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Marriott 50/50 EOY Ownership

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Dave M

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Jun 16, 2004
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Sun City Hilton Head, SC
See list of resorts in this program as of May 14, 2009 at the bottom of the page.

I have copied (and slightly edited) the following from the old TUG BBS.


TUG Member
Posts: 162
From: Ankeny, Iowa
Registered: Dec 2000
posted 04-04-2005 17:44

I have been talking on the phone to a Marriott rep. I found out recently that if you purchase 2 eoy properties, you can buy each for 1/2 the annual price. In the past you had to pay about 65% of the annual price for an eoy. We own a sport sunset week and I am going to take advantage of this.

Now I just need to decide which 2 properties I want to buy. I am thinking about a gold ocean point unit and a platinum canyon villas. If I go with this purchase price 23150. 150,000 rewards points 80000 referral points. I just thought I would mention they are now doing this. I think it’s a great option, as now we can have a classic golf destination in phoenix and a great summer in west palm beach.



Non Member
Posts: 5
Registered: Mar 2005
posted 04-05-2005 04:04

Are you talking with someone in the Marriott telesales? Also, can you choose any two properties?



TUG Member
Posts: 1898
From: Wichita KS owner: Polo Towers/ The Villas at Polo Towers/ Marriot's Ocean Point/Marriott's Grand Chateau/ HGVC LVStrip/ Grand Regency Branson, MO
Registered: Jan 2001
posted 04-05-2005 04:37

That sounds like a heck of a deal if there's more than one Marriott property you'd like to own at. If they'd have made that offer years ago, I might own at 4 Marriott properties instead of just two.
Presently, I know that when we bought our EOY Grand Chateau they gave us an option to upgrade to an every year ownership for exactly 50% of the price they were selling EY units for on the day we purchased. The original EOY unit ran 60% of the price of an EY unit.



TUG Member
Posts: 162
From: Ankeny, Iowa
Registered: Dec 2000
posted 04-05-2005 05:18

Yes, I am talking to telesales. And you can pick any 2 properties if they have inventory on that property and if they sold that property in eoy intervals.



TUG Member
Posts: 1433
From: Kerman, CA
Registered: Feb 2004
posted 04-05-2005 07:21

Program has been around for awhile. I first recall hearing about it prior to our trip to MAW last October. At that time it was same resort, but later expanded to any resort having sold/selling EOY intervals.
Good deal, IMO, as developer deals go...



TUG Member
Posts: 40
From: Southeastern, PA; Owner at Disney (Old Key West, Beach Club Villas) and Marriott (Shadow Ridge, Canyon Villas, Cypress Harbour)
Registered: May 2004
posted 04-06-2005 17:36

That is what we did. We split Canyon Villas Platinum and Shadow Ridge Platinum on a 50/50 basis. Unfortunately not all resorts participate in the program. There is a limited list and Aruba is not on it as that was our first choice. The availability of this program was a major reason for us to buy direct. Also the MR points we received sufficiently reduced the premium we paid for our package that we felt comfortable with the deal.



TUG Member
Posts: 539
From: WorldMark, Louveld Lodge, Castleburn
Registered: Feb 2001
posted 04-09-2005 07:26

Does anyone have a list of EOY properties? I think Newport Coast has, but it wasn't well advertised. I would love this option--and may make me look at developer prices again.



TUG Member
Posts: 40
From: Southeastern, PA; Owner at Disney (Old Key West, Beach Club Villas) and Marriott (Shadow Ridge, Canyon Villas, Cypress Harbour)
Registered: May 2004
posted 04-09-2005 07:32

List of EOY 50/50 properties as of May 14 2009
Aruba Surf Club
Canyon Villas
Crystal Shores
Desert Springs II (not DSV I)
Frenchman's Cove
Grand Chateau
Grande Vista
Horizons - Branson
Horizons - Orlando
Kauai Beach Club
Ko Olina
Legends Edge
Manor Club (Sequel)
Maui Ocean Club
Newport Coast
Ocean Pointe
St. Kitts
Shadow Ridge
Timber Lodge

Edited on May 14, 2009 to note that the list of resorts participating in the 50/50 plan is ever changing. Thus, check with a Marriott salesperson to ask if a resort you are considering is included in the program.
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