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  1. Gorn1120

    Resale Progress

    Hello TUG Community, I am in the process of selling my 2 Wyndham contracts. Aside from the number of calls it took me to define exactly what I owned, it seems like my real estate agent is inexperienced with the forms/contracts involved. -Has anyone else experienced this? -Should a resale...
  2. J

    CWA bad, CWS good, deeded better, estate planning

    Have meeting in an hour, but got a preview when we checked in about converting CWA contracts to deeded contracts, saving on MF, ARP no good with CWA, deeds are better for estate planning, "everyone's doing it!", and probably some more I'm forgetting. I'll be interested to see what deeds are...
  3. KSellers

    Club Wyndham Access Deal?

    I’m considering purchasing 330,000 Club Wyndham Access points. The terms are purchase price of $4700. Estimated Maintenance fees of $185 monthly ($2,200). $1323 closing costs but I will get a title fee credit of $425. ($525 recording, $449 transfer fee, $349 admin = total closing of $898). So...
  4. J

    PIC Plus points vs. CWA points vs. UDI points

    Just left an update where it was explained to me that my points aren't really the best points, and that I needed to pay to "improve them"! I have looked previously and found some information, but are these 3 different types of points treated differently in any way? I have retail, PIC plus, and...
  5. Rolltydr

    New member looking for CWA points

    Hello TUGgers! I'm a new member although I have been reading the Wyndham forum for the past several years. My wife and I have 450,000 developer purchased CWA points and have been TS owners since 2014. Yes, we paid developer prices for 2 contracts about a year apart. The second contract was...
  6. M

    Please help, I need to rescind in 7 days, is this a good deal?, Wyndham VIP silver questions

    We went on an owner update July 4th (really just to get a cheap weekend trip to NYC over the holiday). We ended up buying more CWA points and am not sure if we should rescind. Here is are situation and I would love any feedback. We have owned a mere 77,000 points every year since 2000 and have...
  7. R

    Worldmark program questions, also as it relates to Wyndham

    We are rescinding on a retail Wyndham CWA purchase we made over the weekend before we discovered this wealth of knowledge. We were interested in Wyndham as we want to travel all over and the link to Worldmark was desirable as we live on the west coast and would want access to the supply of...
  8. R

    Bought Wyndham CWA retail, still within rescission window, urgent questions!

    My husband and I purchased a Wyndham CWA contract over the weekend, thinking that buying retail offered benefits for long term ownership versus buying resell points. We purchased 126,000 points with 2 year VIP status, received 2 RCI weeks and 174,000 one-time bonus points. We have spent hours in...
  9. C

    CWA can accounts be merged?

    I am in the process of buying a CWA account (282k) and was wondering if later I wanted to add another CWA account can those two accounts be merged so I would only have one account that I am charged a program fee on? That way I could pick up another resale account but lower my overall yearly cost.
  10. K

    Favorite resorts (east coast)

    my husband and I are new to Wyndham and not sure where to book our first get away. We love exploring new place but would like to stay on the east coast to make it driveable (we live in NY). Planning to travel next summer. What are your favorite resorts on the east coast for 30’s couple. We...
  11. S

    Needing information about renting units

    We recently went to a CWA sales meeting and learned about renting units to help offset some of the maintenance fees. Basically, we were told to buy units for weekends that will be in high demand, send the information to ExtraHolidays.com (where they keep 40%), and then wait for some money to...
  12. M

    Wyndham CWA vs deeded property

    We just ‘traded’ our 400,000 points In CWA for a 126,000 additional points and a deed at Grand Desert for $28,000. Thinking we may have been duped yet again. Were told the new Blue Thread offers more rental opportunities and flexibility than CWA. Anyone wanna jump in with any thoughts? We have...
  13. md8287

    Christmas gift of timeshare exit!

    Happy to share that for Christmas I got the gift of exiting all of my Wyndham timeshares! Starting January 1 no more maintenance fees for us!!! If you’re looking to get out of a Platinum size membership that is paid off pm me and I’ll try to connect you with the North Pole (aka someone...
  14. md8287

    Seeking million+ point contracts

    Any suggestions on the best way to find large, 1,000,000+ contracts for either CWA or low fee Wyndham resorts? I've looked on TUG marketplace and eBay and I see lots of small ones posted but I'm looking for a couple large ones without breaking the bank. Thanks!
  15. md8287

    Wyndham transfer missing points

    I am on my third contract since the new site that was missing points on transfer. One transfered October 6th with a use year ending September 30 so those points "expired" due to Wyndham delays - "too bad". One was resolved as the seller gave me a screen shot showing all points left their...
  16. H

    Club Wyndham Access Research

    Hello - We've rented at the Wyndham resorts in both Wisconsin Dells and Sevierville, TN several times and loved every minute of it. After our most recent trip, we've decided we'd like to become owners. We considered Disney (where we also vacation regularly), but like the variety Wyndham gives...