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  1. M

    HGVC Annual 5,440 points fully paid off

    Selling Park Soleil 5,440 Annual points one bedroom HGVC Deed for $1. Deed is fully paid off. Deed can be used to book all HGVC resorts. The same exact deed is being sold by the Retail Salesman for $30,000. Maintenance fees was already paid for year 2024 . Maintenance Fees including real...
  2. Y

    Rescission of HGVC time share bought during vacation in Cabos

    Hi guys, I am trying to rescind a HGVC time share that I bought 3 days ago in Los Cabos. The time share is for Parc Solei in Orlando and I live in New York. According to the agreement I need to send my rescission letter to the below address: Contract Services-Rescission at Carretera Federal...
  3. T


    HGVC need advice. I currently own Worldmark . . Very happy with the value/price point. But I do like HGVC resorts . . They are a full bubble above Worldmark. I have traded into HGVC via RCI . . But always get the worst location . . Which is apart of the game butttt I am thinking of buying a low...
  4. R

    Please Advice: Should I Buy from Ebay 16,000 HGVC Points Seaworld Orlando?

    Hi Folks, I'm very new to timeshare world and I would really appreciate your feedback on this deal. -$2,988 Yearly Maintenance (2024 Buyer Must Pay) -Purchase price $0 from Ebay -Resort: HGVC Hilton Vacation Suites Points Seaworld -Two Intervals: -Each interval is 8,000 Annual HGVC Club...
  5. simpsontruckdriver

    Black Friday FREE STAY deal at Orlando or Las Vegas!

    If you can stomach a 2-hour tour, HGVC will pay you back! In other words, pay $199, stay for 3 nights, and essentially pay $0. The special ends on November 26th (but you can vacation anytime in 12 months), so you need to act fast. I do not get anything for it, just seeing if anyone wants a $0...
  6. prajora

    HGVC to RCI points value

    HGVC to RCI points questions: - RCI points value in Cents/Point? -Can you sell your RCI points? - Websites to sell these points? Thanks much
  7. prajora

    HGVC point to RCI points

    When you convert HGVC point to RCI points, the RCI properties you get access are limited. Could someone explain how to get access to more RCI properties? Also seems the access to RCI properties one has access is harder to book. I am in Northern California and do see limited RCI locations and...
  8. prajora

    Guest certificates for HGVC

    How many people can you add to your HGVC account, so they don’t need pay for “ Guest Certificates”? How long it takes to add someone as a guest? Thanks
  9. J

    Best Way to Rent Unit in Hawaii?

    Hi, I have a unit I'd like to rent in Hilton Hawaiian Village,... I've posted it on AirBnB and Redweek, but have had little success. Has anyone used VRBO before, or any other recommendations? I tried posting to VRBO, but they require both a Transient Accommodations Tax (TAT) number and a...
  10. S

    Hilton Grand Vacations Club on the Boulevard, Las Vegas 5440 points every other year

    Get access to the Hilton Grand Vacations Club network of 63+ resorts with a very low maintenance fee of $910.61 (for 2023) paid only ALTERNATE years. You get 5440 points (4928 remaining for this interval), which equates to a 1 Bedroom, gold season every Odd year starting 2025 (you can access the...
  11. J

    Upgrade Deal to Max? Any Good or a mistake?

    So the deal was to pay $25,000 to exchange my SELL TO HGVC: 1. 1Bed Ocean View Platinum Season (20,160 pts; ~$1500 MF) Grand Islander BUY FROM HGVC: 1. 1B Mountain View Fixed Christmas Week (11,520 pts; ~$1500 MF) Grand Islander 2. 1B Mountain View Fixed New Years Week (11,520 pts...
  12. B

    HGV timeshare resale Department

    I recently contacted theHGV resale department in hopes they would just take our timeshare back. It's paid off, 5600 points annually, and up to date on its maintenance fee. Has anyone had any experience with them? I wanted to try them first to get out of this timeshare.
  13. 4

    Hilton Grand Vacation Club HGVC - Anaheim Disneyland

    So, I stayed recently for conference at this location as a Diamond Member and had an upgrade to the 10th floor Disneyland View. Wife was less than impressed with the view... they spoke of Fireworks... Not so much The Hilton Anaheim 777 W Convention Way, Anaheim, CA The room has a nice sitting...
  14. simpsontruckdriver

    HGVC Even/Odd

    I was looking on eBay and found some even-year contracts. How does HGVC handle them? Do you get, say, 8000 points to use for the 24 months, or do you have to use them or lose them by the end of your use (even or odd) year? They're definitely less expensive than 8000 points yearly, I was just...
  15. A

    HGVC First time Buyer - Craigendarroch Lodges ?

