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  1. Naria2004

    RCI Inventory Updates?

    How often does RCI update inventory availability? Is there a best time (certain hour of the day) to search to try to get something? We've made a last minute decision to try to go somewhere this July with some expiring points, and we are specifically interested in North Carolina mountain area...
  2. T

    What's considered a Good Deal on Points in the Various Timeshare Groups?

    I'm sorry for the newbie question here which has probably been answered many times, but I I have been trying to find this information for weeks and I just can't. I don't know how to evaluate how many points I should aim for if I want to buy into a points based system. If I want to spend a week...
  3. bankr63

    NOTHING about COVID-19 on RCI or II?

    We are leaving for the US tomorrow from Canada for a stay in HHI. I was surprised this morning the neither RCI or II have ANY statements visible on their sites about the (now) pandemic. With the travel restrictions announced yesterday by POTUS, there must be hundreds of Europeans who can no...
  4. C

    RCI for Disney Resort

    Complete newbie here in regards to the timeshare realm so be gentle. My mother in law is the owner/member of RCI and wants to take us and the grand kids to Disney World next year and stay at a Disney property. SHe has both weeks and points available to use and is a Platinum member. We are...
  5. C

    Using HGVC to stay at Disney Resort

    Hello! I was very close to signing up for HGVC two weeks ago, but have been doing a bunch of research and can't find an answer to my question. I hope you can help me! A friend's family does Disney Vacation Club and I hesitate with that timeshare because you are limited to Disney locations. What...
  6. paxsarah

    A very minor website update/improvement

    I noticed when going in to visit the RCI portal, that the Exchanges tab under My Ownership had been clarified and renamed to Deposits & RCI. (Though it also includes charitable gifts, which is not exactly either of those.) I also see that they've updated the Deals and Offers under Benefits...
  7. U

    Is 6.5k for 30000 points and about $420 year fees a reasonable value for the money?

    We spent about 6.5k (5.7 plus closing) total for Fox river, IL Holiday inn resort (Orange Lake Resort (IHG) with an annual fee of $420 for maintenance and IHG membership costs. This includes RCI access and about 30000 points per year that can be used on RCI and on IHG resorts. The only thing I...
  8. C

    RCI points unit upgrade request page not working?

    I’m trying to add an upgrade request to an existing reservation in my RCI points account, and when I go to the upgrade page it doesn’t load the info. Under the resort name there’s a link that says "Urgent Information". When you click on it is says: this content cannot be loaded, please try again...
  9. SteelerGal

    Received a call telling me I can rent out RCI Getaways

    I normally do not p/u but was waiting for a phone call from the same area code. The caller was trying to get me to rent out RCI getaways for a profit. Ummm, Nope. I know that is not allowed. I wish I could get on a do not call list. Lately, I have received a # of similar calls.
  10. T

    HELP! New owner, educate me...

    Got it, advice is to rescind. Are all costs ex. Closing fee etc. returned? Next step: Can I get educated by current Wyndham owners or where can I find answers... I'm in process of reading all the disclosures. Just purchased 127,000 points in TN Smokies as first time owner. We travel a lot...
  11. T

    Grand Mayan at vidanta Riviera Maya resort I’d 6973

    Wanted Feb 16 through Feb 23 2020 2 bedroom or studio Or hotel room My wife and two others couples are traveling there this week. We can only get a two bedroom and one couple does not want the couch. there is availability on RCI but the resort will not let you book multi units or consecutive...
  12. CPNY

    DVC in RCI

    II has getaways in Orlando that are plentiful. Does a RCI offer something similar and does DVC ever come up in a getaway type offering? Is exchanging into a DVC property with planning or last minute a realistic option?
  13. RNCollins

    Alternative Lifestyle Resorts in RCI

    If you are interested, RCI has a few LGBTQ / Alternative Lifestyle resorts. I have listed some below. Please feel free to add to the list if you know of more. Caliente Club & Resorts (#C267) Land O' Lakes, FL USA Website https://calienteresorts.com/ Desire Resort and Spa #6981 Puerto...
  14. P

    Value of RCI Trading Share

    I need to decide if I should be an RCI member by end of year so I can transfer my travelsmart points into RCI which would give me 30 trading power but transfer $250 and membership $99 + booking fee when use it so not sure if it's worth it. What is approximate value range of 1 trading power...
  15. T

    Seven (7) RCI Timeshares FREE: (4) Grandviews, (2) Summit @ Massanuttens, & (1) Marriott Grand Chateau.

