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  1. R

    Question(s) about RCI Last Call - .....and other stuff

    In the process of purchasing 2 units at Grandview, which will give me a boatload of annual RCI points. I've been digging around, and there are some things which are still confusing me. Please enlighten me if you can :p I've seen different info regarding Last Call. Based on what RCI has on their...
  2. R

    Rookie question about RCI points

    Hi all. Please excuse my ignorance, but I'm still pretty new to this stuff. Currently exploring resale ads on TUG, and I'm looking at a few which would include 90k+ points EOY. Am I missing something, or is that a really nice amount of points to work with? Upon first glance at the RCI exchange...
  3. V

    Update Meeting incentive Ripoff

    After the whole Covid year debacle I was happy to be able to burn up all my excess points that had accumulated from the previous year. I booked at Club Wyndham Smoky Mountains, Sieverville, Tn in October. I have finally started getting good to going to the "Update Meeting" invitation but I was...
  4. J

    FREE: Vacation Village at Weston, Florida

    Vacation Village at Weston Resort - Weston, Florida This timeshare is being offered for free. This is a "Gold Crown Awarded Resort" with RCI, located in beautiful southern Florida with day trip access to Fort Lauderdale, Miami, the Everglades, and the Florida Keys. Also located near two PGA...
  5. A

    How important is the Redweek verified? RCI

    Hi, I am an owner of 2 weeks, week 52 and 1 of a resort in Aruba and so far if I haven't gone there myself, I have been using the Redweek for renting my units. Up until now, I haven't had any issues and because these are popular weeks, I have always had it rented if I posted it myself, with no...
  6. B


    Hello I’ve been to both presentations (GB Cabo in March and currently am in flamingos in puerto Vallarta) and what seems appealing is the ability to exchange and also use these “Extra week” vacations via RCI or II anywhere from $199-599 (studio to 1 bedroom). We are possibly interested in...
  7. R

    Free InnSeason Resorts Points Vacation Club

    Looking to sell my InnSeason Resorts Points Vacation Club. The points are deposited in RCI for 2023. 65,000 points per year, which if transferred this year still has an additional 65,000 available to book by 12/31/2022 (total of 130,000). Maintenance fee is $669.91 Closing and transfer fee to...
  8. mcsteve

    Marriott in RCI or II

    I currently use RCI and have been looking to trade into a few different Marriott’s. The RCI catalogue shows a variety of Marriott locations but I have yet to be able to see any inventory. Specifically I am looking at the Southeastern Atlantic coastal region (SC, NE FL) I have seen references to...
  9. A

    RCI points program change and Legacy Resorts

    For the past 10 years that I’ve had my Orlando and Reno Legacy weeks in the RCI Points program, I have always been able to use the upcoming year points as long as my current year is paid in full. It always is. This is critical because the resorts worth going to in the RCI system are always...
  10. jojuvan

    Exchange Interval for DVC

    We have owned a nice Wyndham resale contract for about 2 years. A big selling point for that was being able to exchange into RCI for DVC. Now that DVC is partnering with II, we are wanting to purchase another resale contact that will allow us to exchange into Interval. So my questions are...
  11. rboesl

    RCI Sale on Vidanta

    Just received an email from RCI. They are having a sale on beach resort reservations with reduced exchange and Extra Vacation prices. They've really emphasized Vidanta as a destination:
  12. F

    free 1 week, 1 bedroom, Grandview, Las Vegas + 61K RCI

    We have owned week 43 of a 1 bedroom deeded timeshare in Grandview at Las Vegas since 2011. Unfortunately we have never been able to use it and so we would like to give it away. We'll pay for transfer fees using LTT transfers. Maintenance fees for 2022 have been payed and were 438.50$. We had...
  13. L


    After 17 years, we are giving up our week in mid/late-September, the best weeks of the year in Las Vegas. This is a wonderful resort with reasonable annual fees of $438. -Resort Name: Grandview at Las Vegas -Unit Size: 1 Bedroom, Sleeps 4 (Grand 1 Building) -Ownership Type: Deeded -Use: Annual...
  14. RNCollins

    RCI portal now offering hostels

    No thank you, I like my timeshares…
  15. P

    Are any RCI resorts pet friendly?

    We're not new to timesharing but adopted a pandemic pet (2 year old border collie). I thought I'd seen a list of pet-friendly resorts from TUG but now can't find it. Can you help?
  16. RNCollins

    Is your Timeshare affiliated with both RCI & II? Which do you use to exchange with most often?