    Hello Everyone, We have recently attended a HGVC timeshare presentation in Kingsland, Hawaii. Fortunately I have happened to visit this forum before attending the presentation which has saved us a lot of money (we were quoted $54,000 for 11,200 points Platinum week with HGV MAX). We really...
  16. E


    Good Morning. I have owned this timeshare for over 10 years. I have never transferred into a diff property. I am sick of MB as that is the resort that is the closest to me. I can NEVER GET INTO HHI or Charleston. What is the secret? I googled HGV resorts and I see a kitty hawk come up but...
  17. D

    Bait and Switch

    I'm looking for some advice on an issue with my marketing rental in Hawaii. I booked a week in Hawaii for my wife and 3 kids. We go next week. We booked a stay with a suite with two beds in the bedroom and a pull-out couch. We did this because one of our kids has serious problems sleeping in a...
  18. D

    Hi there - brand new - please be kind... HGVC questions.

    Hello all. TLDR: Key info in bold portions. Questions are bolded and italicized and in teal. Before I say anything else; I'm a relatively sensitive person. I fully understand and respect that you have all probably seen/heard my story countless times from others. I have been lurking, reading...
  19. TUGBrian

    HGV buys remaining units of Central and 5th building

    should make for more options for HGV owners, although I cringe at imagining the cost! https://preview.therealdeal.com/new-york/2023/02/08/hilton-grand-vacations-buys-midtown-timeshares-for-136m
  20. F

    Legacy/trial timeshare offering from HGVC (Hawaii)

    We kept on refusing during our timeshares presentation at HGVC Hawaii and at the end were offered this legacy/trial(?) package: Hawaii Collections, HOA ~$950/year $10K buy-in (can be used as credit towards the typical "lifetime" timeshares) 5500 points generated every other year 10 years plan...
  21. R

    Question about resort points / availability

    In the process of purchasing HGVC in Las Vegas. Been poking around the web, and slightly confused. I've seen many places listing point requirement charts, which seem to list the same properties (45?), but on their website https://www.hiltongrandvacations.com/en/resorts-and-destinations there...
  22. G

    Help-New Purchase-Should I cancel/how?

    Hi all After 6.5 hours of pitch, Hilton team convinced me in to buying a $18000 timeshare at kings land Hawaii. I get 5440 points a year for a MF of about $1700 but I got 18k hgvc points for signing up and another 200k Hilton honors points for signing up and using an Amex card to pay Is...
  23. P


    In October of 2022 we signed for a HGVC in Las Vegas for Elara. The total cost was about $15,000 and we get 2560 points a year. Everything sounded good until we logged in and realized that 2560 points doesn't get you much of anything! Definitely not the "about 10 days" we were sold. Do I not...
  24. Z

    Help! I've got 10,000 HGVC saved points and can't use them.

    So due to a recent military deployment, I was not able to use my 2021 saved points. Any recommendations on what I can do to not just lose them for nothing?
  25. B

    Least expensive access to Open Season bookings

    Sat through a presentation yesterday and was intrigued by Open Season bookings. After looking at the 2022 rates, and assuming the availability the agent showed me was real, it seems like a great option for people who can travel on a whim, or who are willing to bounce around units, possibly...
  26. M

    Newbie needs help with first HGVC resale purchase: Trump International or Grand Islander

    Looking to buy our first TS and have two different options. Both look like good deals relative to other offers but still leery about pulling the trigger on our first TS because it feels like we are always missing something in this complex world. We might use the Islander once or twice (prob...
  27. P

    Cancel Timeshare Contract after Rescission Period

    Hello all, I made this account due to inability to find anything specific to my situation thus far. Backstory: I signed with HGVC in May 2021. My contract entails 3,520 points every even year of the platinum season at Las Palmeras. I have monthly payments of $189, which I have always paid on...
  28. T

    HGVC Kings Land Resale Purchase Questions

    Hello, first time post and still learning about timeshares! I grew up timesharing with my parents and am finally at that stage with life and family that I'd like to start to develop a portfolio of my own. That said, I'm trying to get a good understanding of what I'm buying, the rules, and the...
  29. J

    HGVC new loyalty tiers for direct owners

    I attended a timeshare presentation and it seems like they are replacing the existing three tier eee elite for direct buyers with new rewards (for direct buyers). This is a draft / not yet official guide to the new tiers. i don’t understand all of it but though it would be interesting to get the...
  30. ChuckCNE

    Unsolicited phone call

    I received a call from TFC (Trade Financial Corporation) claiming that there is a “legal filing” regarding deceptive sales practices against HGVC. They want me to attend an in person meeting to hear details. I’d appreciate any information about this?