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  1. M

    New MVC Aruba Ocean Club Owner - received Interval promotion offer to get an "extra 7 night resort stay"

    All, I could use your advice... We are new MVC Aruba Ocean Club owners and in 2024 would like to try exchanging for another location, ideally out of the U.S. We were leaning towards exchanging with Interval to have greater options for our exchange. Today we got a card in the mail from...
  2. jojuvan

    Exchange Interval for DVC

    We have owned a nice Wyndham resale contract for about 2 years. A big selling point for that was being able to exchange into RCI for DVC. Now that DVC is partnering with II, we are wanting to purchase another resale contact that will allow us to exchange into Interval. So my questions are...
  3. D

    Interval assignment question

    I find Interval International's website and system to be so confusing. I've been a Vistana owner for coming up on 20 years and I still gnash my teeth any time I have to use Interval. That being said... last year I didn't have a good use for my Westin Flex ownership, and I decided to deposit it...
  4. N

    Interested in Marriott Vacations Worldwide financials and markets Updates?

    This is a great update on Marriott Vacations Worldwide financials, demographics, markets - includes updates on MVC, Westin, Sheraton, Hyatt and Welk, and Interval... https://ir.marriottvacationsworldwide.com/static-files/1f003fef-f67d-420b-aa1d-e742fad7d963
  5. Andrearr

    Really happy with my 2020 exchanges so far

    Just wanted to share my experience with my recent exchanges. 2020 was my first use year for my Vistana Timeshare that I bought resale on this site after rescinding my developer purchase. We have a 2 bed lock off that can be split into two different weeks. Hawaii 2019 for Colorado 2020 We traded...
  6. RNCollins

    II: Accommodation Certificate (AC) question

    I have 2 AC’s in my II account. I have not deposited any weeks yet for exchange. Do you need to deposit a week to use an AC? Or is it like a gift that you have to pay for?
  7. F

    [Deleted - see note below]

    [deleted - advertising/soliciting are not permitted in the discussion forums. Our classifieds are linked as MARKETPLACE at the top of the page.]
  8. CPNY

    Interval Hotel Exchange

    anyone have success with interval hotel exchanges for Gold/Platinum memberships? After doing math, I’d lose my week and all the maint fees that go with it, plus have to pay more money than what I could book it directly with Marriott. Was wondering if anyone found this feature beneficial...
  9. CPNY

    Vistana Resale - Choice of Exchange company?

    im a current Vistana owner at HRA and SVV Key West. Both use Interval International. I’m in the process of picking up an every other year in the Bella phase. I noticed on the estoppel that the exchange company is RCI. Some questions. Do i have a choice in which to use? Do I have to have an...
  10. RNCollins

    Exchange inventory

    RCI and Interval offer the most exchanges from their inventory, out of all the exchange companies. What would be the next exchange company that offers the most exchanges, after RCI and Interval?
  11. S

    Buying advice, language of contract question

    Help requested: If any of you are knowledgeable in purchasing secondary market Wyndham points would you please be able to help me out? I just received a contract for what I believe is 400000 points, however, the contract keeps using the phrase "condominium interval interest." Also in the...
  12. amanven

    E Plus Retrade in II question

    I have an upcoming exchange for March 22 to 29. Circumstances make it impossible to go at that time now. I would have liked to push that exchange off till mid November but when I attempted the retrade it would only allow me to go out as far as May 17. I can get the same resort for mid May but...
  13. A

    Sheraton Broadway Plantation - 2 BR GOLD: FREE + FREE xfer + FREE 2019 usage + $300!

    Free to a good home: 2BR villa at SBP in the Plantation phase. Every year and floats in the gold season: 1, 7-8, 44-46, 48, 51 and 52. No lock-off. First use is for 2019 (included). Maintenance Fees: $962.44. This unit is a great trader in Interval and it has the Starwood preference for all...
  14. A

    Sheraton Broadway Plantation - 2 BR GOLD: FREE + FREE xfer + FREE 2019 usage

    Free to a good home: 2BR villa at SBP in the Plantation phase. Every year and floats in the gold season: 1, 7-8, 44-46, 48, 51 and 52. No lock-off. First use is for 2019 (included). Maintenance Fees: $962.44. This unit is a great trader in Interval and it has the Starwood preference for all...
  15. Gemini Chica

    Interval..... ever offers off Platinum membership?

    Due to renew next month and there is a box that says "Enter Promotion Code" but I have never seen any codes.
  16. G

    [Deleted - see message below]

    [You cannot rent exchanges in this forum - see rules, top of page.]
  17. F

    Marriott to Own ILG and all of Hyatt Timeshares

    https://viewfromthewing.boardingarea.com/2018/04/30/marriotts-timeshare-business-buys-hyatt-timeshares-starwood-timeshares-marriott-didnt-want/ I was in Key West last week and was told that Marriott was buying Interval Leisure Group for $5 billion and would effectively have ownership of all of...
  18. M

    II Requests using studio and/or 1 bedroom

    Now that the II surcharge for trading up has been in place for a while, I'm wondering - Has anyone placed a request to trade a studio or 1 bedroom and been offered a larger unit (with upgrade fee?)?
  19. H

    SFX Exchange Company

    On TUG, most people seem to trade with II and RCI. What do Tuggers think of SFX? Marriott trades with both II and SFX. What is trading power like with SFX? Which one would Tuggers recommend?
  20. H

    Marriott Grand Chateau - Exchanging On II

    If you own Marriott Grand Chateau, where have you been able to exchange using II? How hard is it to go to a nice II elite resort in Hawaii and the Caribbean as a Grand Chateau owner? Are there any other inexpensive Marriott EOY lockoffs you would recommend that would be good traders for II elite...
  21. M

    Exchange Membership

    My membership to both RCI and Interval have expired - so I need to rejoin one of them. I own at the Royal Sands in Cancun and the Lawrence Welk Resort in San Diego. Any thoughts on which would be a better choice? Are there any promos going on now?