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  1. E

    From Zero to Gold

    I bought resale at PCB this summer, and I am still waiting for the transfer... dragging... Sorry for the complaining Anyway, I have zero developer points, and I keep reading about PIC, but I have concerns being a newbie and all, so I have the following questions: 1. would it be a smart move to...
  2. J

    Wyndham PIC Substitution

    Has anyone ever, or does anyone know if it's possible, to substitute a Wyndham approved ts after it's already PIC'ed? For example, I have two 4 bedrooms PIC'ed, and I buy a much lower mf 3 bedroom, can I change out the new 3 for one of the 4's, assuming it's on the Wyndham list? Thanks!
  3. J

    Latest on Wyndham PIC

    Does anyone know how many retail points must be purchased to enroll other timeshares with PIC? I thought that it was 49,000 points each, regardless of number of bedrooms, 98,000 to purchase to enroll two. Today at an owner update I was told that it was 63,000 each, 126,000 to enroll two...
  4. M

    Please help, I need to rescind in 7 days, is this a good deal?, Wyndham VIP silver questions

    We went on an owner update July 4th (really just to get a cheap weekend trip to NYC over the holiday). We ended up buying more CWA points and am not sure if we should rescind. Here is are situation and I would love any feedback. We have owned a mere 77,000 points every year since 2000 and have...
  5. Ninjaneer80

    Buy non wyndham RCI POINTS - PIC purchase #2 questions

    Once again I can't thank this community enough of everyone sharing there experience and idea's of what to do with timeshares etc..... with every post / question I ask. I get better idea of how to ask the question better and It brings more questions. I can't thank everyone enough ! with that...
  6. bbodb1

    Verifying PIC week? Wyndham Owner Update

    I am currently at Wyndham Skyview and had some time to kill so I sat through an owner update. Most of the update would be recognizable by those who have been around here for any length of time. One of the sales reps continually wanted to verify my PIC contracts - what are they doing...
  7. C

    Wyndham Changes PIC Points 10 Years Later; Loss of 200,000 Points

    On our honeymoon in Hawaii in November 2007 my wife and I were persuaded to buy 84,000 points for little more than $14K at the Wyndham Bali Hai property. We told the sales rep during the presentation that we did not need any additional time share time (I already had 4 weeks at that time that we...
  8. C

    Replace one PIC with Another?

    Hi everyone: I recently found out that an RCI timeshare week we own is converting to condos and will no longer be available as a timeshare. We've been using the week in a 3 bedroom unit to PIC into Wyndham points. I obviously can't do this anymore. Does anyone know if it's possible to...
  9. bobbyoc23

    PIC Plus Program

    I was reading the Member's Directory and came across the PIC Plus Program section. I have a few questions for anyone with experience using this program: 1. The section states, "...the opportunity to take an existing non-CLUB WYNDHAM qualified timeshare ownership affiliated with RCI and make it...