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  1. D

    SVV Bella/Key West just for SO

    Hi everyone, I live on the west coast and I am looking at my first time share purchase. I would like to vacation the last week of January every year. I was zooming in on Vistana mandatory properties and the only ones I would actually stay at are the WKORV and WKORVN. Given their high acquisition...
  2. D

    Buy Resale WKORV vs WKORVN

    Hi, Thank you for this amazing forum, I am looking for a first time purchase of a 2 bedroom week in a mandatory resort to take advantage of the VSN exchange. I live in LA and we often vacation in Hawaii so either the WKORV or WKORVN make the most sense for us. I ruled out buying Kierland high...
  3. cindylou

    Seeking advice on renting out WKORV - unit size/combos, taxes in ads

    We find ourselves needing to rent out multiple prime weeks at WKORV in 2022 (preferably for top dollar) and are seeking past experiences from others regarding: 1) Ads. Do you put ads out as 2 bedroom units, or 1 BR and studio, or all 3 unit types? I'd rather not spend $45 for each Redweek ad x...
  4. V

    Availability for WKORV - 2 BD Ocean Front Deluxe

    Hi! My husband and I are looking at a resale for a 2bdrm oceanfront deluxe annual at WKORV. We are entirely new to timeshares, other than the Nanea (overpriced) developer presentation that we attended. We like the concept and the flexibility of the Vistana point system to sometimes go somewhere...
  5. taterhed

    Questions on WKORV resale transfer and booking.

    Hi! Status: I'm in the middle of a resale transfer for WKORV OFD; the contract has passed ROFR, the documents are all signed and notarized and we're just waiting on the Hawaii tax form to come back before sending the package to Vistana. I'll email the package to Vistana to try and speed...
  6. taterhed

    Request for availability check WKORV OFD

    Would someone be kind enough to check the availability for reservations in June/July of 2019 for WKORV OFD (lockoff), prefer Sat check-in? I'm sure June 2019 is gone, but hey... let me know. Our transfer will be too slow to book in July (I'm sure...) and I need to get the sellers to book for...
  7. G

    Question about WKORV/WKORVN vs Nanea

    Hello: I have a somewhat urgent (because we just did this and we're still on site) question because we just purchased 2BR week from the developer at Nanea and I'm wondering if the things we liked about Nanea are also available from a resale WKORV/WKORVN: - we liked the floating/flex day concept...
  8. cindylou

    WKORV Weeks up for auction

    In case anyone is interested, as of last week, posted on the bulletin board by the Redbox at the WKORV lobby is a list of about 2 dozen weeks that are going up for auction at a location in Maui (the courthouse I believe) in a few weeks. I should have taken a picture of the 2 pages, but I didn't...
  9. A

    Reserving half of your unit at a time? WKORV or WKORN?

    Please excuse me if this is posted elsewhere — I’ve looked around and haven’t found it. I’m interested in learning how best to reserve half of a 2BR lockoff at a time for a 2 week stay in WKORV or WKORN — assuming Home resort, 12-months in advance. Also assume you have OF view and want to keep...
  10. B

    WKORV Ocean View vs Graden View

    We just finished a great vacation to Maui and stayed in an ocean front studio villa at WKORVN. We are now preparing a trip for next February with the family in a 2-bedroom villa and want to make reservations at any of the three Vistanna/Westin properties. Right now, it looks like oceanfront...