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  1. S

    FREE Grandview Las Vegas Week 5

    Grandview Resort - Las Vegas 1 bedroom Week 5 2023 maintenance fee paid - $455 Title Transfer - I will pay all fees with LT Transfers Points - This deed does not have any points https://vacationvillageresorts.com/grandview_las_vegas/index.html...
  2. F

    free 1 week, 1 bedroom, Grandview, Las Vegas + 61K RCI

    We have owned week 43 of a 1 bedroom deeded timeshare in Grandview at Las Vegas since 2011. Unfortunately we have never been able to use it and so we would like to give it away. We'll pay for transfer fees using LTT transfers. Maintenance fees for 2022 have been payed and were 438.50$. We had...
  3. L


    After 17 years, we are giving up our week in mid/late-September, the best weeks of the year in Las Vegas. This is a wonderful resort with reasonable annual fees of $438. -Resort Name: Grandview at Las Vegas -Unit Size: 1 Bedroom, Sleeps 4 (Grand 1 Building) -Ownership Type: Deeded -Use: Annual...
  4. J

    FREE Grandview at Las Vegas

    -Resort Name: Grandview at Las Vegas -Unit Size: 1 Bedroom, Sleeps 4 -Ownership Type: Deeded -Use: Annual Fixed Week (6) around Valentines Day -Maintenance Fee: $438 paid for 2022 *Seller will pay up to $500 in Closing costs and transfer fees *
  5. andrewjjtimeshare

    Grandview at Las Vegas Week#47 Annual FREE

    I have an account that needs a new owner. Account details are below. Grandview at las Vegas Annual Usage Fixed Week#47 Float Unit 2bed/bath, sleeps 8, Full Kitchen Annual Maintenance fees $835.00 Deeded ownership Seller is paying closing costs
  6. T

    Grandview @ Las Vegas One Bedroom July 24-31 $800 OBO

    Events next door at Southpoint Equestrian Center are Tough Hedeman Bullriding on July 24 and the Cowboy Mountain Shooting Assn Lakota Western Championship on July 28. Posting as full week for now, will consider splitting it if there are no takers by a week from now.
  7. M

    Free giveaway! Grandview Las Vegas

    Grandview Las Vegas 49,000 annual RCI points deeded as week 17 in a one bedroom unit and is mortgage/loan free. 2020 maintenance fees of $417.50 USD have been paid. Next due in November 2021. LT Transfers fee of approximately $215 USD to be paid by Me (Seller) Resort Transfer fee of $250 USD...
  8. S

    Need to sell Timeshare in Las Vegss

    We have a bi-annual timeshare rental in Las Vegas, week 26. It’s paid off, and we need to sell just to be rid of the annual fees for something we do not use (4 children and 4 pets are just not conducive to travel). I am a new member, I just want some advise on where and how I can do this as...
  9. R

    Transferring a timeshare at Grandview las vegas

    Hi, I’m looking to transfer my timeshare (grandview Las Vegas). I found someone to transfer to, she is under the impression that after the transfer is done she will need to have a meeting a grandview where she will need to buy a membership to use the deeded transferred week. Is this true? If...
  10. R

    Free giveaway! Grandview Las Vegas (week 12)

    Grandview Las Vegas Deeded as week 12 in a one bedroom unit 2020 maintenance fees of $417.50 have been paid. Next maintenance fees will be due by 1/1/2021 it is worth 19 TPU in RCI. LT Transfers fee of approximately $215 to be paid by Me Resort Transfer fee of $250 to be paid by me...
  11. T

    Seven (7) RCI Timeshares FREE: (4) Grandviews, (2) Summit @ Massanuttens, & (1) Marriott Grand Chateau.

    I think someone will find this to be a pretty good deal. I have seven timeshares and I'm looking to give ALL of them to a single individual/reseller, for FREE. All of the 2020 and 2021 weeks/points are available. (1) Grandview Las Vegas - annual 122,000 RCI points - 2020 MFs ~$836 (2)...
  12. klam2go

    Free Grandview at Las Vegas, RCI annual 49000 points, seller pays transfer fees, buyer pays RCI fees

    As of 1700 PST 28 Oct 2019 - DEAL PENDING Grandview Las Vegas 49,000 annual RCI points deeded as week 17 in a one bedroom unit and is mortgage/loan free 2018 points - 49,000 2019 points - 49,000 points current use year is 01/04/2019 - 31/03/2020 Total of 98,000 points currently available 2019...
  13. klam2go

