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hilton grand vacations

  1. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 86... A monthly Hawaii Budget for 4 persons

    Many People have dreamed of spending an extended vacation in Hawaii... Well, I have put together a monthly budget (actually four weeks) that shows what it takes to stay in Hawaii for a month. I have done this several times and it really works. In my last post, I discussed a four week trip for...
  2. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 85... A Monthly Hawaii Budget for 2 persons

    Many People have dreamed of spending an extended vacation in Hawaii... Well, I have put together a monthly budget (actually four weeks) that shows what it takes to stay in Hawaii for a month. I have done this several times and it really works. For those of you who think you can't afford this...
  3. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 84... HGVMax October Launch Announced

    Finally we now have an official launch scheduled for October. Although this is a slip from the original planned August date, having an official launch scheduled for October means that most likely this date will be met. Not surprised that there is a slip with a large integration project like...
  4. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 83... Multiple Timeshares or More Points with one Timeshare?

    If you are new to Timeshares, then the question is always how many points do I need and should I keep all my points with one Timeshare or should I own multiple timeshares for more locations. In this Video, I attempt to provide my perspective on the process you can use to decide for yourself...
  5. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 81... Simulation of HGVMax

    ok... This is a long video. But I have included a lot of searches. I have attempted to simulate the rules of HGVMax by using my Diamond Resorts International account and my Hilton Grand Vacations account. I have shown samples of searches at six months and 10 months. The purpose of the six...
  6. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 79... HGVMax Owner Update

    I just completed an owner update and upgraded my resale purchase to HGVMax points. This puts me at the Premier + tier and I am happy with the purchase and the upgrade. In this video I will provide a summary of the benefits of the HGVMax program. I'll also discuss the highlights of the...
  7. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 78... My new RV is called HGVMax

    I am currently wrapping up a cross country tour in my car and staying in Timeshares. This got me to thinking about how happy I am with the HGVMax platform and all the locations available to travel across the country. In so many way I wanted an RV, but chose a Timeshare because I wanted to...
  8. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 75... Studio Timeshares should all have Kitchens

    Ok, this is a pet peeve of mine. I expect a full kitchen to be in every timeshare and this includes Studio units. I will except a mini kitchen with a two burner stovetop, a medium refrigerator, dishwasher, and all the necessary cooking stuff. I paid a lot of money to own timeshares. I don't...
  9. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 72... HGVMax Creates Cross Country Possibility

    One of the downsides of choosing timeshares over an RV used to be the flexibility to travel across the US and have plenty of places to stay. Well, not so anymore thanks to the merger of Diamond International and Hilton Grand Vacations creating HGVMax. This is a huge game changing event for the...
  10. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 68… A Timeshare Trip across America

    Everybody loves an adventure. So, off I go on a seven week trip in Timeshares to enjoy a family Reunion as well as a high school reunion. I will be traveling from California to Ohio and then back. But to make this trip more interesting, I will travel through Southern California, Arizona, New...
  11. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 66... How to Spot a Good Timeshare Salesperson

    Meeting with a good timeshare salesperson will change your whole experience with timeshares. If all the salesperson cares about is getting you to buy, you will feel nothing but pressure and often not the most truthful. But a good timeshare salesperson will want you to get the most out of your...
  12. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 63… Are Ocean View Prices worth it?

    Everyone loves an ocean view room... Right? But if you are staying in a timeshare are you aware of how much the Ocean view rooms cost compared to the standard rooms of the same size? I will explore Hilton Grand vacations and Marriott Vacation Club and their costs for upgrades. I focused on...
  13. Clifbell

    Review Bay Club Two Bedroom Plus by Hilton Grand Vacations In Waikoloa Hawaii

    This room is huge. Over 1400 square feet. The living room is huge, the bedrooms are huge, and the kitchen is amazing. I happened to get a free upgrade from a standard two bedroom because I am an Elite member. Located 20 minutes north of Kailua Kona, Hawaii (Big Island) in Waikoloa, Hawaii...
  14. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 60... Five Timeshare Habits that Help me Learn

    No matter how much you know, you can always get better. And who doesn't want to have better vacations? And better experiences using your timeshares too. In this Video I share with you my top five habits I use to get better. I am sharing what I have learned over the last decade+ of using...
  15. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 59... Are HGV Max Premier Benefits Worth It?

