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  1. N

    Help me get out of Orange Lake Contract

    I've just begun the process of learning EVERYTHING about timeshares, specifically HIVC. I've never owned one, so I'm starting from zero, trying to learn all that I can. My husband and MIL purchased at Orange Lake in 1999 and they no longer want to own it. My MIL has been paying for it and using...
  2. T

    Need rental contract

    I will be renting my fixed week and need a contract for the person to sign. Does anyone have a blank one? Or recommendations of where I can get one?
  3. M

    Rescinding holiday inn club vacations

    Hi guys! We have a total of 3 timeshares through holiday inn that we want to cancel, so last year we were told we could merge all of them and get one, with that being said could we upgrade then rescind the contract? Or would it convert back to the 3 that we had before? Or should we...
  4. Alwayslucky21

    Advice for Renting My Westin Timeshare

    Hello, I own at Westin Nanea and am trying to rent out one of my weeks for the first time. I've looked through several posts and read the free advice articles for renting and am left with a few questions regarding the need for a contract. Most of the sample contracts I see are for specific...
  5. M

    Timeshare contract to SELL

    Does anyone have a contract template for the sale of my timeshare? He wants me to pay the 2019 maintenance fees, closing cost and transfer fees. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  6. R

    How to get rid of timeshare after recission period

    We were in Las Vegas, went to a presentation and bought on October 9. After thinking about it, we determine it was not a good idea. Recission period is over. It has been 3 weeks. What can we do???? We have met with a timeshare exit team and its going to cost $$$ for them to help. There has...
  7. C

    Cancelling timeshare contract

    My husband & I fell prey to the nice fast talking sales people at a timeshare resort in Punta Cana Dominican Republic. We signed on 8/12. I found out on 8/17 I had 5 days to rescind the contract. I called the company, immedately, & they said I couldn't cancel. I'm sending them an email today &...
  8. C

    How to cancel Sheraton Flex long after recission period

    Hello, I purchased a Sheraton Flex plan (51,800 points- even years) at Vistana in Orlando, FL a the beginning of 2017. I have since been unable to book anything through Vistana or Interval International. Booking through Vistana at any resort that is not 'in my priority' is nearly impossible...
  9. VanX

    RTU - determining value for resale purchases

    Hi, Just wondering what measures folks are using to help determine the value of a RTU timeshare contract for sale. Kicking off a survey.
  10. K

    How to get Shell to send a form which they said they would???

    Three of us are on the contract with Shell. We make decisions as a group. We have made arrangements in our wills which would keep the points intact. Combining our points has been a fabulous arrangement as it puts us in the upper elite tier, or whatever they are calling that tier now. Now, due...
  11. C

    Deposit made , no contract signed

    We are Vidanta Mayan Palace TS owners since 2010. Our current contract has us paying maintenance fees only with a renewal fee every 10 years. Last week at MP in Riviera Maya, we went to a business update session but had to leave before we signed a rewritten contract but did leave a 25% deposit...