    I have a couple of Timeshares that are affiliated with both RCI and Interval International (II). I find myself using RCI more often for exchanging. I enjoy traveling to the Caribbean and I feel RCI has a wider selection of non all-inclusive (AI) resorts. On the other hand, my HGV affiliated...
  17. Zzyzx Zybisco

    RCI question

    Hi all, We have 4300 regular club points left over that will expire at the end of this year. We have no prospect of using them ourselves. When speaking with HGVC customer assistance, they said the only thing that could be done with them (other than let them go) is to deposit them into RCI...
  18. andrewjjtimeshare

    RCI Points Available

    RCI Points Vacation Village at Parkway Buyer’s First Year of Usage: 2022 - Free Closing Week Usage: Biennial Even Points Info: 74,000 Biennial Even RCI Points, December Renewal Week Info: Fixed Week# 39 Friday Check in, September 30th - October 7th, 2022 Fixed Unit# 17209 2 bed/bath, sleeps...
  19. D

    Returned mail from WA address

    Hello, My grandpa is a timeshare holder and has been unable to contact WorldMark The Club about exchanging points. He's almost 90 years old and doesn't have internet, so I'm trying to help him find some answers or get in touch with someone at WorldMark by letter or phone. I apologize for...
  20. A

    Club Regina rain tree exchange points to RCI

    Hello, Looking to take over a family members timeshare who is going through a divorce, but trying to figure out if it will be worth it for us. Don’t have access to the login members page so thought I would ask here have an r7 membership with 100,000 bi-yearly points. Looking to exchange the...
  21. RNCollins

    Logging on to both RCI Weeks & Points at the same time?

    For those of you who have both RCI Weeks and RCI Points accounts, are you able to be logged into both accounts at the same time? It doesn’t let me - I can only log into one account at a time.
  22. prajora

    HGV West coast group

    HGV West coast owners: The # of HGV properties are lower esp in Northern California. Like some good trip ideas to use HGV points or RCI points from experienced HGV owners on West Coast please. Thanks
  23. L

    My Survey - Help! What should I buy? (or should I even buy?)

    THIS IS SO AMAZING!!! First, let me just say Thank You for creating this, and to all members for keeping it alive. When we first moved to Rhode Island I couldn’t find anyone who knew a thing about steam heat and found a website called Heating Help that taught me all I needed to know. This seems...
  24. RNCollins

    American Airlines’ Newest Caribbean Destination

    American Airlines’ Newest Caribbean Destination https://www.caribjournal.com/2021/07/06/american-airlines-san-andres-colombia-caribbean-destination/ Kitesurfing competition, San Andres, Colombia Photo by: Tarek G / www.shutterstock.com RCI Resort #6337: Aquarium Superdecámeron Isla de...
  25. D

    The Cliffs at Peace Canyon in Las Vegas (FREE)

    Week 23 Annual 43,000 RCI Points One Bedroom and One Bathroom Nice, quiet place off the strip and gets great reviews: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g45963-d530410-Reviews-The_Cliffs_at_Peace_Canyon-Las_Vegas_Nevada.html Just not getting use out of it any longer. Also, we have...
  26. M

    New Owner Looking to Purchase

    I’m interested in purchasing timeshare points as a means to rent days/weeks as a side income. I’m familiar with Wyndham and done a lot of research on their properties and ownership. Recently, I was told about an owner who owns through RCI. She said that she doesn’t have to pay monthly...
  27. M

    Free giveaway! Grandview Las Vegas

    Grandview Las Vegas 49,000 annual RCI points deeded as week 17 in a one bedroom unit and is mortgage/loan free. 2020 maintenance fees of $417.50 USD have been paid. Next due in November 2021. LT Transfers fee of approximately $215 USD to be paid by Me (Seller) Resort Transfer fee of $250 USD...
  28. mayamart

    Has anyone been able to change a check in day on a Wyndham RCI exchange?

    An RCI exchange has come up for the resort we would like to visit. Problem is, the exchange check in date is 1 day after we arrive. Has anyone ever had success in booking an RCI exchange and been able to move the check in day by one day??
  29. prajora

    Best way to book HGVC, RCI, Hilton

    Are there some good ways to book your vacations as HGVC member. Here are some observations : 1. Mobile app for HGVC offers limited view only. You need to use HGVC website to see much more info. So big diff in mobil App and website. Correct? 2.Mobile App does not allow RCI bookings. HGVC...
  30. prajora

    Share your TS portfolio- starting with HGVC

    Let’s share your HGVC and other TS portfolio(RCI, Wyndham etc). For each holding it will be nice if you can share Points, annual, bienial, MF approx, TS location, Buying price. Just a short summary to tie it all together. Say your best holding and why. Any big regrets and why. Purpose is just...