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  • A few of the most common links here on the forums for newbies and guests!

new buyer

  1. A

    Aspiring owner, just did presentation in Cabo

    Hey folks, I just did the presentation in Cabo and I’m tempted to get into the game. We’re in our early 30s, soon to be married. both of us work remotely 50% of the time. We enjoy ski and beach vacations equally. The guys at the presentation offered me a package for 15k initiation and 700...
  2. C

    Staying at King's Creek, Williamsburg. Can you give us some input?

    Hi everyone! My husband and I are newbies. New, new, newbies. My husband's family owns several units at Suntide Island Beach Club in Sarasota, Florida, so the idea of potentially getting timeshare(s) of our own at some point has crossed our minds. We are currently at King's Creek in Williamsburg...
  3. O

    Newbies just purchased into HGVC yesterday - Tuscany... Buyer's remorse? Searching for advice!

    Hello! Thank you in advance for clicking here! My fiance and I just purchased into the HGVC program yesterday - the Tuscany Village Resort in Florida. Our purchase was about $15k for 5,440 points biennial (with $1200 biennial maint. fee) and 10k bonus points. We don't really care about the...
  4. N

    Need Advice

    Hello All, I am new to timeshare and looking for a potential purchase. This is for a 2 bd room 2 bath week 9 as per the attached RCI image week 9 of this property exchanges for 57,000 or 66,500 points and maintenance fee of $570 per year. i am only responsible for 300$ transfer fee. I am purely...
  5. A

    Had a client approach me with with opportunity to buy TS

    I work in finance and had a client approach me about buying his TS in Tropic Shores resort in Daytona Beach. He is in bad health an unable to travel, which is the reason he is selling From what I understand it’s a 1Bed/1BA unit that has “flex week” where I’d get to go for one week, at pretty...
  6. M

    New Timeshare/Vacation Club Owners

    The ink isn't quite dry on our paperwork, so to speak, but we have paid the funds and signed essential documents to be Marriott Vacation Club owners. We started at 10,000 points, which is entry presidential level. I have been a member of Marriott Rewards since 2003, but this is the first time...
  7. Grammarhero

    My survey

    1) Is there a vacation destination you wish to visit most of the time or on a regular basis? if so where? Someplace within a few hours driving distance from DC, MD, VA. I don’t want my vacation to depend on flights. I like Ocean City, Williamsburg, Massanutten. Only place I’d travel every year...
  8. K

    My Survey

    1) Is there a vacation destination you wish to visit most of the time or on a regular basis? if so where? We like to explore new places all the time! We alternate between an international trip and domestic trips. We also spend several weeks away in New England a year. 2) Do you want to visit...
  9. R

    Parents bought Nanea and have no idea how to use it

    Hi, My parents bought in Nanea 3 years ago and have never used it. My dad is too embarrassed to ask anyone, so I am trying to figure out what they bought and how to use it. I have all the paperwork but I am struggling to make heads or tails of it. Any chance someone can point me in the right...
  10. S

    Newbie... researching resale- leaning Marriott or Wyndham, which is best or some of both?

    1) Is there a vacation destination you wish to visit most of the time or on a regular basis? if so where? We are located in PA so we prefer beaches closer (NJ, SC, etc) with FL as an option in case we decide to go further, however we’d like to expand our options west as our kiddos get older (4...
  11. E

    holiday inn club vacations $41k for 200,000 points(crisis averted thanks 2 TUG)

    This past week my wife took the kids to orange lake resorts in Orlando. She told me she was going to a time share meeting the following morning. She called explaining this great deal that we would have to refinance and pay off within a short amount of time but after paying off we would pay 2k...
  12. K

    New to Club Wyndham Access [Duplicate/Closed]

    My husband and I were on a weekend get away this summer and were suckered into a Wyndham time share at plantation resort in Myrtle Beach. Although I do think this was the right choice for our family I wish I had known more about resale’s etc. so here are our questions after finding this forum...
  13. A

    Newbie Needs Advice!! Points/Ebay purchase Questions

    Hello friends! I have been considering ownership for sometime now. My husband and I were sucked into a Wyndham preview package of some sort. We paid around $3k for 400,000 points to be used in 2 years. We had an awesome honeymoon in Oahu at the Wyndham Waikiki beach walk!! We ended up throwing...
  14. M

    Thank you TUG!

    I don't really know where to put this because I just signed up to post this for you guys, but I'm going to say this is first an introduction and second a really well deserved thank you letter. Please move this if the post should be somewhere specific. My fiancée and I were in Orlando, FL this...
  15. R

    New to Time Share and want out

    I just found this site after myself and my spouse purchased a timeshare/vacation share with Sapphire Resorts just a little over a year ago. We are well past the opt-out period and have paid for our timeshare in full. We basically felt like we were lied to by the selling agent, but shame on us...
  16. Zeus7111

    "Canuck" looking for help buying a timeshare! Suggestions welcome!

    Hello Everyone! First off, this site is amazing! I am grateful that I came across this site, what great information oh here, and thank you to everyone who reads these things and answers people's questions! I am new to the timeshare game, and I'm hoping you could help me out. I think I know...
  17. D

    Should I rescind?

    I went to 84 Main St in Kennebunk Maine to a Capital Resorts timeshare meeting. I ended up walking away with 40,000 points and a Charter membership for $8100 total and mf of 670 a year. Did I make a mistake? He told me If I book within 60 days my points are only half used, that I have access...
  18. F

    New-- help with my purchase .. very confused

    We bought this point system at Gatlinburg while on spring break -- Could someone please explain the reservation Terms ?? Can I only make reservations during a 10 month period?? I'm totally confused?? I really want to use the RCI properties for Hawaii.. will I be able to use my 274,000 points...
  19. S

    Very confused new buyer... pls help asap

    My fiance and I decided to go to timeshare presentation in Vegas for the freebies and ended up deciding that the timeshare sounded right for us and what we want to do. Now reading everyones reviews and opinions I'm getting very confused as to whether it was a good decision. From what I...