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  1. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 53... The Five Biggest Timeshare Mistakes

    In this video, I discuss the five biggest mistakes that timeshare purchasers make. The top five include; 1) Being sold a timeshare without Researching 2) Not Learning all the Features Available 3) Not Planning Ahead 4) Not Leveraging Bargains 5) Not Leveraging the Hotel Side. With each...
  2. Clifbell

    Kauai Coast Resort at the Beachboy One Bedroom Review in Kapaa Kauai Hawaii

    I enjoyed the Club Wyndham Kauai Coast Resort at the Beachboy (formerly Shell). It is in the Small town of Kapaa on the eastern shore close to the airport. There is a lovely beach with trees near the ocean. You can't really swim there because of the currents, but it is still lovely to listen...
  3. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 50... Survival Guide for Timeshare Presentations

    A lot of people don't like timeshare presentations because they can feel like high pressure situations. But they don't have to be. If you know what you are looking for and you approach the presentation as an opportunity to learn, you can survive a timeshare presentation. I'll explain my...
  4. Clifbell

    Review of Two Bedroom at Worldmark Bass Lake in Bass Lake Ca

    About three and half hours from San Francisco and one hour away from Yosemite National Park sits the quiet resort of Worldmark Bass Lake. The units sit about a 10 minute walk along a path to the lake. There is a pool, hot tub, basketball court, and other activities. But mostly, this is a...
  5. Clifbell

    Review of the One Bedroom Worldmark Clearlake in Clearlake California

    I enjoyed the Worldmark Clear Lake. It is an out of the way place that is a good place for me to unwind. There are local wineries and of course there is the lake. A lot of people rent a pontoon boat on the lake. I love walking out on the pier in the morning with my coffee and just stare out...
  6. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 42… Living 6 months in Timeshares

    There are several questions one would ask about living in a timeshare for six months. 1) Why would anyone do this? 2) What are the economics? 3) What are the possibilities? 4) How can I do this? Why would anyone do this? Two weeks a year to vacation and see the world is not enough anymore...
  7. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 38 Tips on using your Worldmark ownership from a Platinum Elite owner

    In this video, I share my experience as an elite Worldmark timeshare owner. There are several reason this can be useful. For one, you can decide if you want to be an elite owner. Secondly, I share with you methods you can use to increase the amount of days you can spend at a timeshare or hotel...
  8. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 33 How I earned 71 free hotel nights in one year

    In this video, I reviewed my overly obsessive approach to figure out how to earn 71 free hotel nights in a single year. My goal is offer you several ideas for how you can leverage what you are doing to earn free hotel nights by doing what you are doing anyway. I look forward to learning...
  9. B

    Worldmark Tropicana vs. Boulevard Las Vegas

    I'm booking a stay in Vegas, and trying to decide between the Tropicana vs. Boulevard. I've never been to either. We have a car, so distance from the strip isn't an issue. If any of you have stayed in both, did you prefer one over the other? If so, why? (I searched the prior threads, but...
  10. C

    Worldmark Lake Tahoe III: Aug 2-4

    Hello - my wife and I can no longer make this South Shore Lake Tahoe trip using our Worldmark by Wyndham membership, and we are past the cancellation deadline. $345 for 3 nights at a condo at Worldmark Lake Tahoe III - Stateline https://www.worldmarktheclub.com/resorts/lt/ Occupancy Limit: 4...
  11. OurAdventure

    Live 12 months in TS? Help! How do we best do this?

    Thank you in advance for your thoughts, brainstorming, and help. My wife and I are thinking about selling our home of 22 years, and relocating in Arizona in 2022 or 2023. But before we purchase in AZ and settle in, we would like to travel. And we are strongly considering living in a...
  12. R

    Worldmark The Club Rescession Experience ...

    Hello my fellow Tuggers, first and foremost I'd like to say many thank yous to the countless individuals that have posted the loads and loads of helpful information on Rescession and their experiences on this forum. I am currently in the process of Rescinding my contract with Wyndham Resort...
  13. M

    What do I do with my 55k points?

