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SCAM - Targeting Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Members


Sep 8, 2017
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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club
Hello TUG BBS -

I am, unfortunately, the victim of an identity theft connected with a number of timeshare-related fraudulent transactions. I've contacted the FTC to get an investigation underway, but it would help tremendously if other victims/attempted victims would also add their information to the FTC case. Here's all the basic information, from a warning website I've put up at www.PeterAaron.com :

Fraud Alert

Hello Internet:

I am Peter Aaron. I am not the only Peter Aaron, but I am, among other things the Peter Aaron who is a licensed Real Estate Broker in New York, NY. My License Number is 10351205571.

Somewhere out there in the world, there is a criminal who is using my name and broker license number to perpetrate scams and steal peoples’ money.

The three instances that I’ve heard about (so far) have each involved the sale of interests in “Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club” in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

Please do not fall for any unsolicited offer – from anyone, really – but especially from ‘Peter Aaron.’ My advice: for any real estate transaction, always get your own real estate lawyer. If you have been scammed, please provide all the information to law enforcement ASAP.

Insofar as I do, actually, work in real estate myself, there are a number of ways to verify that I am the ‘real’ Peter Aaron. Meet me in person. Ask to see some ID. Contact me through this web page.

So: fake ‘Peter Aaron’ – I hope you will soon be in prison. Anyone approached for any sort of real estate related transaction by ‘Peter Aaron’ – please be careful in verifying that it is, in fact, ME. Thank you.


I have opened a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. The complaint reference number is 88432499. If you have been the victim of this scam, or have even been contacted by these people, please contact the FTC at 877-382-4357 or by mail :

Federal Trade Commission

Attention CRC

600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington DC 20580

Specific notes:

I am NOT:

  • Involved in any way with “9w Investment Partners, LLC” or "CRM Realty & Investments, LLC" if such firms actually exist.

  • Looking to broker an offer for anyone’s timeshare property or membership interest, in the Dominican Republic or anywhere else.

  • The partner or associate of anyone named Brandon Jones, Chris Salas, Mark Bishop or Jennifer Alvarez.

Keywords for Search Engines:

Peter Aaron

Peter R Aaron

Real Estate Broker RE R.E.

New York, NY NYC, NY

Scam Criminal Thief Fraud

Keywords related to the scams I have heard about thus far, involving this criminal:

Time Share Timeshare

Reimbursement Guarantee

Debt Settlement Agreement

9w Investment Partners

CRM Realty & Investments, LLC

Martin Douglas Financials LLC

Mar-Chris Investment Corp.

Grupo Carso


Global Investment & Recovery Solutions

Chris Salas

Brandon Jones

Mark Bishop

Jennifer Alvarez

Richard Smith Navarro - V.L.O. Officer - Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic DR D.R.

Phone numbers they have used / called from:

(646) 432-5521 - "Peter Aaron, 9W Investment Partners, LLC"

(646) 439-8180 - "9W Investment Partners, LLC" - fax line

(321) 445-1924 - "Chris Salas, Martin Douglas Financials LLC"

(646) 604-7806 - "Global Investment & Recovery Solutions"

(646) 604-7796 - "Global Investment & Recovery Solutions"

I've also emailed more extensive information to Markus Wischenbart (CEO) and Lorena Pascual (Arbitration Manager) at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort. Haven't heard anything back from them, however.

Hope this will be of use and interest, and maybe both help prevent further scams and help catch the perpetrators of the ones so far!

Thanks very much -

Peter Aaron


TUG Member
May 5, 2011
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Sorry about the troubles. You have definitely put a lot of time and effort in your research.

Timeshare scams are abundant, especially for Mexican timeshares. Most scammers originate outside the US limiting what officials in the US can do. Stealing legit names and business entities are just a couple of the overall scams they are into.

CA issued a warning that mentions identity theft with timeshare scammers. There are more examples found on the internet.


Good luck!
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