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  1. R

    Buying a Fixed Week HICV Resale question

    Hello! My wife and I are looking to buy our first ever timeshare and I have some questions. My understanding is that HICV is a “points only” system, which is not what we are interested in. We are looking for the old school deeded, fixed week, same place and time every year. On redweek, even...
  2. G

    Marriott Abound points vs Resale

    We did a sales presentation a couple of days ago on Abound at the Westin in Maui. Question, seems as though it will start being cheaper then just paying cash after 18 years. Which seems like a really long time horizon. 2ndly, can one buy a resale time share and convert into the Abound...
  3. G

    Do resale purchases get added to current point totals?

    I recently converted my Diamond resort membership to a HGV Max one. I only have 5,000 points a year, but would like more. If I buy HGV points resale from Ebay or somewhere else, do the points just get added to my current ones? Also, I was told at a recent timeshare review that I need a minimum...
  4. A

    Hilton Resale Questions/Advice!

    I am looking to purchase my 1st hilton timeshare. I am thinking between 6000 to 8000 points and had a few questions I hope the community can answer for me. - Do resale owners have access to international destinations (this is the main reason for the purchase, to supplement my MVC membership)...
  5. B

    HGV timeshare resale Department

    I recently contacted theHGV resale department in hopes they would just take our timeshare back. It's paid off, 5600 points annually, and up to date on its maintenance fee. Has anyone had any experience with them? I wanted to try them first to get out of this timeshare.
  6. H

    Adding Resale deed to HGV Max account

    HGVC Deed Question My wife and I are HGVC owners (deeded legacy, no trust points) and have 11,520 points (post Diamond adjustment) annually. We have Max, Dex, etc. Here’s my question: now that we have what we need through HGVC to get all of the perks you have to buy directly from HGVC (such...
  7. L

    Selling Spinnaker Waterside...can owner booking be transferred with the deed?

    My parents are too old to visit their Hilton Head Waterside 3 bdrm unit so I'm working to sell it. I have a prospective buyer who says they'll buy it if I can book June 29/24 - July 6/24. If I'm successful at booking this week as the owner (360 days in advance), can this booking be transferred...
  8. M

    Want to purchase a resale timeshare - Points or weeks???

    Hello, my wife and 2 young boys love to travel, but as they get older (4 and 6), having separate bedrooms, a kitchen, laundry, etc is becoming more of a priority. We were looking at MVC points but have discovered that the point system can be very expensive. Would it be better to purchase a week...
  9. S

    Will buying a resale effect my credit report?

    This might be a really silly question but I want to be 100% sure. I am looking to buy a resale deeded week with HVC/Diamond or Marriott. I will be paying in full. I am also in the process of buying a house. So, I don't want anything touching my credit report. Will buying the resale trigger a...
  10. B

    Is an EOY/Odd + EOY/Even IDENTICAL to Annual?

    I'm looking to buy resale points at Wyndham Bali Hai, but have noticed that they have a lot of contracts that are EOY. I would prefer an annual, but if I can't find one, is getting an EOY/Odd AND the same points in EOY/Even the same as owning a single annual contract? I'm just trying to find...
  11. L

    What are typical broker’s fees for a resale?

    Hello, I was wondering what are typical fees for a broker when selling a resale? Is it a percentage of the sale or is there a set fee? Thanks so much!
  12. L

    Preferred Timeshare Resales?

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone has purchased a resale through Preferred Timeshare Resales? And is it better to purchase a resale through a broker who has listed for someone on Redweek, or directly from an owner who is selling on Redweek? Thanks so much!
  13. S

    Completely New

    Hi everyone, I’m excited to join this incredibly knowledgeable community. I am just returning from Florida after attending a Hilton Vacation Club session. We didn’t buy but the program has me interested in resales. A few questions: 1) Did I make the right call? The package was expensive for...
  14. C

    Looking for advice on sale pricing - Hilton Club New York

    Hi everyone, Hope this is an allowable post. My parents own an HGVC timeshare at the Hilton Club New York. The total annual fees are $1,971.00 USD ($336 of which are club dues). It receives 8000 HGVC points annually (5000 before the conversion). They purchased for around $42k USD, but I...
  15. M

    Newbie needs help with first HGVC resale purchase: Trump International or Grand Islander

    Looking to buy our first TS and have two different options. Both look like good deals relative to other offers but still leery about pulling the trigger on our first TS because it feels like we are always missing something in this complex world. We might use the Islander once or twice (prob...
  16. S

    Valuation help for a possible Marriott resale

    Hi all! I am considering purchasing a family friend's Marriott timeshare and wanted to understand a few things first. There are 2 separate timeshares in the account: 1) Is a week at Marriott’s Grande Vista in Orlando. 2 Bedroom + 2 Bath. Season: Platinum It says “Enrolled” (I believe this means...
  17. S

    Sheraton Flex - newbie resale questions

    Hi all! I'm a newbie and need some advice. We bought Sheraton Flex at Steamboat Springs and are going to be rescinding tomorrow (we bought for $26k: 67,100 options, they gave us 134,2000 options to be used in the first two years, and 6 certs to buy 330,000 Bonvoy points for about $2,200 each)...
  18. ushulu

    Urgent need some truth/help here...