    I am new to forums so hopefully this is the correct place to ask this? My Sister and I inherited 55,000 Worldmark points, we are diamond club members and our anniversary is 2/28/21. This means we will have another 55,000 points in March. It took us a year to get the title transferred to our...
  14. Clifbell

    Secluded and Beautiful Oregon Coast - A comparison of Timeshares

    I love the Oregon coast. The secluded walks along the ocean. The roaring sound of the waves. The long sloping beaches. And let's not forget the beautiful sunsets. And the rock formations are amazing. The allure of the Oregon coast is the solitude (relatively compared to Southern...
  15. Clifbell

    A Comparison of four Southern California Timeshares

    Over a four week period, I stayed in four different timeshares from north of San Diego to south of Los Angeles. I feel really fortunate to have been able to stay at these four wonderful timeshare properties. I would go back to any one of them again, but I am curious which of the four you...
  16. Clifbell

    Review of Sales presentations in a pandemic

    I have managed to tour WorldMark, Vistana, Hilton, and Marriott in the last 2 months. This is for two reasons. First, my house is being upgraded and therefore I needed places to stay. And secondly, I needed to use my points. I was very curious how the timeshare presentations had changed from...
  17. G

    Exchanging into WorldMark

    I am a new owner of a large Wyndham points package (1M annual at BH) I live on the west coast and my Wyndham options are limited. What is the process of exchanging for WorldMark, or do I just need to use an exchange like RCI and finding something? Thought there might be a better way.... Greg...
  18. L

    1 day left to rescind contract and need some advice!

    We got 126k points with 175 bonus points for 19k. They were "resale" points, but purchased officially. I understand that I can get the same amount of points for like $800 resale online, and am likely going to rescind the contract. However.....I like that our current points include Wyndham and...
  19. M

    [ad removed]

    [Message text deleted. Advertising is NOT permitted in public posts to this forum. Please review the TUG BBS Posting Rules, before posting again. Makai Guy, TUG BBS Administrator]
  20. T

    Deeded owner's rights

    Is there anyone who can explain how Wyndham can restrict resale purchasers access to certain facilities (IE Worldmark) when deeded owners are legally property owners (Wyndham Access owners in particular) just the same as owners who bought developer points? Legally, wouldn't they be required to...
  21. S

    Question about rescinding, please help

    Hello all, I bought Worldmark vacation credit of 6000 yesterday (9/21) with $16k after attending a seminar(!) in Austin, TX. Did some research last night and realized what a ridiculous deal that was and felt very stupid. Also luckily found this forum and learnt about rescinding and resale...
  22. D

    Working with Worldmark points? Pros and Cons?

    We are considering buying 40,000 Worldmark points tomorrow 6/12/12019. We think this is a great opportunity to travel the US and World, but are new to booking resorts through RCI. Any tips/tricks for using Worldmark points would be greatly appreciated.
  23. T

    New pricing or sales tactics / pushing mainly RCI

    Just went to a WM presentation at a resort in California. Credit cost The sales pitch was 3.50 a credit lock in for 1 year as everything is changing in June 20th 2020, with prices set to skyrocket according to them -$5+ figures being dangled around. Walked away with some flyer guaranteeing a 1...
  24. erinnr

    Premier Membership?

    Hi all, Can anyone please explain to me what a “Premier Membership” means with Worldmark and does it transfer with sale? Thank you!
  25. tony_i

    Worldmark at Reunion

    Can anyone give availability on Worldmark Reunion for Thursday 5/30, checking out on 6/1. And pricing if available. Thanks!
  26. R

    Worldmark program questions, also as it relates to Wyndham

    We are rescinding on a retail Wyndham CWA purchase we made over the weekend before we discovered this wealth of knowledge. We were interested in Wyndham as we want to travel all over and the link to Worldmark was desirable as we live on the west coast and would want access to the supply of...
  27. tahoeJoe

    Worldmark Newbie

    I am interested in having regular access or owning at the Woldmark in Windsor CA (Wine Country). What is the cheapest (MF and purchase costs) way to do this? 1) Buy a resale week at the Worldmark Windsor resort? 2) Buy a resale week at another Worldmark resort with lower MFs and trade in? 2a)...
  28. S

    Resale Worldmark

    This may seem like a basic question but finding an answer has proved difficult on the site. If I purchase Worldmark points from a second-hand party, can I still travel to other Worldmark sites? What have I lost by not purchasing from the developer? Can I still buy deeded property from a...
  29. rboesl

    Confused by Resort Addresses

    I've been researching resorts in Las Vegas. I will be going there the 1st week of November for an event being held at the Orleans Casino. I saw 3 resorts listed just down the street from the Orleans. Westgate Flamingo, WorldMark Tropicana, and Wyndam Tropicana. The Westgate Flamingo is listed...
  30. B

    Kihei 1 Bedroom March 27 - April 3 2019

    We have a family conflict and would like to recover some of our costs for the week we have booked for Worldmark Kihei from March 27 to April 3, 2019 The unit has a king bed plus a queen murphy bed in the living room for a max occupancy of 4 $700 or best offer You can email me at...