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  1. N

    Puerto Vallarta cartel timeshare scam? I'm a Canadian journalist based in Mexico

    Hello, I'm a Canadian journalist based in Mexico and I am investigating timeshare fraud in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, specifically cases related to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), outlined in several recent indictments by the U.S. government...
  2. I

    Debating default on my newly bought timeshare

    Good morning Ya'll, Like a lot of people (though that doesn't make me feel any better) I fell for the BlueGreen sales pitch. We planned to say no so we didn't do any through research beforehand and by the time a big enough red flagged hit us it was already passed the rescind time. If...
  3. M

    Sunset World Resorts (Ultimate Loyalty Program) - FRAUD

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum, but i come to you with some information that may be useful here. I'm very sorry if this type of post is not allowed, if my post violates any of your rules please accept my apology and delete the thread. I would like to start out by saying this is going to be...
  4. A

    Agent/owner lied and I want out! [Imperial Hawaii Vacation Club]

    I just received the new owner package from Imperial Hawaii Vacation Club. Within it there is a bill for $838.92 "Part Plan Assessment" to pay the balance prorata of the current year's maintenance fee. In addition they state the usage is not the normal Jan 1 to Dec 31 year, but changes on July 1...
  5. S

    Marriott Rewards Credit Card Card Number Stolen

    Last Sunday night I was in the middle of paying my Marriott timeshare fees and I received a fraud alert on the card. It was for a $2 purchase at a life insurance company. Before hitting enter to pay my timeshare fees I answered the text. Well, of course, they closed my account. I then hit enter...
  6. E

    No Refund After Bluegree ROFR From Online Seller

    Back in March, I won an ebay bid for a 20k points bluegreen TS. After winning the bid, I started working with "A Family On Vacation" to purchase the TS and transfer the deed. After a more than 5 months of waiting, bluegreens decided to exercise ROFR. Since at this point my purchase contract was...
  7. H

    [ 2021 ] Conned into buying Fiesta Americana Vacation Club

    Hi all, Starting December 1st my wife and I stayed a few nights at the Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun. It was our first time staying at a resort like this and our first time in Mexico. Foolishly, we agreed to see the sales presentation for the Fiesta Americana Vacation Club (FAVC)...
  8. J

    Timeshare fam fraud

    What should I do my brother put 28 timeshares under my name should I sell them or take him to court

    Charlotte Sellers - Surefire Vacations??

    Has anyone purchased anything from Charlotte Sellers. She is from Surefire Vacations, but has a gmail.com email address. I've been a victim of fraud before, so I am very leary now. I am trying to buy WorldMark points - and she has some for sale that I'd like to buy. She said that I can pay...
  10. M

    Seeking Mexican Attorney For Help With Timeshare Fraud

    Hi there, I am looking for a referral for an attorney in Mexico to help with a fractional ownership case of fraud. It's fairly simple, I even have the blessing of Profeco who mediated the case for me free of charge. The company is willing to offer me $48k and have admitted their guilt. But I...
  11. VanX

    Saved $1300 - Thanks TUG

    We are attempting to rent a week at Kelowna Delta Grand and while I admit I strayed away from TUG over to Craigslist at least my TUG membership and “the how to” section saved me over $1K for spotting what I believe is a fraud post on Craigslist. After some back and forth with me trying to get...
  12. rboesl

    California Man Charged With Timeshare Resale Fraud

    Here's the article: https://www.insidethegate.com/2018/03/california-man-charged-with-timeshare-resale-fraud/ This guy was pretty busy setting up several companies.
  13. simpsontruckdriver

    Wyndham is being sued for fraud and elder abuse

    People may win this one... http://www.khq.com/story/37271756/timeshare-developer-wyndham-sued-for-alleged-elder-abuse-against-senior-citizens-by-law-firm-of-aubrey-givens-associates
  14. S

    Terminating Wyndham account

    Well, after some consideration and frustration with Wyndham, I have to pay attorneys to get out of my Club Wyndham Access contracts. I have been a Wyndham member for the past 7 years and was enjoying my vacations, right up to the point being sold on Club Wyndham Access (CWA), which really isn't...
  15. P

    SCAM - Targeting Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Members

    Hello TUG BBS - I am, unfortunately, the victim of an identity theft connected with a number of timeshare-related fraudulent transactions. I've contacted the FTC to get an investigation underway, but it would help tremendously if other victims/attempted victims would also add their...
  16. C

    Sales Folks Sold Discount Point Idea as Reserve/Cancel/Rebook

    RESERVE EARLY/CANCEL n REBOOK NO LONGER!!!!! How many of you were sold points, points, and more points at the constant meetings by presenters showing various ways to get your 35 - 50% points back? and then they calculate how many points you'd actually have! Then, you call to cancel n REBOOK...