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  1. L

    Refreshing at NCV

    Hello! We are here at NCV, and I just thought I’d let you all know that they are completely redoing the 2800 building, in case a newly remodeled villa is on your priority list. The parking by this building is filled with dumpsters, rows of brand new washers and dryers, they are painting the...
  2. A

    Seeking on Kauai 1/13 to 1/22

    I'll try to make this as concise as possible. My girlfriend and I live on Kaua'i. We've been taking care of our elderly neighbor for the past 7 or 8 years. Recently he broke his hip and he's in a short term rehab unit before we can get him back to his apartment. His landlord told us his...
  3. B

    San Diego - 4/5 nights

    Hi, looking for a studio/1Br in San Diego for 2 ppl. It will be a 5 day trip, but can accept a week's booking Dates flexible
  4. tahoeJoe

    Here We Go Again - Bonvoy refuses elite night credit on TS stay.

    Last month I traded my Marriott week for a week at the Sheraton Vistana Resort in Orlando. A week after my stay no elite night credit appeared in my Bonvoy account. I e-mailed Bonvoy and they responded that since there were no charges no Bonvoy points are awarded. Bonvoy completely ignored the...
  5. T

    Marriott Kauai Beach club resale question

    We are looking to buy Marriott Kauai Beach club resale 2 BR OV Annual for little over $5K (including closing costs). Would like to get feedback on if this is a good buy. Thanks so much!
  6. B

    westin lagunamar (not an owner)

    Hi Owners, me and wife recently went to westin langunamar resort. my wife got a timeshare tour email that offered 4 nights for $299. we took it and went to Cancun for a small vacation. during the presentation i was offered 10.2K initial fee and $846/year maintenance fee , 47k pts and 5 gateways...
  7. P

    Marriott Vacation Club - Planning to buy and need guidance

    Hello Everyone - We recently stayed at Grande vista and attended the 90 min sales pitch and purchased a MVC destination 1500 point package at $21k and $1157 MF. Perks were 3000 points + Another 1500 after 18 months. Luckily stumbled at this site and realized the blunder we had made. Luckily it...
  8. M

    Trying to decide on brand and type of system

    Hello! Thank you in advance for any help. After spending a few years reviewing a articles, attending sales meetings, signing and rescinding a contract last year, I am close to pulling the trigger…I think. I am comparing some resale Wyndham points to MVC. I’ve always been interested in the MVC...
  9. T


    I really like Marriott Ocean Club Aruba. I want to upgrade to buy more Mariott Ocean Club points; but. I want to dispose of my two worthless Wyndham contracts, first. I really don't stay much at Wyndham properties. I mean, they are nice but I don't use them that much. What should I do...
  10. x3 skier

    YouTube Pilot uses a timeshare promo as part of a flying vacation

    Just Plane Silly is a YouTube poster who creates funny shorts about flying. I know him personally and most of his stuff is humorous and some isn’t. I have no qualms about telling him which is which. His latest video is about flying around Oahu in a rented plane. Some really nice aerial shots...
  11. R

    Looking for week in Hawaii/Honolulu around March 27th - April 4th

    Hi! I'm interested in going to Hawaii around March 27th - April 4th, preferably Honolulu Looking for at least a 1 BDR. Prefer higher end beach resorts such as Marriot/Hilton.
  12. S

    Wanted: 03.27-04.03.2021 South Florida

    Family of 4 people is looking one week of rental in South Florida ( POMPANO BEACH or FT LAUDERDALE ) from 03.27.21 to 04.03.21. Thanks.
  13. T

    Marriott South Lake Tahoe: Grand Residence or Timber Lodge?

    What is the difference in accommodations and amenities between Timber Lodge and Grand Residence? We stayed in Timber Lodge last year but wondering how Grand Residence compares? By the name, it sounds like it would be fancier or nicer in some way. Also, do either of these resorts have private...
  14. R

    conversion to Marriott hotel points

    Hi Do Marriott vacation club resales qualify for conversion to Marriott hotel points. I am interested in buying a timeshare that allows for such conversion Thanks
  15. Beachspace

    Best way to Max my value of a 3BR Gold Grand Vista

    Hey Everyone I know this topic has been covered before but its my first time doing trades/swaps, etc. and just need to know the best course of action. We own a 2 BR plat Harbour lake and we like to use that at Christmas time (here right now actually). We also bought a 3 BR Grand Vista to use...
  16. W

    Lahaina Maui

    May 5-13 3 Bedroom Hyatt Residence Club Maui, Ka'anapali Beach Marriott Maui Ocean Club - Napili Villas, Lahaina Villas, etc.. Westin Nanea Ocean Villas
  17. WBP

    [2017] Why NOT to make a voluntary ARDA financial contribution this year, with your maintenance fee payment

    The stories of how ARDA, a trade association that represents the interests of timeshare developers, and alleges to represent the interests of timeshare owners, increase in number and magnitude every year. It is clear, ARDA'S most influential constituency are timeshare developers, who are one of...