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  1. Clifbell

    Studio at Worldmark Windsor review in Windsor California

    Located 40 Minutes from the Pacific ocean and about 2 hours north of San Francisco sits the Worldmark Windsor in Windsor, California. What I love about the Studio is that it has all the features of the one bedroom except the bedroom is in the living room(and it folds up during the day). You...
  2. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 163... Timeshare Thursday thru Saturday

    Getaways Nothing is more refreshing than taking a short break either as an event or themed adventure. I recommend that you plan these trips around a weekend. I like shifting them to Thursday Thru Saturday instead of the traditional Friday and Saturday. The reason I like to shift to...
  3. Clifbell

    Two Bedroom Worldmark South Shore Review Near Lake Tahoe Ca

    Located about 2 miles from the Nevada / California border and South Lake Tahoe, Ca. is the Worldmark South Shore. The two bedroom unit was very spacious with a queen bed in the second bedroom and a King size bed in the primary bedroom. There was also the Murphy bed in the living room that...
  4. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 160... Timeshare Maintenance Fees as Motivation for Better Vacationing

    I always want to keep my costs of Vacationing to a minimum so I can enjoy more vacationing. I use my maintenance costs as motivation to try to do more without adding more points. Over the years, I have gotten extremely good at doing this to the point that I can stretch my points to be living...
  5. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 159... Timeshares Compared to Weekend Getaway Properties

    I've always wondered if I should consider buying a second home for weekend getaways... The thought of having a place in mountains or a getaway at the ocean has always felt like a nice idea... But then I realized I could use my timeshares to do the same... I use Worldmark in this example, but...
  6. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 157... Using Timeshares to Combine Work and Bucket Lists

    In this video, I wanted to discuss the use of timeshares to help you increase your achievement of your bucket list. With the improved technology many people have an option of working remote 2-5 days a week... So, if you can work remote why not use this time to complete bucket list items. The...
  7. Clifbell

    One Bedroom Reno Worldmark Review in Reno Nevada

    I enjoyed the Worldmark Reno. It is a smaller version of Las Vegas. The Worldmark property is a short walk to the Casino where you can enjoy gambling, shows, or just go dancing in one of the several bars inside the Casinos The one bedroom unit has a full kitchen and a table for four. There...
  8. Clifbell

    Two Bedroom Worldmark Clearlake Review in Clearlake California

    I enjoyed the Worldmark Clear Lake. It is an out of the way place that is a good place for me to unwind. There are local wineries and of course there is the lake. A lot of people rent a pontoon boat on the lake. I love walking out on the pier in the morning with my coffee and just stare out...
  9. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 155... Buying a Second Home Vs Timeshare

    In this video, I wanted to look at the comparison between buying a second home or using your timeshares as an alternative. I looked at several criteria. How long each year would you stay in your second home, did you always want to go to the same place, whether capital appreciation was...
  10. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 154... Top 5 Ways to Use Your Timeshare Points

    In this video, I wanted to share my top uses for my timeshare points... In general, I rank the usage of my points based on the most value for each point I spend. A general rule is that if two companies are involved, then there are two sets of profits which means your points will be diluted...
  11. Clifbell

    One Bedroom Worldmark San Francisco Review

    If you want to be close to Chinatown or Union Square in San Francisco, then the Worldmark San Francisco is a great choice. I stayed in the one bedroom which was cozy, but had everything I needed (since I carry a electric Skillet). There was a gym and a shared laundry facility, which was nice...
  12. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 153... How Timeshares Changed my Vacationing

    Ever wonder how your vacation would change if you bought a timeshare. In this video, I will explain how my vacations have changed and my experience is similar to others. I used to take the cheapest vacation possible or even skip a vacation. But now I take quality vacations. For me the...
  13. Clifbell

    Studio Worldmark Clearlake Review in Clearlake California

    I enjoyed the Worldmark Clear Lake. It is an out of the way place that is a good place for me to unwind. There are local wineries and of course there is the lake. A lot of people rent a pontoon boat on the lake. I love walking out on the pier in the morning with my coffee and just stare out...
  14. Clifbell

    One Bedroom Worldmark Dolphin Cove Review in Anaheim Ca

    Located in Anaheim close to Disneyland sits the Worldmark Dolphin Cove. This resort is located along the corridor of hotel / condos near Disneyland. The unit had a full kitchen that was compact but sufficient, a larger bedroom with a king bed, and a nice outdoor patio. The resort has a nice...
  15. Clifbell

    One Bedroom Worldmark Lake Tahoe Review in Lake Tahoe Nevada

    Located in the hills above the lake sits the Worldmark Lake Tahoe. The one bedroom has a pull out sofa. It has a full kitchen and a dining table for four people. The bathroom has a Combo Shower / bathtub, as well a living room with a fireplace. The resort has a nice pool and two separate hot...
  16. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 147... How to Be a Frugal Timeshare Traveler

    In this video, I show you how you can save money by stretching your points... And by using Interval International and RCI to book last minute deals (Getaways or Last Call). The end result of this strategy is that you don't need to own as many points or pay as much in Maintenance fees...
  17. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 146... When Things Go Wrong what does your Timeshare do?

