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2010 Maintenance Fee Thread


TUG Review Crew
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Apr 5, 2009
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Ottawa, ON, Canada
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Vistana Resort Orlando (2BR, Deeded Wk10) , Silver Lake Resort Orlando (3BRLO)
Cuts to Courts refurbishment

bulldogz, ... "wonder what they cut back from the refurbished cost?"

I had lunch yesterday with a member of the HOA Board I used to be on. Ongoing major balcony restorations are being done on all the townhome units where I live.

The bids from contractors for this year's work are about 20% less than what had been bid per unit for the same balcony work last year. The economy affects everyone. Contractors need to keep their crews busy and are taking less money to do the same jobs. 3 years ago contractors were King - if you could even get them to bid on projects.

So, while I do not know for sure, it could be that the savings did not come from changes in the specifications which lower the quality of the finished product. They may have come because the bids for the work came in lower than budgeted or expected. ... eom

I was wondering what was cut from the Courts refurbishment as well when we recieved notice of the reduction in fees back in January. The total reduction to the SA was 26%, which is pretty significant.

With the May SA billing we have an answer:

"Planned expenditures were reduced by $1.7 million. Kitchen appliances, previously included, will be replaced during their normal replacement cycle as these were recently replaced in the last few years. Soundproofing in the townhome units and the replacement of the windows/sliding glass doors, and handrails & stringers throughout the property were eliminated from the project. The modification to the refurbishment plan achieved a per week savings of $268 for villas and $402 for townhomes. Refurbishment is scheduled to begin February 2011 and conclude by July 2011."

IMO the appliances are probably a good call - most of the appliances in our unit are in pretty good shape. Not sure if soundproofing the townhomes was necessary - but you could ask a villa owner downstairs. We had no noise problems through the walls, but often wonder if the villa owners can hear us walking above. Handrails and stringers seem okay - I haven't noticed anyone falling through the collapsing stairs. But I am gobsmacked about the sliding doors being cut - the one in our unit is an ancient aluminum door that doesn't lock. There is a "nail-on-a-chain" drilled through the door frame that was installed to lock the door. Seems kind of strange to have sophisticated mag locks on the front door, with no security at the back door.

We are also greatly disappointed by the schedule delay (although I suspected as much this past March because Cascades seemed behind schedule). Since we are there again in March this year we will be in the middle of reno's that should have been completed this summer, and suspect our unit won't be done (if they start at either end, we are in the middle). We had kind of planned on having a stay in our reno'd unit once, as we are planning on trading out for the next couple of years after. Looks like I won't get to see what I paid for now until 2014 or 2015.:bawl: I guess that's just whinging tho...


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Feb 28, 2010
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I read the court docket but could not learn what the most recent motions have been, nor if the matter is set for a trial date: Why was a special attorney appointed? Could you update us?


Apr 6, 2009
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Mississauga, ON
Not sure if soundproofing the townhomes was necessary - but you could ask a villa owner downstairs. We had no noise problems through the walls, but often wonder if the villa owners can hear us walking above. ...

When I first saw the refurb cost and what it included, I was happy that they decided to soundproof the walls and floor. I am disappointed about the soundproofing being removed from the cost.

Wonder if any of the board members actually owned a bottom unit or actually stay in their villa.

Although we own the above villa, I feel bad for the people downstairs.. half the time I can hear my self walking .. the floor just feels hallow? And we have 3 young kids.

last year, we had an elderly couple staying below us. They called security the first night we arrived (we arrived about 10PM) and complained we made too much noise. :(
And the last day the elderly gentleman came up on our last day and asked us if we could stop until he saw it was my 2 year daughter walking and heard the 'thumping' as she walked by him.

The side wall is not any better, I believed our neighour had some guests over visiting till about 10:30 to 11:00 one night and we can hear the laughter through the wall and their talking. We didnt really mind, as everyone is entitle to have fun .. it's the summer :) they were doing it inside the villa.

Just dissappointed that we were not invited :D Just kidding.


Jun 6, 2005
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WKORV, WKV, SDO, Kauai Beach Villas, Island Park Village (Yellowstone), Hyatt High Sierra.
Just bumping this to the top so I can compare 2011 MFs to 2010 MFs when they come in.

You don't have to bump it - it is linked in Owner Resources at the top of the page, under the Maintenance Fee heading.