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  1. Andrearr

    HIVC resale info

    Can someone do a detailed post about limitations and restrictions of buying holiday inn vacation club resale? I found one of those posts for vistana after purchasing from the developer I was able to rescind and buy directly from somebody on this site. looking for the same regarding holiday inn...
  2. D

    Need advice on current offer to upgrade to Westin Flex and to "retro" a resale

    Hi all, I know there are some real pros here on Vistana ownerships. I'm at Westin Kierland and the vacation club sales team made us an offer and also gave us a day to think about it. Due to COVID, it sounds better than other offers I've heard in the past, but I am still cautious. We currently...
  3. J

    Not sure if I'm getting a deal

    Discovered this forum today and new to T/S. I own a deeded timeshare/vacation club with very low points (5k) that I bought a couple of years ago. It's paid off and the maintenance is minimal (approx $150/year). It came with access to RCI and I've used it multiple times to book "extra vacations"...
  4. G

    Can you view Resorts availability prior to purchasing a resale Timeshare? How to make ab educated decision on a resale

    Hello Tugs, I am interested in investing in timeshares to be used as a way to payoff maintenance fees and put some extra money in my pocket. Some of the questions I have during my searches are: * If I bought this, would I even be able to book a popular month to be able to list my week... even...
  5. L

    1 day left to rescind contract and need some advice!

    We got 126k points with 175 bonus points for 19k. They were "resale" points, but purchased officially. I understand that I can get the same amount of points for like $800 resale online, and am likely going to rescind the contract. However.....I like that our current points include Wyndham and...
  6. cindylou

    Marriott now allegedly allowing Vistana (Westin and Sheraton) properties in their Resale Program

    I just attended our Lakeside Terrace Annual Owner meeting yesterday and as of about 2 weeks ago, Marriott is including the Sheraton and Westin properties in their resale program. An owner attended the meeting simply because she wanted to find a way to legitimately get rid of her unit and Chris...
  7. S

    VIP package scheduled for Spring, should I purchase as LLC to avoid ROFR?

    Hello, Long time lurker, first time poster. A year ago Hilton brought us in for a HGVC presentation. We were interested, but I dont like to make large purchases without researching. Instead, we purchased an HGVC VIP package in Hawaii for this Spring. I stumbled upon TUG and found a wealth...
  8. J

    Housekeeping and Reservation fees with resale contracts

    At an update this morning, I was told that points acquired through a resale purchase, when used to make a reservation, are charged reservation fee and housekeeping credits, even if VIP and has unlimited housekeeping credits and reservations. So I asked if this is true, then when making a...
  9. L

    Sample Notice of ROFR?

    Would anyone please be so kind to share a sample notice of ROFR to the seller (e.g., Hilton, Marriott, etc.)? What should be included in the notice, besides the price of resale? Thanks so much.
  10. H

    What does this Addendum mean? HGVC

    Hi all, Quick question. I am entering into a resale contract for HGVC Tuscany Village EOY Odd and I received a copy of the deed with this addendum. The estoppel shows 7000 points EOY and looks how it's supposed to look. However, I wanted to check on this addendum and if this is what it's...
  11. redgirlraven

    Hyatt and ROFR

    Hello, I just purchased a Hyatt Ka'anapali timeshare and am still within the cancelation period. I am wondering if anyone has recently successfully sold/purchased there without Hyatt excersising their ROFR? I see similar properties on resale marketplaces for much less than what I am paying and...
  12. M

    HGVC New Purchase

    Ok everyone, I need to start out by saying that I am completely new to these types of vacation ownership/timeshare programs (which will likely become very evident soon!). My wife and I just purchased new from Orlando yesterday. We made the decision because to us the numbers seemed to make sense...
  13. E

    Wyndham Resale Points + RCI Membership - Not included?

    I am currently in the process of purchasing resale points for Wyndham club... discussing with the broker and other sales agent attempts, I was told that I would automatically get a RCI membership for becoming a Wyndham member and will have access to last call, etc... However, today I called...
  14. A

    Should I Wait to Buy Resale Until My Rescission Goes Through?

