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  1. J

    by Hilton Club / The District -- dues questions

    I own several HGVC weeks (2 in Park City UT, 1 in Vegas), none of which are "by Hilton Club." I'm considering the resale purchase of a week at The District in DC, which is a bHC property. I'm aware that the bHC properties have an 'all-inclusive' Club Dues option with a $313 (ish) annual fee...
  2. R

    HGVC RCI 2-year rental program...good deal?

    Still a newbie owner here. Just got a call from HGVC RCI agent asking if I want to join the 2-year Rental Option program through RCI/HGVC. Can someone please tell me what the downside is? It's kind of like when we bought our property...everything sounded too good to be true. I only have 24...
  3. Family Traveler

    Advice Needed on Selling HGV NY Club

    Greetings, Like so many others, I wish I found this forum years ago! Thank you for all your informative posts. We are looking to sell our timeshare and would like advice on how/where to sell it and realistically what we should expect to get for it. We own at The New York Club, 7,000 points and...
  4. tony_i

    New Year at The Elara - Las Vegas - 12/29/20-01/02/2021

    New Year in Las Vegas! Celebrate the New Year in Las Vegas at the Elara. Conveniently located next to the Miracle Mile Mall with access to 170+ shops and restaurants, and right next door to the Planet Hollywood hotel & Casino. You are close to the Vegas action and very close to the center of...
  5. R

    HGVC Hawaii resort/cruise questions

    Hello, I am brand new to HGVC, but I have been doing a lot of homework. We are looking to go to Hawaii in 2022 and taking my wife's family as a 50th wedding anniversary gift to her parents...total of 8 or 9 people most likely. We have 10,000 bonus points to utilize. Trying to figure out...
  6. S

    Buying HGVC resale if I already own

    I already have 7000 annual HGVC platinum points at Las Palmeras. If I found and purchased addition platinum points resale for the same resort, Las Palmeras, will this keep my maintenance fees lower (obviously higher then 7000 annual points) compared to buying resale at another resort? I'm...
  7. prajora

    Needing advice on RCI points

    Hello All, I am new to Timeshares. I do own HGVC 7000 every other year. Bought at retail so not smart. Now I have used couple of HGVC resorts and enjoyed it. We are in San Francisco Bay area (Northern California). Since my first wrong purchase, I have learnt to buy dirt cheap on resale. I...
  8. C

    HGVC Just paid $19.5k. If rescinded, do we lose all the “benefits”(March 2020)

    Hey all, Like so many on here, we attended the sales presentation for HGVC and bought. It was low pressure and financially it made sense to us. But everyone gets buyer remorse on much smaller purchases so it got me thinking and I started researching, hence landing here! I’m all for rescinding...
  9. H

    Should we buy?

    1) Is there a vacation destination you wish to visit most of the time or on a regular basis? if so where? Myrtle Beach 2) Do you want to visit your home resort at least half the time, or do you want to trade more than half the time? Visit at least half the time 3) What are your 5 top trade...
  10. SenorBlanco

    Current state of timesharing---opinions /poll

    Good morning! Spent a lot of time over the last few days going through the incredible information contained here trying to educate myself in the timesharing vernacular. Quite honestly, from what I'm gathering there appears to be a sense of uncertainty around a few items in the industry which...
  11. SenorBlanco

    HGVC vs MVC - Pros and cons

    Found the site, proceeded to put my first post in the wrong place (sorry, admin), love the site, joined the site! Considering options, spent a few hours looking and honestly haven’t found a good comparison between HGVC vs MVC. (Feel free to link if I just haven’t come across it). Initial...
  12. md8287

    HGVC 3,400 annual points - FREE

    This listing is for 3,400 points that can be used at the home resort at HGVC at South Beach in Miami during gold season or throughout the HGVC system. USAGE BEGINS IN 2020. Buyer will pay all closing costs which include: Closing Fees to Closing Company $200. HGVC Transfer Fee of $495...
  13. md8287

    Advice on selling 2 HGVC Timeshares together - 8,200 points

    I own two weeks at HGVC at South Beach Miami. Both are 1 bedroom and one is a gold week (3,400 points) and the other is platinum (4,800 points). Since I want to sell both weeks (ideally together) I am wondering if I sell to the same buyer if they can save on the transfer/activation fees? Has...
  14. S

    VIP package scheduled for Spring, should I purchase as LLC to avoid ROFR?

    Hello, Long time lurker, first time poster. A year ago Hilton brought us in for a HGVC presentation. We were interested, but I dont like to make large purchases without researching. Instead, we purchased an HGVC VIP package in Hawaii for this Spring. I stumbled upon TUG and found a wealth...
  15. H

    Fiesta Americana Open Season

    Has anyone booked open season through Fiesta Americana Vacation Club (FAVC)? They don't have any documentation in their 2019 Member Book. I know how to do it through Hilton HGVC, but I'm wondering how it's done through the FAVC. I'm an owner at FAVC Cabo and looking for the process through FAVC...
  16. H

    HGVC Timeshare - Anderson Ocean Club in Myrtle - Free to good owner - Comes with points!!