    Everyone tries to sell you on getting status benefits. As a result of the Diamond International merger, I decided that I should have more points so I could stay at more of the new resort options after the merger. And as a result I became a Premier member (formerly Elite Plus). The Biggest...
  16. P

    Cancel Timeshare Contract after Rescission Period

    Hello all, I made this account due to inability to find anything specific to my situation thus far. Backstory: I signed with HGVC in May 2021. My contract entails 3,520 points every even year of the platinum season at Las Palmeras. I have monthly payments of $189, which I have always paid on...
  17. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 56... Hilton and Marriott Merger Updates May ‘22

    I qualify as a glutton for punishment. Two owner updates in one week from two different timeshare companies both of which are in the process of a merger. It just so happens that both of the places I got my updates were from the companies being acquired (Vistana location and Diamond...
  18. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 53... The Five Biggest Timeshare Mistakes

    In this video, I discuss the five biggest mistakes that timeshare purchasers make. The top five include; 1) Being sold a timeshare without Researching 2) Not Learning all the Features Available 3) Not Planning Ahead 4) Not Leveraging Bargains 5) Not Leveraging the Hotel Side. With each...
  19. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 52... The Future of Timeshares

    It this video, I cover how timeshares are a business that generates recurring revenue for the timeshare companies and a lower cost for timeshare owners to stay at a timeshare. I also discuss how timeshare companies are consolidating. Everyone is aware that new entry into leisure travel is...
  20. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 50... Survival Guide for Timeshare Presentations

    A lot of people don't like timeshare presentations because they can feel like high pressure situations. But they don't have to be. If you know what you are looking for and you approach the presentation as an opportunity to learn, you can survive a timeshare presentation. I'll explain my...
  21. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 49.... HGV Max is here

    This morning I got an email announcing HGV Max as I am sure all HGV owners did. I reviewed the FAQ's and called to confirm that my upgrade I did in February was eligible for the upgrade has promised.... One never knows when one gets sold something even when it is writing. I am excited about...
  22. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 46... Why I chose Timeshares over Airbnb

    Both Timeshares and Airbnb can provide great vacations. I have used both but have tended to focus more on Timeshares. For me, making a purchase of a timeshare was making a commitment to taking a vacation. I am very active in a lot of projects, so making a timeshare a project was my way of...
  23. Clifbell

    Review of One Bedroom Plus at Grand Pacific Palisades by Hilton Grand Vacation in Carlsbad California

    Located about 40 minutes north of San Diego California in the beach town of Carlsbad California sits the Grand Pacific Palisades by Hilton Grand Vacations. There are two good sized pools, a fitness center, a restaurant, several hot tubs, and much more to enjoy. There was a special pool for kids...
  24. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 40…. Buying trial packages is a good way to learn

    I am a curious person and I enjoy learning more about the programs I am a part of or thinking of joining. In the case of timeshares, they offer trial packages. I have rented cars before to see if I like a car before buying that make and model. Doing a timeshare trial is a similar idea. I...
  25. Clifbell

    Review of the one Bedroom at Tuscany Village by Hilton Grand Vacations near Orlando Florida

    Located near Orlando Florida sits the Tuscany Village by Hilton Grand Vacation. It has two huge pools plus many activities which makes it a wonderful place for a vacation. The one bedroom I was in can sleep 4 people and has a full kitchen. The full kitchen is also excellent for keeping family...
  26. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 39... Hilton Grand Vacations new program is almost here?

    I am a glutton for punishment. I did a sales presentation for Diamond International and Hilton Grand Vacations in the same week. But I did it so I could report on the two systems and the impending new program of the combined organizations. I offered my opinions in this video about the timing...
  27. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 37 Tips on Using your Hilton Grand Vacations ownership from an Elite Owner

    In this video, I share my experience as an elite Hilton Grand Vacations owner. There are several reason this can be useful. For one, you can decide if you want to be an elite owner. Secondly, I share with you methods you can use to increase the amount of days you can spend at a timeshare or...
  28. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 36 Six Waikoloa Hawaii Timeshares

    In this video, I review six different timeshares in the Waikoloa area on the Big island of Hawaii. Waikoloa is located about 20 miles north of the Kailua Kona airport. I have stayed in all six of these timeshare (a tough job but someone has to do it)... The six are Hilton Grand Vacations (HGV)...
  29. Clifbell

    Review of the Elara One Bedroom Grand by Hilton Grand Vacations in Las Vegas Nevada

    Located along the Las Vegas "strip" you will find the Hilton Grand Vacations at the Elara. I had a room called the one bedroom Grand that is distinguished by having an 8' projection screen. Great place to watch a movie or a sporting event. I also took advantage of the whirlpool bath. I used the...
  30. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 33 How I earned 71 free hotel nights in one year

    In this video, I reviewed my overly obsessive approach to figure out how to earn 71 free hotel nights in a single year. My goal is offer you several ideas for how you can leverage what you are doing to earn free hotel nights by doing what you are doing anyway. I look forward to learning...