    What happens when a Timeshare company makes a mistake? There is a lot of negative news about the sales process. But it doesn't have to be that way. Especially if you are your own advocate for getting what you originally bargained for. This goes for the sales presentation through staying in...
  18. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 144... Interval International expands your choices

    Another way to extend your points is with the use of Interval International. With Interval International you can deposit your points into Interval and they will have an additional two years to be used within the Interval network. Marriott Vacation Club and Worldmark Have access to Interval...
  19. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 142... California Dreaming - Driving Trips in California with WorldMark

    Most people use their timeshares to take a single or a few week long trips to one destination... Usually they fly and stay for a continuous vacation. But timeshare companies now make it possible for you to do road trips. In this example with Worldmark, I show you how you can travel within...
  20. Clifbell

    Studio WorldMark Lake Havasu review in Lake Havasu Arizona

    Located on the border between California and Arizona on the Colorado River sits Lake Havasu and Worldmark Lake Havasu Resort. There are three pool areas of similar size located on the property with a pool and a Jacuzzi. You can see the lake from the property across a busy highway. I could not...
  21. Clifbell

    One Bedroom Worldmark Windsor Review in Windsor California

    Located 40 Minutes from the Pacific ocean and about 2 hours north of San Francisco sits the Worldmark Windsor in Windsor, California. You are surround by plenty of activities. You can hike in the redwoods or stroll past California oaks. Or you can do a day of wine tasting. The resort itself...
  22. Clifbell

    Studio WorldMark Valley Isle Review in Lahaina Maui Hawaii

    About 30 miles from the Main Airport in Maui sits the WorldMark Valley Isle. The unique situation about the studio units is that they both (yep.... only two) are ocean front and have sunset views. So, if you can get one the sunsets are amazing (Video of one included). There is a nice...
  23. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 139 ...Resale or Retail... Club Wyndham Owner Update

    I recently had an owner update with Club Wyndham. Since I am already a Worldmark owner, it made sense to see if having a complimentary ownership with Club Wyndham. While at the meeting, I decided to ask why I should buy retail instead of Buying resale (used). I wanted to hear his argument for...
  24. Clifbell

    One Bedroom Gleneden by WorldMark Review in Gleneden Beach Oregon

    Located about two hours Southwest of Portland Oregon is the WorldMark Gleneden. The timeshare sits above the Bluff looking down on the beach and the Ocean. I stayed in a one bedroom unit with oceanfront views. There is nice window with terrific views in the living and a sliding glass door in...
  25. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 132... WorldMark Owner Update Feb 2023

    I just completed an owner update of the Worldmark in Kona Hawaii and I wanted to share the updates... The new item on this owner update was the new Founders Level for Worldmark owners at 85000. I've listed the details of that level as they were explained to me. Because it is not fully...
  26. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 130... Extending A Trip with Timeshares

    Have you ever been on a vacation and wanted to extend it? And actually make it work with the rest of your life? I am one of those lucky people who could make it work.... But then, How do you actually extend the trip? In this Video, I will show you how to do it.... My first step was booking...
  27. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 129... Weighing the Benefits and Risks of Timeshares

    I wanted to create a video to help people start out their journey to owning timeshares in the most positive way. I've owned timeshares for over a decade and am an elite member with Hilton, Marriott, and Worldmark. I've and experienced a lot and want to share my approach to successfully owning...
  28. R

    Using Wyndham Points for Worldmark

    First time I have run into this. I am trying to book a holiday for next January in Pompano Beach, at Wyndham Santa Barbara. Nothing was available in a one bedroom. I then checked Worldmark and was referred to information specific to Wyndham points. Has it always been that you could only use...
  29. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 128... RCI Exchange expands your choices

    Another way to extend your points is with the use of RCI. With RCI you can deposit your points into RCI and they will have an additional two years to be used within the RCI network. Hilton Grand Vacations and Worldmark / Wyndham come with RCI connections when purchased from the developer. In...
  30. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 127... Which Hawaiian Island to Choose?

    After spending six months in Hawaii on Five Different Islands over the last year, I thought I would share my thoughts on how you could choose which Hawaiian island would be best for you. I tried to keep my biases out of the choices as best I could. The truth is that there is really no horrible...