    Haven't taken to the timeshare experience and looking to transfer ownership. New owner to cover any transfer/title fees/closing costs. No current HOA or maintenance fees due. Currently have timeshare for: Hilton Grand Vacations Club Anderson Ocean Club - 2BR Season: Gold Even years - 5,000...
  17. L

    Sample Notice of ROFR?

    Would anyone please be so kind to share a sample notice of ROFR to the seller (e.g., Hilton, Marriott, etc.)? What should be included in the notice, besides the price of resale? Thanks so much.
  18. B

    2019 Current List of HGVC Authorized Resellers

    Hi didn't see this stickied anywhere but I hear the only way HGVC recognizes points towards elite status is buy purchasing direct or through authorized resellers. Is this still accurate? Sounds a bit off -topic to the thread title I know but it's actually driving what I'm about to ask ( in...
  19. mcsteve

    Advice getting into Hawaii

    I currently have a HGVC RCI account and when I look at the available properties in Hawaii for the spring of 2021 there is only one property that shows. I have a 2br Southwind by Spinnaker property on HHI that I have not associated with RCI or II (my HGVC RCI does not allow adding non HGVC...
  20. Anw015

    Can’t believe I fell for it ‍♀️‍♀️

    So I went on Monday on a tour and it’s not my first tour but someone they got me. The offered so many bonus points I thought it would be stupid to pass up but I instantly knew I was being dumb. With that being said I sent my rescind letter today. I asked they confirm it in writing and I also...
  21. J

    Australian who mortgaged Las Vegas Elara HGVC

    I travelled to a presentation in Las Vegas in February of this year and purchased a 10 year mortgage for a 2br grand timeshare unit during Gold season at HGVC Elara. During the presentation I was convinced by the salesperson as to the benefits of this investment. Purchase Price $39,990.00...
  22. C

    HGVC Flamingo purchase

    Someone told me to put thread into this category. I am new to TUG. I have been to a few timeshare presentations to Hilton, Holiday Inn and Wyndham. I was in contract with Hilton for $13k and rescinded my offer. I liked the Hilton program and decided to buy a resale timeshare. I am in contract...
  23. C

    HGVC Flamingo LV

    Hi everyone, I am new to TUG. I have been to a few timeshare presentations to Hilton and Wyndham. I was in contract with Hilton for $13k and rescinded my offer. I liked the Hilton program and decided to buy a resale timeshare. I am in contract with RedWeek for Flamingo 5,000 annual points...
  24. E

    1st Post: Interested in buying 2 Elara units

    Hi all, I'm interested in buying 2 Elara units: 1) 7000 or 7800 HGVC Points with the under $900 MFs to use to most likely trade and stay at other HGVC Resorts. 2) There is currently on ebay a 2bedroom platinum with $1246 MFs (Even Years). Use to split stay 3 days and the 4 days. Or if we...
  25. H

    What does this Addendum mean? HGVC

    Hi all, Quick question. I am entering into a resale contract for HGVC Tuscany Village EOY Odd and I received a copy of the deed with this addendum. The estoppel shows 7000 points EOY and looks how it's supposed to look. However, I wanted to check on this addendum and if this is what it's...
  26. C

    Hilton Grand Vacations Default and Resale Purchase

    We attended a HGVC presentation earlier this year and purchased 3500 points every other year for $11,000. After doing some research online we learned that we had made a huge mistake. Fast forward a few months and we are now closing on a better deal for twice the amount of points with a better...
  27. M

    HGVC New Purchase

    Ok everyone, I need to start out by saying that I am completely new to these types of vacation ownership/timeshare programs (which will likely become very evident soon!). My wife and I just purchased new from Orlando yesterday. We made the decision because to us the numbers seemed to make sense...
  28. G


    I'm looking into purchasing our first timeshare. We are interested in Vistana, Marriott, and HGVC. My question is: What are the restrictions when purchasing a resale timeshare? I know with Vistana, the "StarOptions" are not part of the Vistana Signature Network (VSN) after resale. So only the...
  29. T

    Advice on Keeping or Selling Old HGVC Las Vegas Flamingo TS

    Hello all, My mother and father purchased a 5000 point HGVC timeshare (January Home Week) from the developer for the Las Vegas Flamingo property around 1997. It's completely paid off by now but the maintenance fees are killing us. It's around $1250 per year + the finance and late fees since we...
  30. cindyc

    Change in Affiliate Status for Grand Pacific Palisades and Carlsbad Seapointe?

    I own HGVC and a deeded week in DRI - Sedona Summitt and noticed a change recently. When I logged into my HGVC the listings for Carlsbad Seapointe and Grand Pacific at Palisades are now tagged as "External Exchange Resort." Perhaps not coincidentally, both of those resorts now show up in DRI's...