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rent a timeshare

  1. S

    Wanted: Williamsburg Virginia timeshare rental June

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone had a timeshare available for rent in Williamsburg Virginia for one week in the beginning of June. Preferably a 2 bedroom and I’m not looking to spend more than $650. I have stayed at kingsgate the last 6 years and my family really enjoys it there. Thank you.
  2. B

    Looking for Input… [ Hilton ]

    Hello all! I’m wanting some advice on a situation I’m in. I have a timeshare with Hilton the HGV Max program. My wife and I own it already but don’t really use it much. We don’t want to keep paying maintenance fees on it since we don’t use it much. Should we sell it or try renting it out or just...
  3. J

    Best Way to Rent Unit in Hawaii?

    Hi, I have a unit I'd like to rent in Hilton Hawaiian Village,... I've posted it on AirBnB and Redweek, but have had little success. Has anyone used VRBO before, or any other recommendations? I tried posting to VRBO, but they require both a Transient Accommodations Tax (TAT) number and a...
  4. T

    Buy vs. rent

    Last week, I purchased a Worldmark by Wyndham VIP $17,000 upgrade and then cancelled 3 days later when I looked at the deal in more detail. I decided that I should take my time, do the research, and consider buying a better quality timeshare on the resale market. I'm leaning towards Marriott...
  5. L

    How much does [Redweek] charge to place an ad?

    Hello! I’m looking into renting from someone through Interval, and I was wondering how much it costs for an owner to place an ordinary ad…not verified. Thanks so much!
  6. C

    My 6th year and I still don’t know! I need help getting the most of my timeshare.

    Ok, we purchased one at the Vacation Village at Parkway. I still don’t know how to get most out of it. I want to rent the free week I have, it’s during kids school year in August, so we can never use it. Also every time I want to go somewhere everywhere is BOOKED! People telling me I need to...
  7. R

    Advice needed as looking to sell 3 timeshares: Regal Vistas At Massanutten | Eagle Trace At Massanutten | The Summit At Massanutten

    Hi, we have 3 timeshares we are looking to sell all at Massanutten Resort. We live in the UK so it's slightly difficult to visit different agencies in person, so hoping to get as much information here. 1] Regal Vistas At Massanutten 2] Eagle Trace At Massanutten 3] The Summit Hoping to get...
  8. P

    What does everyone use to rent their weeks?

    Hello, We were wondering about renting out some of our Vidanta weeks, we have more than we need and was wondering what everyone uses and how successful? So far, I have seen redweek.com, whicj seems legit but its not free. Thanks
  9. I

    When to post HGVC Las Vegas rental wish list ad?

    Hello world! (First to start a thread.) I am considering purchasing one of the HGVC Las Vegas resorts because the annual maintenance cost is usually cheaper (I am primarily looking for points!) and I like to look around CES. I will look for the historical rental price, but I am not sure when...
  10. J

    [How to rent RCI points]

    As the title says, I have amassed quite a bunch of points through RCI. We just had a baby, and with COVID, we haven't been using them. Whats the best way to get renters? Ideally, I could book anything available though RCI - and for a great deal. Just looking to cover some of my costs.
  11. A

    DELETED - please see note below

    [Please review the rules and big red date at the top of the forum. Also, since the maximim asking price on this forum is $115 per night, you are highly unlikely to get a 3 bedroom in Hawaii during high season for that rate.]
  12. P

    Renting questions

    Hi we are owners at Wyndham palm Aire, we we're thinking of renting our 2020 points, we have stuff planned etc, questions we have are as follows 1) we have enough points to rent 3 weeks a two bedroom. Do we rent as one block? Or break into three? I'm a newbie but if I break into three won't I...
  13. njsicilian

    Advice on Renting a Timeshare?

    What is the recommended way to handle the money transaction when renting your own timeshare to another person via TUG or RedWeek, etc. ? I know some service such as Redweek offer a Title company for a fee to protect both renter and rentee for a fee of around $200 ( which could be split...