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  1. yodaDaenerys

    HGVC legacy owners upgraded to MAX

    is it possible to get another channel(?) under 'Timeshare Resort Systems'? please rename as you see fit, to follow protocol and standards here.
  2. M

    First Post! Westgate "Upgrade" From Resale

    Hi all, first post here and want to get thoughts on this move: Initial resale purchase: - 2019 Florida Westgate Vacation Villas Resort (II Premier) - 10,000 usd - 1 week july lockout bi-yearly - 10 person villa - 1400 usd maintenance bi-yearly Upgrade purchase - 2024 Tennesse Westgate Smoky...
  3. T

    Sapphire Resorts - Upgrading Membership to Ownership

    I bought into Sapphire's Right-to-use level 12 months ago. Now they are offering me Full/Ownership level: $7000.00 additional buy-in 35,000 biennial credits This amount of credits gives 7 weeks every two years $2152 biennial dues, so $1076 per year I'm not sure yet what I would 'own' with this...
  4. BakerFromLC

    DRI upgrade assessment?

    I attended a presentation yesterday where the rep asserted that all DRI trust owners, regardless of collection, in March, 2024, will start being assessed for upgrades of DRI properties to HGV standards. This will be beyond routine annual fees and total about $5/point assessed over a 10 year...
  5. I

    Rescind Strategy?

    Hey everyone, I’m new here and was wondering if anyone could help me out with a question I had about rescinding. I recently was hard sold into platinum from my gold membership even though I really didn’t want to do it. Those sales people got to me with the “you can rent it and do gift card...
  6. D

    Cancelled upgrade

    I’m wondering if anybody else has any experience with something like this but we bought a Westgate timeshare one year ago, went back to the same place and put in for an upgrade however…. Upon discovering the room infested with bedbugs we decided to cancel it. We were told that when you upgrade...
  7. J

    Owner Update: How we upgraded and got HGV Max

    Hi All! We are "newer" HGVC owners and just attended our owners update... and we bit! By newer I mean we purchased our first EOY HGVC deed in 2019, and then upgraded to an EY BHC deed six months later. I will share the details of our owners update which was primarily focused on HGV Max...
  8. P

    Vidanta Timeshare upgrade

    Hello, We are new to timeshares and we just got a one bedroom with Mayan Palace through Vidanta. So far, we have enjoyed the service and we are thinking about upgrading to the suite or even perhaps the Grand Mayan, since we have 2 kiddos and one bedroom for all 4 will start to feel crowded. Any...
  9. D

    Need advice on current offer to upgrade to Westin Flex and to "retro" a resale

    Hi all, I know there are some real pros here on Vistana ownerships. I'm at Westin Kierland and the vacation club sales team made us an offer and also gave us a day to think about it. Due to COVID, it sounds better than other offers I've heard in the past, but I am still cautious. We currently...
  10. TAG

    Dikhololo upgrade offer

    We received an offer from Dikhololo to exchange our weeks *at no cost to us, no change in maintenance fees* for a refurbished unit. I'm not sure of their objective. Getting something for nothing usually turns out bad. Thoughts?
  11. M


    Last year, we purchased timeshare week at massanutten resort, and affiliate of RCI. This year, they offered us an upgrade to RCI global point system. It will cost us about $5,500 and an increase and maintenance fees of about $150 a year. Advantages are access ability to more resorts, flexibility...
  12. Moparman42

    Upgrading with SPG or cash at WKORV

    I am heading to WKORV next month on an explorer program, and was trying to find anywhere that shows how much it would cost (in cash or SPG) points to upgrade to a one bedroom. I am not inept at searches, yet can find nothing. Anybody have any insight? Also, I am trying to find a, SPG point...