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  1. T

    Corporate Consulting Associates

    Has anybody heard of or had experience with Corporate Consulting Associates out of Cheyenne, WY? Recent visit from rep claims they can cancel my annual fees through the settlement between Bluegreen and Bass Pro Shops. Of course, they want a fee upfront, always a bad sign.
  2. B

    Rescinding Bluegreen Certified Mail Not Signed

    Per the Tennessee instructions for contract rescission, I sent a notice of rescission to the address provided via USPS certified mail with return receipt: ATTN: Corporate Sales Accounting Dept. Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc. 4960 Conference Way North, Suite 100 Boca Raton FL 33431 The...
  3. R

    Is it possible to book Bluegreen Associate Resorts?

    I'm curious if anyone has some insight on Bluegreen Associate Resorts. My guess is that they only allow a small number of units for bluegreen owners, like RCI or other timeshare collaborations and therefore it is possible to book them, but they are very very limited. As far as I remember I have...
  4. B

    Beginning Ownership Release Process - Bluegreen Vacations

    Hello - I've been researching my options for getting rid of my Bluegreen timeshare points for several months now. I'm so glad I found this forum, it has been very helpful so far. I have a remaining mortgage balance of about $6k. I have never used the points in the 5+ years I have owned so I am...
  5. E

    No Refund After Bluegree ROFR From Online Seller

    Back in March, I won an ebay bid for a 20k points bluegreen TS. After winning the bid, I started working with "A Family On Vacation" to purchase the TS and transfer the deed. After a more than 5 months of waiting, bluegreens decided to exercise ROFR. Since at this point my purchase contract was...
  6. J

    Bluegreen bonus time at multiple resorts

    We're considering buying Bluegreen points and are trying to plan the most efficient use of our money and points. We live about 2 hours from Big Cedar and are interested in both the Wilderness Club and the Cliffs at Long Creek. My question is about purchasing 2 deeds. If I bought a 4000 point...
  7. T

    Evaluating Bluegreen resale points

    Hi All, We're evaluating several timeshare systems and have ruled out Disney - won't travel there enough to make it feasible at their high prices, and the system is now rapidly changing so we may not be able to resell when we need to divest. For Disney, it's probably better to just rent the...
  8. E

    Sold my Bluegreen in exchange for Welk Platinum yesterday, need help

    We just made the decision yesterday but I’m contemplating rescinding. We have a Bluegreen VIP silver membership that we aren’t overly thrilled with due to so many lies. We just signed over contracts (paid close to $40k with various upgrades). Welk is buying us out for $35k plus $2k towards...
  9. S

    eBay resale points question

    Hello! A little over a year ago, we purchased the smallest Bluegreen (BG) points package with charter benefits and now decided to look to add points on the second-hand market. Yesterday we won an auction on eBay for less than 11 dollars for around 7,000 additional BG points and were surprised...
  10. J

    FREE Bluegreen Timeshare PAID

    3,000 biannual (Odd year) points through Bluegreen. Purchased 8/2013. It is paid for! Property is Parkside, Williamsburg, VA 3bd/3ba week #50 Unit P4L/50E Annual fee 2020: Maintenance $551.80, RE Tax $13.50, Club Dues $139 We used this timeshare twice every year and the last 2 years we've had...
  11. P

    Bluegreen 6000 EOEY Points Free to good home!

    I would like to give away my POINTS timeshare. I have had this for years and do not use it. It is deeded for a 2 weeks in Hollister, MO at the Paradise Points lodge, weeks 22 and 48, unit #7102. These points can be used anywhere in the Bluegreen network or converted via RCI if you have it...
  12. R


    It is embarrassing to admit but my husband and I are professionals with advanced graduate degrees. However, we bought into Bluegreen I think we made a mistake. It became very evident when we had to cancel a planned vacation for the mountains and staying a day or two at a beach. Well, now we have...
  13. R

    FREE TIMESHARE - 3 weeks a year plus tons and tons of bonus weeks we literally couldn't use them all! Shenandoah Crossings Resort

    My family has owned for 16 years. It has been fantastic. Kid's starting their own lives so we are willing to give away. The resort fees are high but WHY IT'S BEEN WORTH IT! So you get 3 weeks one blue, one white, and one red. You just call and book no locked in week. Here is why we really...
  14. Aussiedog

    RENTED!!! Hammocks at Marathon, Marathon Key, Jan 10-17 $800!!

    Thank you TUG 7 nights in Marathon Key, Florida!! (we had to cancel our vacation at the last minute) 1 bedroom, sleeps 4, no pets. This is the best unit in the resort, top (3rd) floor, facing ocean. Our deeded unit so this is what you get. $800. Contact me with a pm on the Board or text 919-349-3270
  15. eschjw

    Myrtle Beach 2 Bedroom 5 to 7 nights Check-in between 6/15 & 6/23

    Looking for a Myrtle Beach area 2 bedroom for 5 to 7 nights. We prefer beachfront. Check-in date between 6/15 and 6/23 is flexible. July dates after the 4th also work, but I will request them later if my June request does not get filled. I know of several Wyndham and Bluegreen resorts that would...
  16. D

    Looking to trade Bluegreen owbership.