    Hi, I’m a timeshare newbie and am sending my rescission letter to Wyndham Resorts today after buying from them a couple days ago. Thanks to this site for saving me $$! And I thought they gave me a good deal.. I am now researching into buying resale as well as keeping an eye on the giveaway...
  15. G


    I'm looking into purchasing our first timeshare. We are interested in Vistana, Marriott, and HGVC. My question is: What are the restrictions when purchasing a resale timeshare? I know with Vistana, the "StarOptions" are not part of the Vistana Signature Network (VSN) after resale. So only the...
  16. CPNY

    Vistana Resale - Choice of Exchange company?

    im a current Vistana owner at HRA and SVV Key West. Both use Interval International. I’m in the process of picking up an every other year in the Bella phase. I noticed on the estoppel that the exchange company is RCI. Some questions. Do i have a choice in which to use? Do I have to have an...
  17. Grammarhero

    Want to buy this $3 resale Varsity Clubs South Bend TS but TUG Ad disappeared.

    After speaking with my little sister, she says the most she can travel with her daughter was to Varsity Clubs South Bend in the summer, maybe an EOY visit although I may purchase an EY TS. I just visited Chicago for two (2) days. I barely scratched the surface of Chicago and miss the place. I...
  18. erinnr

    Premier Membership?

    Hi all, Can anyone please explain to me what a “Premier Membership” means with Worldmark and does it transfer with sale? Thank you!
  19. SteelerGal

    Notary Reqirements

    When is Notary required for both buyer and seller? Is it based on Title Company? Resort? I have never had to as a buyer but is being asked for a recent purchase.
  20. W

    Exchanges on legacy Marriott program (merged)

    Looking for some advice. I’m considering buying into a legacy platinum week at Marriott Grande Vista. 3 bedroom every other year. Plan is to use 2 bedroom unit and exchange the lock off portion on II for use on my off years(I think I would be exchanging a studio?). Is this a good plan? Would...
  21. Rachman

    How do escrowed eBay Sellers make money?

    I was looking to purchase a timeshare on eBay and see the bid for a few ideal Timeshares were only $1. In addition some are offering gift cards and closing costs paid in full. What is in it for these unattached sellers/brokers (ex. J&J Timeshare & Timeshares4U) who have no affiliation with the...
  22. tahoeJoe

    Worldmark Newbie

    I am interested in having regular access or owning at the Woldmark in Windsor CA (Wine Country). What is the cheapest (MF and purchase costs) way to do this? 1) Buy a resale week at the Worldmark Windsor resort? 2) Buy a resale week at another Worldmark resort with lower MFs and trade in? 2a)...
  23. rayreavis

    Cheated out of first year use of resale

    Buyer beware. I bought a resale at Oakmont in Pigeon Forge, TN through the seller named timeshares4u on eBay. It was a good deal, cheap maintenance fees, and it's a property my daughter and I will enjoy for several years. The problem is the timeshare was listed as *FREE 2019 USE* in the title...
  24. C

    $1 resales - what's the catch?

    I am shopping around for timeshare/vacation club to join. I've listened to the pitch for a few and read up on others. I came across Vistana on Red Week and noticed a number of the units going for as low as $1 dollar. There has to be some sort of catch here. -Why are people practically...
  25. S

    Using Ovation with resale points....

    Does anyone happen to know whether you can use the Wyndham Ovation system to turn in points that you purchased off the resale market? Does it matter if it's deeded or CWA?
  26. J

    Is Flex resale worth it?

    I am a current owner of 241,000 flex options. I use them to book at the same place every year, the Sheraton Steamboat Villas. I would love the opportunity to get into that massive three-bedroom mountainside Villa in the Morningside tower but that would require a purchase of an additional 16,700...
  27. M

    HGVC Tuscany Village Orlando

    I have been reading through a lot of these forums. I was really close to hiring one of those exit companies. I am not a numbers person, so all of this $1 per point stuff confuses me. Anyway, I'm looking for advice on a fair price for my TS. I own a 1 br at the Tuscany Village. I have an annual...
  28. T

    Buy direct or resale ?

    I have looked through the forums and I think I'm getting the answer I need, but figured I'd ask specifically. We are considering buying into HGV. For example, say we purchased 7000 to 9000 points at one of the Orlando properties, would we get the same benefits if we purchase resale as we...
  29. L

    Help - my survey - maybe buying a welk timeshare

    Hi everyone, I am so glad I found this group/site! You are all certainly a wealth of information! I am new-ish to timesharing. My parents owned one at Wapato Point in Manson/Lake chelan, Washington for 25 years and we went yearly. Absolutely loved it. When I grew up, for the last number of...
  30. Shankilicious

    Buying more points resale.

    Ok, so I've owned with Welk Resorts for 3 years now and overall, after a rough start and learning how to best utilize my points and bonus weeks etc, we have been making positive ground on our investment. My questions that I can't find a direct answer to on here are these: 1-If I buy more points...