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  1. T

    Using Previous Owner to Reserve Weeks Pending Resale Closure

    I bought at SVV-Bella this summer. The Closing Process is moving rather slow. I have a recorded deed approved by the county, and now the paperwork is in vistanas queue to confirm my ownership on their end. They have had the paperwork since 14 July. My issue is, I am planning a vacation to the...
  2. wballoni

    How specific can requests be?

    I was told that when making a reservation that one can also make requests. How specific can such requests be? Can I request a specific unit, or building, or floor? I'm sure I can ask for anything, but what can I reasonably expect to be honored? Note that I'm not talking about asking for...
  3. RNCollins

    Vail Resorts will require skiers to make reservations this winter

    Vail Resorts will require skiers to make reservations this winter By Robert Silk / USA / Travel Weekly / www.travelweekly.com / Aug 27, 2020 https://www.travelweekly.com/North-America-Travel/Vail-will-require-reservations-to-ski “Vail Resorts will require skiers and snowboarders across its 34...
  4. J

    Housekeeping and Reservation fees with resale contracts

    At an update this morning, I was told that points acquired through a resale purchase, when used to make a reservation, are charged reservation fee and housekeeping credits, even if VIP and has unlimited housekeeping credits and reservations. So I asked if this is true, then when making a...
  5. S

    One Week Owners Allowed to Reserve 13months ahead of time?

    Prior to 2019, I owned 2 weeks of Marriott Timeshare (Maui) and always reserved 13months in advance. I am now down to 1 week and thought I would be limited to a reservation 12months in advance. However, yesterday I heard from someone that she has had success in reserving 13months in advance as a...
  6. G

    Exploria Resorts booking procedures

    I'm thinking of buying a few weeks at one of the Exploria resorts (Gatlinburg Town Square). Could anyone explain the reservation procedures for booking a float week at your home resort? Or at another Exploria managed resort? Thank you in advance.
  7. taterhed

    Questions on WKORV resale transfer and booking.

    Hi! Status: I'm in the middle of a resale transfer for WKORV OFD; the contract has passed ROFR, the documents are all signed and notarized and we're just waiting on the Hawaii tax form to come back before sending the package to Vistana. I'll email the package to Vistana to try and speed...
  8. M

    Bought Wyndham Club Access Yesterday Without Understanding-Help Please?

    Good Morning, I attended my very first timeshare presentation yesterday at Wyndham, Williamsburg, VA. I totally fell for the presentation without doing my usual research and due diligence. (I know,-STUPID!) Since I still have 6 more days to back out, I'm asking for assistance. Note: I have...
  9. C

    Wyndham Shearwater rental question

    I booked a week online through Wyndham's own Extra Holidays just before Christmas for the first week in April (week after Easter). I paid the deposit through their link that took me to Paypal and received the confirmation email. One month later, I receive an email from both Paypal and American...
  10. TXTortoise

    Reservations & Lockoffs

    I think I know the answer, but... Floating Unit... 2018 will be my first time to book my MOC 2BR OF floating unit. My Feb 2019 plans are fluid, but I want the option to use the 2BR or split and use only the 1BR or Lock-off. Same week. I can reserve 13 months out in January. When I do, I...
  11. T

    Wyndham Reservations Screwed Up!

    We have 2 reservations for 2 separate units checking in at Myrtle Beach made last year. Both were made for 7 nights. We received a confirmation call this week and one had been changed to 3 nights! We have called every number and talked to numerous people after holding for HOURS and we have...
  12. M

    Cancel & Rebook / New Website

    A number of posts have brought up when trying to cancel and rebook to take advantage of our discounts their reservation seems to have gone into a black hole. Today I was told an "enhancement" of the system is when a reservation is cancelled it is automatically run through new logic and given to...
  13. TXTortoise

    Maui Feb Reservations

    I've digested all the Maui threads and have had some great help via PMs from folks. I'm struggling with whether to drop a ridiculous amount of money into 2-3 Lahaina 2BR OF fixed weeks or stick to the old buildings. We actually like the old buildings but, ... For those long-time users that...