    Grandview at Las Vegas deed back vs sell

    We bought our timeshare at the GV off of eBay in 2011. Very very good deal compared to what they wanted to gouge us for when we sat through a "quick" resort presentation to get our free Cirque tickets. Now nearly 9 years later, kids are grown up and our parent don't/won't travel far from home...
  14. andrewjjtimeshare

    FREE Timeshares/FREE Transfers: Multiple deeds at various resorts

    Andrew - when I merged your posts, I didn't notice that you only had the name of the timeshare in the titles, and not the Ads, so you will have to click EDIT at the bottom of each post and add back the name of the resort. Sorry for the inconvenience. DeniseM --------------------------------...
  15. J

    Purchased & 1 Day left to Rescind at Grandview Las Vegas - please HELP and comment

    Found this site and realized I might have made a mistake. Please leave a comment and what your thoughts are on this deal and if I should Rescind or if I should keep it. Grandview at Las Vegas Total price $16,000 USD Usage: Annual Fixed annual week 4: They said I could change this anytime...
  16. K

    Giving Away Two Grandview Timeshares with RCI points!

    Hi All, First of all, I want to give a big "thank you" to the people who run this forum. It has greatly helped ease my mind about this whole process! Update: 122,000 timeshare has been spoken for. I've modified the post to reflect this. We are giving away our Grandview at Las Vegas timeshare...
  17. W

    New Here, have questions on a Grandview purchase

    I own a week in Florida (Commodore Beach Club). Week 19, standard RCI Weeks member. On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I went through a presentation at Grandview that convinced me to convert to points, as I am now retired and travel frequently. I was told my week in FL would earn 43,000 points...
  18. J

    Has anyone used the Grandview rental program?

    i purchased the Grandview in Las Vegas. Basically for free with free use. It hasn’t closed yet and I am doing some research. I saw that the resort has an option to rent units for owners at a 30 percent commission. Then looking up my week I see they want $1200 for a 1 bedroom. I know it can be...
  19. T

    Grandview at Las Vegas - Giving away

    Giving away an every other ODD year week 29 Grandview timeshare. 1 BR Maintenance fees $200 (paid for this year) Seller will pay transfer fees.
  20. J

    Grandview Las Vegas [Need advice about giving it away]

    I am the deeded owner for Grandview Las Vegas, 2 Biennial (even) paid in full, 200USD maintenance. I gave up my RCI membership and so have no points to offer. I am exploring options to exit my timeshare as my family situation has changed and I do not see myself using it going forward, so do not...
  21. J

    **FREE**Grandview Las Vegas- 1 Bedroom- Week 22 Even Year

    **Make an Offer.**Grandview Las Vegas- Week 22 Even Year- 1 Bedroom. Maintenance fee: $200 Title Transfer: I will pay all transfer fees with LT Transfers.* LT Transfers will record the deed in your name(s) and send you documentation to provide to the resort that confirms you as the new owner...
  22. J

    Claiming Back US Tax from the UK.

    Hi, I am a UK citizen and we own a timeshare in Las Vegas. For the last two years I have rented the timeshare out through my resort who take 38% commission and also say: "In order to place your unit up for rent you have to be a US citizen with a US Social Security number for tax purposes. If...
  23. T

    Grandview Las Vegas Tri Annual TS For Sale - $1 - Seller pays closing costs

    -resort name: Grandview Las Vegas -unit size: 1BR -season owned: Week 30 - Tri Annually - Started 2009 -maintenance fee: $122 per year - 2017 is paid - Next fee's are due in January 2018 -current reservations: Next available Date is in 2018
  24. J

    Seasons [Grandview, Las Vegas]

    hi, can someone please tell me where I can find the season colours for the Grandview Las Vegas. Thanks
  25. J

    Grandview points

    hi, I am thinking of buying a Grandview timeshare. It is every second year and 49,000 points for $100 plus closing cost. The ad also says week 37. Is this for RCI deposit and can you get much with 49,000 points.Thanks
  26. M

    FREE: 1 annual week w/ Grandview at Las Vegas

    Grandview at Las Vegas 1 bedroom - 1 bathroom Fixed annual week 19: 2016: May 6 - May 13 2017: May 12 - May 19 Maintenance Fee: 2017 MF has been paid: $382.50 Usage: First usage for new owner 2017 RCI: 14 Trading Power Points: This deed does not have points, but I believe you can pay to...
  27. G

    Grandview Las Vegas

    Giving away 1BR 800 sq ft. Every 3 years, next year is 2019 Week 30 with Friday Check-in Paid off, maintenance fees are $127.50 Will pay maintenance fees due 1/1/2017 and half of closing costs. Vegas baby!