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  1. raffal

    Buying a timeshare…,

    I wonder what is the future of time sharing in the US and globally??,… it is 2023- does ppl still keep buying a timeshare in Airbnb era?,…. ‘ how timeshares are being pitched ??— I heard in the past ppl were buying bc were told by a sales person it is a ‘ good rental investment’…. now o hear...
  2. P

    VACATION CLUB REALTY — Any experience with this company? Legit?

    Hello, I'm new to TUG, but grateful for all your advice! I’m looking to buy a week and have come across VACATION CLUB REALTY. They have a transaction that is practically free that I’m considering. I guess the price has me bothered seems a “too good to be true” type thing. Although, I know...
  3. P

    Considering BUYING from a Member

    Hello, I’m new and considering buying from a member. I have only bought from a resort in the past, so don’t know much about person to person 1. I’d like to pay a little extra and use an ESCROW company. Any referrals? 2. How do I avoid getting scammed? 3. Any links? 4. Advice? 5. Must...
  4. T

    What does a timeshare 'WIN' look like? (mexico)

    Wow, thank you all for helping my wife and I navigate this world. :). Our goal is one week a year, somewhere tropical (preferably Cancun because flights are so reasonable from our airport)... What does a 'win' in timeshare land looks like? (deal wise) If we were to be patient and only pull...
  5. T

    How Would You Go About Buying Vida?

    I am interested in buying a week a year at The Grand Bliss Riviera Maya. This is a Vidanta location. My wife and I went on our honeymoon there and love it. We sat through the timeshare meeting and did not buy. I wanted to come here for advice before I did. Is it worth it? What price is a...
  6. M

    New Owner Looking to Purchase

    I’m interested in purchasing timeshare points as a means to rent days/weeks as a side income. I’m familiar with Wyndham and done a lot of research on their properties and ownership. Recently, I was told about an owner who owns through RCI. She said that she doesn’t have to pay monthly...
  7. C

    What should I buy?

    I think my husband and I would really benefit from a timeshare for our vacations at least for 1 week every year, and several 4 day short vacations. There are so many options, I'm not sure which program is best, or how many points or what location we should be looking for. Our short vacations are...
  8. J

    Not sure if I'm getting a deal

    Discovered this forum today and new to T/S. I own a deeded timeshare/vacation club with very low points (5k) that I bought a couple of years ago. It's paid off and the maintenance is minimal (approx $150/year). It came with access to RCI and I've used it multiple times to book "extra vacations"...
  9. momofthreeplusone

    How to keep my kids from inheriting my timeshare ?

    I am in the process of buying a 1 BD unit in Hawaii, Lawai Beach Resort. Could someone help me figure out how to keep my kids from inheriting the timeshare? I am attaching a picture of the choices on the initial paperwork. Wondering if I need to put the kids in a “trust” so that they have the...
  10. momofthreeplusone

    HTSE Lawai Beach Resort deedback?

    Good morning everyone, just got back from a lovely rented week at Lawai Beach Resort. Have been considering buying there now for over a year, not making rash decisions, really thinking it through. We are confident that we will use it and love it and are ready to buy. The resort is re-selling 2...
  11. G

    Thoughts On Buying A Timeshare

    Many years ago, when we purchased our very first timeshare ( from the developer ), there was no resale market. Fortunately, we met with a very ethical salesman, with a no pressure presentation, and a company that really focused on making timesharing a positive experience. One piece of advice...
  12. I

    Need advice on buying first timeshare

    Hi Everyone! Apologies, but I couldn't find where to post this survey, so here goes. Thanks in advance for your advice! 1) Is there a vacation destination you wish to visit most of the time or on a regular basis? if so where? No - we want flexibility of destinations. 2) Do you want to visit...
  13. Moparman42

    Looking for suggestions: Vistana/Maui vs Marriott/Aruba

    I am currently an owner of the Westin Nanea in Maui. I am getting close to purchasing my second timeshare and wondered what this board would have to say about where. I am considering picking up a 2BR at WKORV in Maui, as we do so love the island. However, I have been peeking at Aruba...
  14. VanX

    RTU - determining value for resale purchases

    Hi, Just wondering what measures folks are using to help determine the value of a RTU timeshare contract for sale. Kicking off a survey.
  15. T

    New to Buying and Has Questions

    Hi everyone, I am thinking of purchasing a timeshare and am in the research phase. This forum has been very helpful! I do have a few questions and I apologize if they seem too basic I just want to make sure that I am understanding properly. 1. Has anyone purchased through...
  16. md8287

    EBay poll...Private listings

    I have never understood why some sellers use private eBay listings (where you can not see, or even figure out, other bidding action). I have heard sellers say it protects the bidder privacy but don't buy that given the bidder name scramble. I have heard buyers say it is done to allow fake bids...
  17. R

    what are the financial benefits of buying a timeshare?

    Hello all. I have just discovered timeshares and am intrigued; thinking of buying into Hilton GVC. I'm attracted to the emotional (non-monetary) benefits, as follows: -- it would encourage me to vacation, since vacations are prepaid (ie, the MF is paid) and must be booked far in advance...
  18. MissusBrown

    Help me find our first timeshare!

    So, thanks to this wonderful community I rescinded a Bluegreen contract in 2013. Since then timesharing has been on our brains but the right time hasn't been until just recently! We've moved into our forever home, we have our complete family (three young kids!), and we are ready to start making...