    We have points in Bluegreen and we have moved to the west coast. We are looking for someone who is moving the opposite direction that may want to trade for Windmark ownership. Hope this is the right place to post this :)
  17. Luis Consuegra

    New Bluegreen points owner, what next?

    I will soon be the owner of 60,000 bluegreen points encompassing various resorts. I'm a total novice with points, we own a week in Orlando that we trade on II every other year. that has worked out great for us. I intend to use some of the points for a week or 2 in Marathon Fl every year. that...
  18. L

    Free* Bluegreen 4,000 annual and 4,000 biennial points

    The points are free but we are hoping the buyer will cover the transfer fee, but that’s flexible. All annual and maintenance fees are up to date. Vacation Club Ownership Level Current Points status: Biennial Points 4,000 expires 12/31/2018 Future Points: Available 1/1/2019 Annual points...
  19. B

    [Deleted - see note below]

    [Advertising/soliciting is not permitted in the discussion forums. Our classifieds are linked at the top of the page: MARKETPLACE.]
  20. J

    Free 4000 Point biennial Bluegreen Vacation Club at Big Cedar

    Will cover transfer fee. All annual and maintenance fees are up to date. Vacation Club Ownership Level Current Points status: Annual 4,000 expires 05/31/2019 Biennial Points 4,000 expires 05/31/2020 2017 Maintenance Fees: $589.00 2017 Vacation Club Dues: $129.00 Deeded for Wilderness Club...
  21. M

    Trying to get rid of my Bluegreen 7,000. Any tips?

    Hi, I have 7,000 biennial points to give away- not sure how to do it. What a some tips and how could I approach this?
  22. A

    BlueGreen 12000 EOY For Free

    We have been loyal members since 2014 and have made great memories using our BlueGreen Vacations. We’re military members that got assigned overseas and have a new baby so this program no longer fits our needs. The BlueGreen Vacations group offers a wide selection of resorts to choose from...
  23. W

    [BlueGreen Info wanted]

    Forgive my ignorance as im new to the timeshare world. Im looking to purchase a BlueGreen timeshare with charter rights to Shenandoah Crossings to utilize the RV sites. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  24. R

    Free Bluegreen Weeks Timeshare Shenandoah Crossing

    Deeded UDI Cabin ownership. Provides 4 guaranteed weeks per year. Weeks are perpetual and allow owner to have access to the property year round. Mortgage is been paid off, no liens, and is owned out right. Looking for new owner to take over ownership. Owner has access to day use the resort 365...
  25. Sara25

    free bluegreen points

    I have 14,000 biennial points purchased from christmas mountain village in 2008! I would like to just get rid of it. There is nothing owed on it and maintenance fees of $770 was paid november 2017 in full! Points will be filled april 1st 2018. Im looking to transfer to a current bluegreen owner...
  26. Sara25

    how to sell bluegreen points

    Im brand new to this site so bare with me! I have been an owner for just over 10 years and I just want out! I dont know where to begin to sell my timeshare. [Details redacted because we don't permit advertising in the discussion forums, but we have a forum just for this - see details below.]
  27. partpro26

    Any Bluegreen owners out there?

    Hi Tuggers. I recently stayed at Bluegreen - Fountains in Orlando booked through RCI. I attended the presentation but being armed with knowledge from this site I did not succumb to their sales tactics (I bought my HGVC resale with the help of TUG). They tried to sell me 20000 points with a...
  28. simpsontruckdriver

    Daytona Beach 09/22-09/24

    My wife and I are attending marriage seminars at the Hilton Daytona Beach, and since many hotels (including the Hilton) are at least $100/night, we figure a timeshare would work. Wyndham Ocean Walk preferred, 1-bedroom deluxe (2-bedroom deluxe is fine), or if not WOW, must be on the beach in...
  29. X

    Free Bluegreen Points Available

    6,000 points on odd years on March 1, deeded to the Bluegreen Fountains Resort in Orlando, FL. Account currently has 6000 points stored and the mortgage is paid off. Trust Fund is E, Sales Type is A Annual maintenance fees are $643.70 due in April. We found Bluegreen to be a pleasant...
  30. R

    Bluegreen for sale (8,000 Biennual Pts)

    8,000 points on odd years (refill September 1) The property that is deeded is in Chicago at the Hotel Blake. Points can be used at any Bluegreen resort (there are currently 64 different locations listed on their website)at any time during the year for no additional cost. Mortgage is paid in...