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  1. A

    Cancelling Wyndham Contract

    I am looking for any advice or guidance on how to go about cancelling of my contract. (Not reselling, not upgrading, I want to CANCEL) I am aware that the majority don’t think it can be done….but I have heard stories of timeshare holders being very persistent and getting their contracts...
  2. Agepay

    HGV Owner Using Only RCI

    Thank y'all for TUG! Such a wealth of information and generous spirit here. So I'm a newbie and need your advice. Ours seems to be a classic TS situation. Before we knew about TUG or even researched timeshares, about 5 years ago, our family vacationed in Orlando & bought into HGVC Las Palmeras...
  3. T

    Magic Village Views in Orlando

    We are staying at Magic Village Views in Orlando. We got it as an exchange through ThirdHome from an owner so I assume this is a timeshare. It is managed by Wyndham and part of their Trademark Collection. I am wondering if it’s a timeshare because if it is, then I will post a review on TUG.
  4. prajora

    Wyndham resale with low MF?

    Anyone have low MF Wyndham on resale? Already own HGVC but will consider low MF to go to more local places in Northern California. Prefer MF less than 600. Thx
  5. E

    Confused on VIP

    Hey all, we are rather new to the timeshare business within Wyndham. We were at 124,000 when we first started and August 2019 we went to an “update.” At this update, the salesman told us that in order to be VIP we should buy enough points to get to 300,000. We did so. Come July 2020, we were...
  6. E


  7. A

    Is my agent trying to trick me out of rescinding? Is my rescind info correct?

    i purchased a timeshare on 12/30/2019 at the NYC Wyndham 45 location. I did some research the next day and found the barrage of negative reviews that this timeshare company has ad got cold feet. Since it is still within 7 days of my contract signing, i decided to rescind the contract. I...
  8. btstaggs89

    Thinking of Buying Timeshare

    First I apologize if this is post is a bit much. I have tried to go through some of the other forums but I am still kind of confused, so I'm hoping you all will help me out. My kids and myself just got back from a trip to Wyndham's Great Smokies Lodge in Sevierville, Tn. We travel there 1-2...
  9. A

    Help! Purchased from Wyndham

    My husband and I are at Emerald grande and purchased 90k for 17,900. We are resale owners because someone game me a deed and I purchased a deed off ebay to add to it. We did the PIC program with 2 1bd that I had they sold us on the idea of being VIP. Plus, we really like the idea of having the...
  10. MattD

    Options for extra Wyn/RCI points?

    I am looking to see what I can do with extra Wyndham RCI points that are good for a couple more years. I know I’m not supposed to make a reservation through RCI and rent that to someone. I’m wondering if I can transfer the WYN/RCI points to another Wyndham owner for a fee? Comment here or...
  11. T

    Daytona Beach Wyndham Ocean Walk 9/7-9/14

    1 Bedroom Suite $700 for the week.
  12. Grammarhero

    Can Bank Weeks from RCI Resorts with Wyndham RCI Account?

    I know Wyndham TY come with RCI memberships. I have two other non-Wyndham TS resorts participating in RCI. Am I able to bank them using the Wyndham-affiliated RCI account?
  13. O

    Wyndham Discovery Question

    Hey all! I can't find the answer I'm looking for in other threads so I'm hoping someone can help. I signed up for the Wyndham Discovery program at Myrtle Beach on July 22. I have been able to login to my Club Wyndham account and already secure my first vacation. However, I still haven't received...
  14. eschjw

    Myrtle Beach 2 Bedroom 5 to 7 nights Check-in between 6/15 & 6/23

    Looking for a Myrtle Beach area 2 bedroom for 5 to 7 nights. We prefer beachfront. Check-in date between 6/15 and 6/23 is flexible. July dates after the 4th also work, but I will request them later if my June request does not get filled. I know of several Wyndham and Bluegreen resorts that would...
  15. B

    Locations where ARP is Needed

    I am planning on purchasing a resale soon and have a few more questions. What locations do you feel 13 month ARP is needed to get a week? Is Club Access a good idea for ARP at bonnet creek? Does anyone have a list of locations where 13 month ARP is usually a need? I usually book 2 weeks in...
  16. rboesl

    Confused by Resort Addresses

    I've been researching resorts in Las Vegas. I will be going there the 1st week of November for an event being held at the Orleans Casino. I saw 3 resorts listed just down the street from the Orleans. Westgate Flamingo, WorldMark Tropicana, and Wyndam Tropicana. The Westgate Flamingo is listed...
  17. C

    Help on cancel Wyndham Discovery.

    Hello everyone, please I would like to know how to cancel the "Wyndham Discovery" test contract, I need the address to send the cancellation letter, my contract was purchased at wyndham bonnet creek, Orlando - Florida, if someone has an example letter, I'd be very gratefull. I live in Argentina...
  18. S

    Newbie... researching resale- leaning Marriott or Wyndham, which is best or some of both?

    1) Is there a vacation destination you wish to visit most of the time or on a regular basis? if so where? We are located in PA so we prefer beaches closer (NJ, SC, etc) with FL as an option in case we decide to go further, however we’d like to expand our options west as our kiddos get older (4...
  19. B

    Wanted: Wyndham Glacier Canyon NYE

    Wanted: Wyndham Glacier Canyon in Wisconsin for New Year’s Eve Looking for any unit (1, 2 or 3 BD) for 2-3 nights from 12/29 to 1/2 to include NYE. Thank you!
  20. STLBBB

    BBB consumer warning on Springfield, Missouri timeshare companies

    The St. Louis Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about two F-rated, Springfield, Missouri-based timeshare exit companies - Vacation Consulting Services and The Transfer Group. BBB STL spoke with business owner Brian Scroggs, who confirmed he has opened a new business called Real Travel...
  21. V

    Looking at buying 154,000 Wyndham bonnet creek points

    im totally new to the timeshare game. If I buy 154k “even year” points with a maintenance fee of 605 is this a good deal? Our goal is to stay at places for 2-3 nights. Most hotels are $150-$200+ A night and for 605 a year it seems like a no brainer if the points give us 10 or more nights. So...
  22. D

    Dolphins Cove or Peacock Suites?

    Can anybody recommend which of these would be best in the Anaheim area?
  23. Shawn p Johansen

    First time at Grand Desert

    Hi everyone, My wife and I are new to TUG today!! :whooopie: Thanks to TUG we avoided buying at a sales presentation in Hawaii, (that lady was GOOD! and actually very nice and non pressuring, shocking right!) and we now own 224k at Bonnet Creek (for almost nothing!:banana:) My wife and I...
  24. L

    Buying question for Wyndham

    My wife and I recently attended a presentation in which we did NOT buy. However, the contract was for 6000 points for 16k. It is hard to judge value in what they are selling. Looking at the resell market there are a lot of options out there. It appears this was kind of a ripoff? Also trying to...
  25. W

    Wyndham Bonnet Creek, FL

    3 BEDROOM/ 3 BATH May 5-13
  26. A

    Confused by Pueblo Bonito - Wyndham Equity Value Agreement

    Last summer we traveled to Cabo and stayed at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach (PBSB). We used RCI points that we transferred from our Wyndham time share. We were unsuccessful in avoiding the free breakfast and all of the extras that were offered for the presentation. We ended up purchasing 4...
  27. C

    Wyndham Shearwater rental question

    I booked a week online through Wyndham's own Extra Holidays just before Christmas for the first week in April (week after Easter). I paid the deposit through their link that took me to Paypal and received the confirmation email. One month later, I receive an email from both Paypal and American...