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  1. T

    Selling Hawaii Collection points

    I was wondering if it’s difficult to sell a portion of your Hawaii Collection points if you’re a DRI owner or easier to sell them if you’re a HGV Max owner. DRI was bought out by Hilton a couple of years ago and have a new HGV max owner portal to bring in HGV and DRI owners to join in. Also...
  2. B

    Hgv max cabo Collection

    Hola. Just turned down 'opportunity ' to pay $25 to move our 12k us collection points to cabo collection. Told our maintenance fee would drop from $2400 to $1800 this year and likely never go up whereas US will go up 5% or more per year. We will recoup the $25k in less than 10years and be...
  3. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 81... Simulation of HGVMax

    ok... This is a long video. But I have included a lot of searches. I have attempted to simulate the rules of HGVMax by using my Diamond Resorts International account and my Hilton Grand Vacations account. I have shown samples of searches at six months and 10 months. The purpose of the six...
  4. F

    Purchased Diamond - Should we Rescind?!

    Hi all! We have been diamond owners for the last 3 years. This is the first year we’ve used our ownership. We’ve taken 2 vacations and on this one we purchased or “upgraded” from term ownership to full ownership and purchased an additional 7,500 for $2.68 a point. In addition, we added in club...
  5. T

    Diamond Hawaii collection

    We’ve been owners in Diamond Resorts International for several years. We were in Maui last week and purchased more points and converted all our points into the Hawaii collection. Is there a market for the Hawaii collection like we were assured if we decide to sell our points sometime in the...
  6. J

    DRI Hawaii Collection - Transition or Sell?

    Hello, trying to suss out if it would be better to move forward with the Transitions program or sell/give away my points at DRI Hawaii Collection. I'm looking to give away/sell my 9000 DRI hawaii collection points. DRI will Transition the contracts (4500x2) for $1,000 each = $2k (they have...
  7. S

    [ 2020 ] What happens once we submit Rescission Letter to Diamond Resorts?

    My mom is already a DRI owner and last weekend at a sales presentation she got talked into buying more points to solve a problem that points don't solve. (Topic for another thread...) I have found this forum to be so valuable in helping understand how to get her out of this situation, so THANK...
  8. C

    DRI Maui Ka'anapli Beach Purchase

    First time user, should have found this site BEFORE our visit to Maui. We attended a DRI timeshare presentation earlier this week and ended up purchasing points in the system. For background we have two boys that are old enough to start travelling and we want to begin showing them the world...
  9. cindyc

    Change in Affiliate Status for Grand Pacific Palisades and Carlsbad Seapointe?

    I own HGVC and a deeded week in DRI - Sedona Summitt and noticed a change recently. When I logged into my HGVC the listings for Carlsbad Seapointe and Grand Pacific at Palisades are now tagged as "External Exchange Resort." Perhaps not coincidentally, both of those resorts now show up in DRI's...
  10. A

    Diamond Resorts 30,000 Purchase Recission Question

    We recently bought DRI's newest promotion, which is 7,500 points for $16,700 for 10 years. They gave us a Dream Vacation, and the deal doesn't start until 2020. They will bill us about $1,000 for maintenance fees for the next 10 years. We are new to timeshares, and this would give us a chance...
  11. E

    Sampler Package purchased yesterday on Kaua'i, Need to rescind!

    I am very mad at myself for falling into this trap again. While staying at Point at Poipu, my husband and I got lured into their timeshare presentation. After successful two 'No's, the hospitality lady convinced us to get into this Sampler membership. I did not realize this one only can be used...
  12. cindyc

    Deeded Owner - Completely Satisfied!

    My husband and I fell twice for the sales pitch at Diamond Resorts - Sedona Summit. I blame it on Red Rocks Intoxication, either that or those mysterious Sedona vortices! Anyway, we sobered up each time and rescinded. Ultimately we did purchase, a 2BR 2BA LO resale at a fraction of the price...
  13. C

    Need details for transferring a DRI timeshare to a new owner.

    New TUG member here. Wife and I finally decided to let go of our Diamond Resorts International timeshares (points) in Lake Tahoe and Orlando for free, since we have no use for them anymore. My question is - what are the steps to "sell" them to a prospective buyer, assuming we already have one...
  14. TJALB

    How to transfer TS to family member ?

    I would like to transfer one of my deeded weeks to a family member. The deed is paid for, free & clear. It’s in Hawaii at (KBC) Ka’anapali Beach Club. The maintenance fee is also current. How do I go about transferring the deed? Can I do it myself or do I have to hire a company? Years ago I...
  15. C

    DRI 35K for 10,000 points

    Hi, We’ve got 10 days to back out of a $35K for 10,000 points deal with DRI. I’m starting to read into this and think we’ve not got a good deal. Looking for some advice. Thank you.
  16. M

    Free 14,000 points in Diamond Resorts US Collection

    Transfer fee waived if transfer is complete by end of this year.
  17. B

    Hilton Orlando Sea World February ? Or Marriott November

    Owner with Diamond Resorts and thinking of booking the Hilton in Orlando at sea world for $358 cash, it's a program, we can purchase other weeks for a one time use, it's called club select. It's not an exchange, I'm booking it for for my brother in laws family. It's either that or the...
  18. Y

    FREE Diamond Resorts Membership

    2500 points annually Paid in full. Only maintanence fees. $800 annually Diamond resorts International https://www.diamondresorts.com/ I Will pay transfer fees Texts welcome: Nine zero 9 five 2 4 five two two two
  19. B

    "Value" of Hawaii Collection points versus U.S. Collection

    We have been accumulating points in Diamond Resorts International (DRI) and are close to Platinum level. We initially owned U.S. points, but a few years ago in Maui were "encouraged" to add Hawaii points and convert our U.S. points. More recently in Las Vegas, we were "encouraged" to add U.S...
  20. Egret1986

    DRI and the former Gold Key Resorts in Virginia Beach including Ocean Beach Club

    How many folks take more than a glance at the upcoming/current year's annual budget when receiving it with the new maintenance fee? I am one of those, which I believe is typical of the average timeshare owner, that rarely gives the budget more than a glance. Yesterday, a fellow Tugger and...