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  1. RNCollins

    RedWeek - Cyber Monday Only! 1 year of membership for only $9.99 [MERGED]

    RedWeek - Cyber Monday Only! 1 year of membership for only $9.99 https://www.redweek.com/ ONE-DAY ONLY $9.99 MEMBERSHIP Back by popular demand - our Cyber Monday membership sale! Now through midnight Monday, November 30 (PT), get a one-year RedWeek membership for $9.99 (regularly...

    RedWeek Extends Listing Expiry Date

    Just received an email informing me that RedWeek had extended the Expiry-Date on all my pending "Active" listings. All my "Active" listings now have an Expiry-Date == Check-In-Date. Albeit small but still nice gesture.
  3. A

    RedWeek.com - Verified & Protected

    RedWeek have introduced a new feature called Verified & Protected. Its a higher cost than the standard listing but they claim it offers the renter more protection. They verify unit is valid and create the listing and handle payments, but don't pay out to lister/owner until 2 days after...
  4. simpsontruckdriver

    Marriott taking over ILG resorts and II

    Marriott buying Hyatt/Interval TS
  5. J

    I am developing a new rental platform, what features would owners want to see?

    Good Morning! I am developing a new rental platform, we will be live in 60-70 days. In development, we have an owner centric platform that charges ZERO fees to the owner, all you'd have to do is tell us how much you want for a week and we have been developing a dynamic pricing model to mark up...
  6. ski_sierra

    RedWeek Full Service Listings

    Just wanted to post this for new buyers and for people who are looking to sell their weeks. I find RedWeek Full Service Listings deceptive. They don't tell their upfront closing costs and they add $300 to 500 to the cost of the deal. Sometimes it is enough to make it unworkable. So I don't...
  7. B

    Redweek Resale.. SLOW!!

    I am *TRYING* to purchase a resale timeshare week from redweek. The process has been painfully slow. I am constantly following up to check status. It seems like every step of the way takes days and days.. Is this standard? You would think a large company would have the process down pat. I had my...
  8. K

    Bad Redweek Experience

    Normally our experiences with Redweek.com are fairly positive but I ran into a really frustrating problem yesterday while attempting to rent a week that they had listed. The week we were after was in Hawaii and it was being handled by a Redweek.com for the owner. We had several questions...
  9. RNCollins

    Redweek job postings

    Redweek has posted on their website current positions offered within the company... From Redweek website: “Join Our Team! We are looking for a few great people to join our team & support our growth! Work remotely (pajamas are acceptable work-attire) and set your own schedule. Check out our...
  10. V

    Redweek located a renter, and I must act immediately

    I've rented units on Redweek before but this is the first time i am having this issue. I posted an ad, immediately received a reply from a renter that they were interested. Next day I have a message from Redweek that they found a renter for the full amount (Same guy). If I want to secure...
  11. md8287

    Caution with rental requests for owner details...

    I occasionally will rent out my timeshares at Westin Lagunamar and Harborside at Atlantis. Most rentals go smoothly but this morning I got the following message in response to a RedWeek ad I have posted: Hi Michael - we are interested in renting your time share. Can we get the owner details so...
  12. HeidingOut

    Warning to Timeshare Sellers about Redweek Full Service

    I don't know if this is the right place to post my frustration. But, here goes. I've now twice attempted to purchase timeshares via redweek. On both transactions which were "full service" transactions, the Redweek agents were just completely unhelpful or maybe uninformed causing the seller to...
  13. Gemini Chica

    Too good to be true?

    I have been following listings for Marriott's Grande Vista since end of October and there has been one there for 750$ and its still there, seems too good to be true and the fact that it is still there makes me think that even more. Want to educate myself as to what to be looking for as would be...