    We are at the Westin Ocean Villa now. Thinking of buying a week, suppose to sign the contract tomorrow....they told us today that the resale owner can NOT exchange in their network. They can only stay at where their deed is. If they want to change inside Westin network, they have to do it...
  19. T

    Marriott Kauai Beach club resale question

    We are looking to buy Marriott Kauai Beach club resale 2 BR OV Annual for little over $5K (including closing costs). Would like to get feedback on if this is a good buy. Thanks so much!
  20. P

    Marriott Vacation Club - Planning to buy and need guidance

    Hello Everyone - We recently stayed at Grande vista and attended the 90 min sales pitch and purchased a MVC destination 1500 point package at $21k and $1157 MF. Perks were 3000 points + Another 1500 after 18 months. Luckily stumbled at this site and realized the blunder we had made. Luckily it...
  21. M

    Need ii help for dummies

    Geeetings! I honestly thought I had read all the how to’s and understood them but then I went to try to exchange my week for the first time and I’m completely lost. background: bought gold week on resale market (very happy with it) however next year we will be traveling elsewhere when we...
  22. J

    How do Biennial (developer) and Annual (resale) Contract Use Years Get combined?

    Hello, I have owned 168,000 biennial points with an even year, Dec 31 use year end at Bonnet Creek that I bought directly through Wyndham. I recently purchased an annual resale contract on ebay, for 190,000 points with use year end of Sep 30. I was just notified that the title transfer has...
  23. T

    Using Previous Owner to Reserve Weeks Pending Resale Closure

    I bought at SVV-Bella this summer. The Closing Process is moving rather slow. I have a recorded deed approved by the county, and now the paperwork is in vistanas queue to confirm my ownership on their end. They have had the paperwork since 14 July. My issue is, I am planning a vacation to the...
  24. T

    Vistana confirming Timeshare Transfer

    Howdy! Question on Vistana Timelines. I just closed on SVV in late June and closing company sent docs to Vistana to confirm the transfer on their end. According to the tracking info I received, Vistana received all documents required on July 19. I haven’t heard anything beyond this point. I’ve...
  25. N

    [Comparison] 2 vs 3 bedroom lock off for purchase

    Looking to purchase [Comments deleted so as to remove appearance of an ad.] for use as well as trades. Current DP owner. What are the pros and cons of a two bedroom versus a three bedroom lock off for trading through II? We do have 3 kids so do fit in the 2 bedroom for use and straight across...
  26. prajora

    Wyndham resale with low MF?

    Anyone have low MF Wyndham on resale? Already own HGVC but will consider low MF to go to more local places in Northern California. Prefer MF less than 600. Thx
  27. A

    Worth it to buy Welk developer points to convert 'resale' status to 'developer purchased'? - in midst of Merger

    Introduction: I was lucky enough to find this website during a Welks presentation 3 years ago as they were trying to sell me a 180k point developer package with benefits for ~$24k. The resale market proved invaluable and I instead opted to buy a 780k point package for $8.5k instead :rolleyes...
  28. B

    What should I buy?

    Currently have 7,000 annual HGVC points (Sea World but we never stay there). Frustrated with lack of options in warm places in the winter months and frustrated with continental US Gold Crown options in RCI. We bought our pts aftermarket and considering a non-HGVC aftermarket purchase that has...
  29. Family Traveler

    Advice Needed on Selling HGV NY Club

    Greetings, Like so many others, I wish I found this forum years ago! Thank you for all your informative posts. We are looking to sell our timeshare and would like advice on how/where to sell it and realistically what we should expect to get for it. We own at The New York Club, 7,000 points and...
  30. S

    Buying HGVC resale if I already own

    I already have 7000 annual HGVC platinum points at Las Palmeras. If I found and purchased addition platinum points resale for the same resort, Las Palmeras, will this keep my maintenance fees lower (obviously higher then 7000 annual points) compared to buying resale at another resort? I'm...