    I think someone will find this to be a pretty good deal. I have seven timeshares and I'm looking to give ALL of them to a single individual/reseller, for FREE. All of the 2020 and 2021 weeks/points are available. (1) Grandview Las Vegas - annual 122,000 RCI points - 2020 MFs ~$836 (2)...
  16. P

    Should I join RCI for 30 Trading Power

    I have points in travelsmart that expire end of year I can transfer over (get 30 in trading power) for $250 +$99 RCI membership. I don't know much about RCI but I'll have 30 Trading power and it will cost me $350 to get set up. Is it worth it to join as is there a fee to use the trading powers...
  17. B

    Woodstone at Messanutten

    I would like input from the community on a timeshare I purchased today for $5990. The property is Woodstone at Massanutten resort in Virginia. It's a floating unit, week number 40, luxury partial kitchen. My maintenance fee is $237.25 annually. It's a bi-yearly with a bonus week annually from...
  18. E

    Vidanta RCI Restriction Changes

    Vidanta has changed the restrictions on exchanges into Grand Luxxe through RCI Platinum Priority Access again. The restrictions no longer keep out Vidanta owners (except for GL Spa NV, which hasn't been changed, but might be in progress), but instead limit the number of multiple/consecutive...
  19. S

    Free - Hilton Las Vegas Strip (HGVC), Floating Week

    Free - Hilton Las Vegas Strip (HGVC), Floating Week, 3400 points. Buyer to pay transfer fees. Available for use in 2021. Please contact for additional information.
  20. S

    Free - Sanibel Lighthouse Resort & Club, Week 50

    Free - Sanibel Lighthouse Resort & Club, Week 50 Buyer to pay 2020 maintenance and transfer fees Please contact for additional information.
  21. L

    FREE Vacation Village at Parkway Timeshare in Kissimmee, FL

    I have an RCI Vacation Village at Parkway deeded timeshare that I can't use. My loss is your gain! Week #5, Unit #12704, every other even year use. 74,000 RCI points every other year, with additional 74,000 points that expire April 30, 2020. RCI membership paid until April 30, 2021...
  22. MattD

    Options for extra Wyn/RCI points?

    I am looking to see what I can do with extra Wyndham RCI points that are good for a couple more years. I know I’m not supposed to make a reservation through RCI and rent that to someone. I’m wondering if I can transfer the WYN/RCI points to another Wyndham owner for a fee? Comment here or...
  23. klam2go

    Free Grandview at Las Vegas, RCI annual 49000 points, seller pays transfer fees, buyer pays RCI fees

    As of 1700 PST 28 Oct 2019 - DEAL PENDING Grandview Las Vegas 49,000 annual RCI points deeded as week 17 in a one bedroom unit and is mortgage/loan free 2018 points - 49,000 2019 points - 49,000 points current use year is 01/04/2019 - 31/03/2020 Total of 98,000 points currently available 2019...
  24. jmacjem

    Hilton Grand Vacations / RCI Exchange - Resort not Available Because of PG&E Outage

    Hello, I'm asking for help/advice with the following situation: How do I (best) retain the points I used for a booking when the resort is CLOSED because of a PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric) - initiated (power) outage without having to pay a fee? The resort I booked through Hilton Grand...
  25. H

    When to start Ongoing RCI Search in Hawaii for Spring Break 2020?

    Hi All, I have 300K RCI Points (clearly I'm not using this Timeshare enough) and my son is in his Senior Year of high school. Rather than some Spring Break party, I offered for the family to go to Hawaii, which he thought was awesome. So I created an ongoing search for either Maui or Oahu...
  26. B

    2021 France RCI Trade Strategy - Ongoing Search

    I am planning a Southern France Countryside trip for the Fall of 2021. I'd like to get a trade in October or Early November 2021 and use 1 or 2 resorts in the south of France as a base for touring for up to two weeks. My understanding is that I can put in an ongoing search up to two years in...
  27. Combs822

    DVC + TPU - What to expect?

    Hello! I'm a newbie to all of this and trying to book at a DVC resort in April. I know I need to do an ongoing search to land an exchange. Here are my questions: How many TPU's do you generally need for a DVC? Does being a Platinum RCI member actually help? Save money? Is there a list of the...
  28. P

    How to make Wyndham PIC points visible on RCI?

    Currently I'm frustrated with transferring PIC points from Wyndham to RCI and then back to Wyndham. On my Wyndham account it shows that I have two PIC Plus contracts (each 154,000 points). When I call RCI, they don't see any points and they are telling me that I need to call Wyndham. Did this...
  29. Grammarhero

    Can Bank Weeks from RCI Resorts with Wyndham RCI Account?

    I know Wyndham TY come with RCI memberships. I have two other non-Wyndham TS resorts participating in RCI. Am I able to bank them using the Wyndham-affiliated RCI account?
  30. md8287

    FREE 2BR at Attitash Mountain Resort in NH or RCI week -

    We own 2 weeks at Attitash through TaraNova. Each week is for a 2BR Townhouse unit that sleeps 6 and can be used ANY week of the year. Also, due to the TaraNova connection, the week can be internally traded with resorts in Costa Rica, Myrtle Beach or Lake Tahoe - in addition to RCI. Seller...