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  1. TJALB

    What exactly does a week number assignment along with floating mean?

    I'm ashamed to say that I've been buying resale timeshares for years but, never really looked into how the week number affects the timeshare. I know if it's "Fixed" then that's the only week an owner can use. However, if a week number is assigned to a TS and along with that it states...
  2. P

    Interval International PLATINUM—Airport Lounge Benefit

    I’m wanting to join Platinum, but really ONLY FOR THIS BENEFIT!! Has anyone used this benefit at airports? Does it allow access to international airports? Are there any lounges to which you have been denied? Does it let you go in regardless of what airline your flying that day? How many...
  3. K

    Diamond offered to lower/eliminate maintenance fees if I buy more points

    I have a silver membership with diamond. Diamond rep says if I pay another $65k over next ten years, I’ll have a deeded ownership and pay less (in monthly payments) than I pay now for annual fees. I will be upgraded to platinum and he says I’ll never never have to pay maintenance fees again...
  4. D

    Please help me with pricing to sell Hilton Hawaii Kohala?

    Hello, I am new here. The last kid is about to leave for college and my husband and I won't travel to resorts anymore. Could people give me an idea of a realistic selling price for Kohala - Hawaii by Hilton Grand Vacations? It is a Platinum with 7000. 2Br 2Bth 12600 points saved for next year...
  5. Michael Ross

    Want to exchange 2 weeks platinum Marriott Vacation club, Playa Anadaluza, Spain

    Hello, I own 2 weeks 3 bed apt in Platinum season at Marriott Vacation club, Southern Spain and wish to swap with another member somewhere else in the world. Looking at 2021. Anybody give me some advice on the best way to get this message out there. Looking at essentially a beach type holiday...
  6. R

    Try for Platinum or just points?

    First time post after reading this forum for about a week. Some background: My wife and I are Wyndham owners with 400K points (CWA & Margaritaville), all retail. We've been owners for just over 4 years and have enjoyed all of our travels and have also stayed in a few Worldmarks. We have never...
  7. controller1

    Vistana Owners - What Marriott Status Do You Have Today?

    It appears Marriott did a sweep last night to update loyalty program status. I have Platinum status through Vistana 5-Star Elite and qualify for Lifetime Gold under the new loyalty program rules. However, today the Marriott site and app show I am Lifetime Platinum Elite even though I am 13...
  8. Michael Ross

    Exchange 2 weeks Platinum at Playa Andaluza for Gold

    Hi, I own 2 weeks , 2 bed villa apartment, in the Platinum season at Marriott's Playa Andaluza, Estepona, Costa del Sol, Spain. I would like to swop my 2 weeks Platinum, for 2 weeks in the Gold season at Playa Andaluza or Marriott's Marbella Beach resort, Marbella, for next year, 2019 Anyone...
  9. Gemini Chica

    Interval..... ever offers off Platinum membership?

    Due to renew next month and there is a box that says "Enter Promotion Code" but I have never seen any codes.
  10. M

    Marriott Rewards and SPG Program Changes Announced 4/16/18 [Threads merged.]

    [Moderator Note - Related thread in the Vistana forum: SPG Marriott Unification] [Note changes announced 4/16/18; see Post #62 and after.] Saw on Flyertalk. The Marriott and SPG program will be combined in August, and there will be five status tiers: Silver status at 10 nights Gold status at...
  11. T

    Odds of getting RCI Platinum upgrade to a Disney World Resort?

    Hello everyone! My wife and I are new RCI Platinum members and just booked our first points vacation. We are staying in a 2 BR at Sheraton Vistana Villas near Disney. When booking online we were able to choose other resorts as possible upgrades as the time got closer (June 3-10) so we selected 5...
  12. I

    All Inclusive Platinum Plan at Pubelo Bonito

    Hi, I will soon be booking a week at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach for 2018 and I see they have different tiers of the AI plans now. The Preferred plan is the same as the old plan but now they have a Platinum plan which does not have the upcharge for a few of the restaurants and reserves space at...
  13. md8287

    Seeking million+ point contracts

    Any suggestions on the best way to find large, 1,000,000+ contracts for either CWA or low fee Wyndham resorts? I've looked on TUG marketplace and eBay and I see lots of small ones posted but I'm looking for a couple large ones without breaking the bank. Thanks!
  14. JohnWC

    Cancel & Rebook - no longer possible?

    New to the forum and relatively new to Wyndham so hoping this turns out to be a good resource! The updates are great to get information but also a time sink. Anyway, hoping to gain insight from other platinum owners on the impact of new automatic upgrades. I called to cancel and rebook an...