hotels, and now it appears to be popping up in the timeshare world, the charging of fees for EVERYthing there are...
  16. C

    Beware of additional fees if reserving portfolio inventory

    I am not in the new portfolio points program. A few months ago I wanted to stay a few days in San Antonio Wild Oak. When I did the search I first checked for 4 days, then 3, then 2, then 1. Nothing came up for 4, 3, or 2 nights but when i searched for 1 night multiple days came up and back to...
  17. md8287

    Christmas gift of timeshare exit!

    Happy to share that for Christmas I got the gift of exiting all of my Wyndham timeshares! Starting January 1 no more maintenance fees for us!!! If you’re looking to get out of a Platinum size membership that is paid off pm me and I’ll try to connect you with the North Pole (aka someone...
  18. F

    Membership Fee

    I paid my maintenance fees recently, and was surprised to see there was $150 membership fee added on to the maintenance fee. Looks like this is an annual thing. Why do we have pay that? I'm assuming this is just part of the whole "Time Share" experience, but I don't recall being told I would...
  19. M

    Voyager Questions and June 2017 Owner Update Report

    Edit: as pointed out below, often when I use the term "Voyager" it should say "Access." That is my fault in mixing up the terminology ---- Just got back from a 3-night vacation at Wyndham Oceanside. Took their 60-min owner update in exchange for $75 Amex gift card and hot breakfast for our...