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  1. C

    Staying at King's Creek, Williamsburg. Can you give us some input?

    Hi everyone! My husband and I are newbies. New, new, newbies. My husband's family owns several units at Suntide Island Beach Club in Sarasota, Florida, so the idea of potentially getting timeshare(s) of our own at some point has crossed our minds. We are currently at King's Creek in Williamsburg...
  2. P

    Considering BUYING from a Member

    Hello, I’m new and considering buying from a member. I have only bought from a resort in the past, so don’t know much about person to person 1. I’d like to pay a little extra and use an ESCROW company. Any referrals? 2. How do I avoid getting scammed? 3. Any links? 4. Advice? 5. Must...
  3. R

    Advice needed as looking to sell 3 timeshares: Regal Vistas At Massanutten | Eagle Trace At Massanutten | The Summit At Massanutten

    Hi, we have 3 timeshares we are looking to sell all at Massanutten Resort. We live in the UK so it's slightly difficult to visit different agencies in person, so hoping to get as much information here. 1] Regal Vistas At Massanutten 2] Eagle Trace At Massanutten 3] The Summit Hoping to get...
  4. O

    Newbies just purchased into HGVC yesterday - Tuscany... Buyer's remorse? Searching for advice!

    Hello! Thank you in advance for clicking here! My fiance and I just purchased into the HGVC program yesterday - the Tuscany Village Resort in Florida. Our purchase was about $15k for 5,440 points biennial (with $1200 biennial maint. fee) and 10k bonus points. We don't really care about the...
  5. S

    Newbie here: need help finding the right timeshare

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to purchase my very first timeshare. Looking for any and all advice! I have done some vacation with timeshare pitches so am familiar with the retail prices. After my first timeshare vacation I almost ended up buying retail! Luckly I found TUG that night and immeditely...
  6. T

    Wife & I Work Remote, No Kids, Love To Travel Advice

    My wife and I work remote with good income, no 'home/rent' we live in a renovated van actually but don't mind flying around enjoying resorts etc. We have no kids, we are in our mid twenties. We love to travel... and have the ability to do 'last minute' things currently with our life situation...
  7. FLDave

    Considering a MVC Purchase - Requesting Advice

    Hello All. I am looking for some advice from this forum. I have been a long-term holder of DVC points in Boardwalk and the Beach Club (sold pre-COVID) and finding the use of DVC too limited for non-Disney destinations. My wife and I have looked at other programs and seem to think MVC is the...
  8. B

    Wyndham kingsgate question

    I purchased a resale Wyndham kingsgate timeshare fixed week that was converted to points. They are finalizing the paperwork and I just received the documents from the title company. The contract says it will terminate in 2030 unless extended in the manner provided by the project and timeshare...
  9. K

    Keep or Cancel?

    Hello. I know NOTHING about timeshares, but travel internationally and domestically within the US often. My fiance and I went to a presentation and....guess what signed up! It is an every other year timeshare valued at 10500 pts with RCI (double pts and rci fee waived every year), we paid 6200...
  10. W

    Exchanges on legacy Marriott program (merged)

    Looking for some advice. I’m considering buying into a legacy platinum week at Marriott Grande Vista. 3 bedroom every other year. Plan is to use 2 bedroom unit and exchange the lock off portion on II for use on my off years(I think I would be exchanging a studio?). Is this a good plan? Would...
  11. MoneyBear

    Looking for Info about how owners rent their HICV points?

    [I edited your post to comply with the forum rules:] "Can anyone provide info about how an owner can rent their HICV points?"
  12. D

    New Purchase Opinions

    Recently went to a DRI presentation and signed up for the new points system they have. It was 5000 points a year for 10 years at a cost of $8750. Maintaince fees will bring a total cost around $17-18k depending on the yearly increases. Since this is my first time buying a time share I am...
  13. S

    Newbie... researching resale- leaning Marriott or Wyndham, which is best or some of both?

    1) Is there a vacation destination you wish to visit most of the time or on a regular basis? if so where? We are located in PA so we prefer beaches closer (NJ, SC, etc) with FL as an option in case we decide to go further, however we’d like to expand our options west as our kiddos get older (4...
  14. L

    Help - my survey - maybe buying a welk timeshare

    Hi everyone, I am so glad I found this group/site! You are all certainly a wealth of information! I am new-ish to timesharing. My parents owned one at Wapato Point in Manson/Lake chelan, Washington for 25 years and we went yearly. Absolutely loved it. When I grew up, for the last number of...
  15. R

    How to get rid of timeshare after recission period

    We were in Las Vegas, went to a presentation and bought on October 9. After thinking about it, we determine it was not a good idea. Recission period is over. It has been 3 weeks. What can we do???? We have met with a timeshare exit team and its going to cost $$$ for them to help. There has...
  16. F

    HELP! Just bought more Wyndham points...

    My Mom has owned a timeshare for more around 20 years. She started in Fairfield and was grandfathered into Wyndham. We just spent 6 hours today with a representative discussing how to reduce her maintenance fees and get her out of a fixed week in Fairfield Bay Arkansas. She has 670,000 total...
  17. Moparman42

    Looking for suggestions: Vistana/Maui vs Marriott/Aruba

    I am currently an owner of the Westin Nanea in Maui. I am getting close to purchasing my second timeshare and wondered what this board would have to say about where. I am considering picking up a 2BR at WKORV in Maui, as we do so love the island. However, I have been peeking at Aruba...
  18. V

    Leading Vacations Club--Need Opinions

    I'd like to know what you all think. I got sucked into a 1.5 hr presentation, that included breakfast, so I thought how bad can it be--I'll just eat slowly and just ask for my freebie at the end. Everyone was so nice and chatty, and then the price dropped dramatically, we shook some guys hand...
  19. T

    Looking for advice on buying a timeshare on secondary market

    Hi all, looking for some wisdom please... We have a young family (2 kids ages 3 and 5). My work schedule is pretty crazy. I run a non profit for kids. Its hard to plan well in advance for when I can take time off. I can pencil something in a month in advance but the concept of knowing for...
  20. Zinjanthropus

    Vida Lifestyle

    I’m interested in what experience any of you have had with Vida Lifestyle? I'm speaking in terms of using it as the front end for all travel needs. For each usage fee you pay to Vidanta, you earn the equal amount (or more) in Vida Dollars. They have different portals for buying cruises, hotel...
  21. A

    Just put in rescind notice, now we need advice!

    First off, thank you all so much! I bought a 2BR 5K gold week from HGVC last Thursday. I came across this site, because I wanted to see how easy it was to convert to RCI points. Seeing all the rescind advice, we had the letter in certified mail monday am! A few questions. 1)We liked the...
  22. A

    Is this good advice?

    Hi all. Long time lurker, but I think this is only my second post ever. Ok, so I'm looking to sell one of my timeshares (I know, I know, - who isn't) and I found the youtube video below. I don't know who the "Timeshare Referee" is, and the video is brand new... (that worries me) but I wonder...
  23. N

    Potential Buyer looking for some guidance

    For the first time in my life, I am considering buying a timeshare, and after seeing some of the good advice given by TUGers on similar topics, I was hoping to mine the wealth of knowledge on here to challenge my thinking. Here is a bit of the backstory as to how this idea got planted. In the...